C64) Many will soon abandon the faith across the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2014):

In September 2014 the Lord showed me that the following will soon happen in the UK church. Spiritual calamity, a wave of great deception and then persecution will soon start within the UK:

“Many of the present believers in the UK will turn inward and away from what is really happening spiritually within the UK. They will turn within themselves and listen to the lies the devil has sown into their hearts rather than face the consequences of their nation’s church not responding to the call of God. They will escape into their imaginations instead, into their fantasies about the position their nations church holds with God. They will tell themselves that they will still be blessed by God as a church regardless of Gods past warnings and this churches failure to respond appropriately. They will go into denial of the truth, denial of the consequences as laid out clearly in prophecy.

The truth is that revival could have happened in this land if the church here had responded in the way God called it to. The truth is that as a body it did not do this. As a result the dreadful consequences warned about will now come upon their heads. Many will abandon the faith rather than face the truth concerning this. They will choose to follow the fantasies of their imaginations instead. They will leave one boat and board another larger boat. They will leave the truth and embrace the devils lies.

As chaos bombards their minds many of them will no longer remember the truth or what it was like to have fellowship with God. The genuine ones, the remnant, will remain on the first, smaller, boat, grounded in the truth of the faith. I saw that the majority of “Christians” will, however, move across into the larger boat and will abandon the faith. Then there will be a separation of ways between these two groups.”

[I believe the larger boat includes/ corresponds to the interfaith Movement and idea that there are many ways to God. I am convinced something very similar will happen across the entire western world, including the USA].

S. Dobbs, Sept, 2014.