C58) A Word for Israel, (John Mullinde).

I saw a land and knew this to be Israel. I saw the structures, the buildings, the cities etc. Above this all were rain clouds, heavy rain clouds, there was a storm of wind in the land, it was blowing across the land like a whirlwind. In some areas it was breaking rocks from off the mountains and it came tumbling down, and stones and huge trees were being carried in the air by this storm. The storm was breaking some of the buildings, and as I was watching the rain was coming down and it was heavy. Buildings and bridges were breaking and I saw people running for shelter, whom I recognized to be Jews and Arabs. I also saw small houses, I understood these to belong to believers in the land and they were standing out beckoning the others to come inside, and they were running in, Jews and Arabs alike. There was no house for Arabs and for Jews. They were all running into the same places. And I was wondering in this vision why the houses are not getting full. They are pushing themselves into the houses and they are not getting full. Then the vision disappeared and I saw a scripture: Micah 5:3,4. NIV.

I understood from this when I was in prayer, that the two were different: the storm and the rain. The wind/storm was the power of darkness that was moving from the nations of the world to Israel, and there was going to be a time of great turmoil in Israel. And I understood the rain was God¹s outpouring of His Spirit, Who is about to be poured out upon the land. The Spirit of God will cause many misconceptions of God to fall apart and God will cause the people of the land, Jews and Arabs, to see the Messiah as He truly is, and many shall give their lives to the Almighty God. It is also going to release a new understanding, a new revelation of Yeshua (His Face) to the nations of the world. It¹s going to cause to drop theologies etc., we have held, which hindered us to move in the fullness of God and His purposes, as we behold Him, we should drop all things and commit ourselves to Him. There¹s going to be a seeing of Who Christ is, so powerfully and vivid. It is going to cause a 100% commitment to Jesus by believers in the nations. And because of that the enemy understands that a breakthrough in Israel is going to cause a breakthrough in the nations, resistance is going to come in from the nations, powers of darkness from every nation of the world.

Israel is heading towards a time of great isolation. Everything she trusts in: military power, economic and political/diplomatic power is going to let down they are going to try it but it is not going to work. The time is coming that the inhabitants of the land will cry out to God and say: "You are our only hope, will You come and help us. O Baruch Haba...."(Matt 23:37 - 39), whatever the cost we need the Messiah. And as the cry goes out in travail (Micah), Israel shall be abandoned until she who travails gives birth. As the travail shall go out of the nation of Israel, God shall cause His Spirit to begin coming down on the land. As this comes the people shall find peace and rest in the Lord. There is going to be a breaking of the bondage of Islam, and of the bondage of Judaism, they¹ll begin to give their lives to the Lord, and to discover their inheritance in the Lord. The new revelation will be revealed, but how does this relate to us as the nations?

There is going to be a shaking because of the bondage that have come over the last 2000 years, in order to break them. In their desparation people will start to discover God, there will be a great harvest of souls. There will be a suffering of judgement because of the way they related to the Jewish people. Many nations will turn away. God calls us to be a holy priesthood in our lands, for the preservation of our nations. The Church itself is going to be shaken drastically, and the understanding of the church as we know it, is going to be torn apart, as it has been a hindrance to receive the fullness of God. The things we held dear are going to let us down. We are going to find a desparate cryng out: ³ Lord, we only want you². We will see Jesus in a new way, a new revelation. As Israel suffers isolation and rejection by the nations, the church is going to suffer intense persecution, there is going to be a rejection of people who are standing in the Word of God.

Many believers will choose compromise to escape persecution, but those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. The destiny of our nations lie in the hands of those who are standing as priests (watchmen) before God. To live in the full counsel of God is needed (Him to be the first love of our heart) otherwise we will not be preserved. We are going to provide for the redemption of our land to make a stand for Israel. Judgement is coming over the nations on the issue of Israel, but when we stand with Israel it will release GRACE.