C63) A Holiness Wind of the Spirit, (D. Minor, 6th April, 1987).

A prophecy given to D. Minor in 1987 which has been received by many Christian leaders as a word from God.

The Spirit of God would say to you that the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing through the land. The church however is incapable of fully recognising this wind. Just as your nation has given names to its hurricanes, so I have put my name on this wind. This wind shall be named ‘Holiness unto the Lord.’

Because of a lack of understanding, some of my people will try to find shelter from the wind. But in so doing they shall miss my work. For this wind has been sent to blow through every church that name’s my name. It shall blow through every institution that has been raised in my name. In those institutions that have substituted their name for mine, they shall fall by the impact of my wind. Those institutions shall fall like a cardboard shack in a gale. Ministries that have not walked in uprightness before me shall be broken and fall. For this reason man will be tempted to brand this as a work of Satan. But this is my wind.

I cannot tolerate my church in its present form, nor will I tolerate it. Ministries and organisations will shake and fall in the face if this wind and even though some will seek to hide from that wind, they shall not escape. It shall blow against your lives and all that surrounds you will appear to be crumbling, and so it shall, but never forget this is my wind, saith the Lord. With tornado force, it will come and appear to leave devastation, but the word of the Lord comes and says, ‘Turn your face into the wind and let it blow.’ For only that which is not of me shall be devastated. You must see this as necessary.

Be not dismayed. For after this, my wind shall blow again. Have you not read how my breath blew on the valley of dry bones? So it shall breathe on you. The wind will come in equal force as the first wind. This wind too will have a name. It shall be called ‘The kingdom of God.’ It shall bring my power. The supernatural shall come in that wind. The world will laugh at you because of the devastation of that first wind. But they will laugh no more for this wind will come with force and power that will produce the miraculous among my people and the fear of God shall fall on the nation. My people will be willing in the day of my power, saith the Lord.

In my first wind that is upon you now, I will blow out pride, lust, greed, competition and jealousy, and you will feel devastated; but haven’t you read, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’? So out of your poverty of spirit, I will establish my kingdom. Have you not read, ‘The kingdom of God is in the Holy Ghost’? So by my Spirit, my kingdom will be established and made manifest. Know this also, there will be those who shall seek to hide from this present wind and they will try to flow with the second wind, but they will again be blown away by it. Only those who have turned their faces into the present wind shall be allowed to be propelled by the second wind.

You have longed for revival and a return to the miraculous and the supernatural. You and your generation shall see it, but it shall only come by my processes, saith the Lord. The church of this nation cannot contain my power in its present form. But as it turns to the wind of the holiness of God, it shall be purged and changed to contain my glory. This is judgment that has begun at the house of God but it is not the end. When the second wind has come and brought in my harvest, then shall the end come.