C65), A Future UK Grassroots Move of God and a False Movement Appearing Within This, (S. Dobbs, Oct 28th 2014)

“Grace is central to grassroots fellowshipping. Take away grace and you end up with another legalistic edifice and the people who are part of that will betray one another, and the Pharisees amongst them will issue their commands like others before.”

I saw dust being blown up from the ground and understood that; “from the dust of the earth another born again Christian movement will appear within a future, genuine  grassroots move of God. The (Note: changed from "This" in Jan 2017 for more clarity), second born again movement will be the false/fake part of that grassroots movement. Some of the dust from the earth will be blown up into the air by the winds of delusion.*  The sinful nature of those people will rear up and lead them over a cliff. With no hope left that will then be the end for them.

Watch out for the wolves in sheep’s clothing that will emerge within this future grassroots move of God. They will be found within the dust that is blown up into the air, amongst those "believer’s" who follow their own delusions.* The genuine die hard ministries will avoid the wolves,” I saw that they will be like earth that remains on the ground. The genuine grassroots believers will have the “sacrifice of the self” as one of their main principles. The other ones, who are like the dust in the air, will go over a cliff into obscurity as they eventually disappear from being part of Christ’s body and Gods plans.”

Next I saw a picture of a table with various things on it and understood that God was saying to "Christians" today; “in the meantime you all have a table in front of you with your agendas and timetables on it, with decisions to make that will determine what direction you take in the future. These decisions will determine whether people go upward to heaven or down into the pit of hell fire. 

At present this information can all seem like the nonsensical jangling of toys with bells tinkling in front of you. This is because you are presently operating within a cloud, with a blindness affecting you, caused by the influence that the enemy already has. However, a breakthrough is coming from heaven that will put you in a position to see and you will then make decisions that will affect your future direction. After that time the shutters will come down, shut up till the end, decisions will have been made, and many will ultimately face disappointment before the throne of God.”

S. Dobbs, Oct 28th 2014, (A few small clarifying words were added and grammatical errors corrected in Jan 2016).

*Reference notes, Jan 2016: These “delusions” refer to spiritual delusions not mental illness induced delusions. The "dust" being blown up into the air symbolises the pride and grandiosity associated with these delusions. God did not specify what these delusions would be but the word above indicates a similarity with the delusions that exist within the born again movement of today, (I would normally use the term "within charismatic Christianity” which is my church background). This must surely include the various forms of Christian triumphalism we see today. Extreme examples of this are the belief that Christians will be made rich in the end times, or that an elite group of spiritually empowered super being prophets will emerge, that those believers will be given political power and government over unbelievers before Christ’s return, the false teaching that the church will govern the world in this age, or that a revival is Christ’s return instead of the biblical teaching that Jesus will return with a physical body at His Second Coming. Or simply the bad attitudes associated with wanting to use the gifts of the Spirit and miracles as a way of exalting oneself and persuing a ministry for reasons of self gain and personal exaltation. The strange new unscriptural phenomena we see in many churches today is also often based on deception and spiritual delusion. Extreme examples are people barking like dogs or running around clucking like chickens, or believing that God wants to give them drug like highs, pointless or detrimental spiritual phenomena which no one in the bible ever experienced and which comes from another spirit that appeals to the carnal nature. Also counterfeit moves of spiritual power and counterfeit occult based healing power too. I would suggest that these types of delusions are what will accompany the false/fake part of the grassroots move of God in the future. No doubt others will point out that these “delusions” could consist of more than just those examples. In this words use of symbolism the "earth" belongs on the ground where it can be fertile and produce fruit, not blowing around high up as dust in the air. Adam was also made from the earth so this suggests humility and honesty about ourselves not delusions of grandeur and claiming to be great super saints, (instead we should remember that we are saved by grace due to God's mercy). These delusions will probably also include the erroneous idea that God would never expect us to suffer for Him, which of course contradicts so many scriptures. By comparison the word above states that a willingness for self sacrifice in the service of Christ will typify the attitude of the genuine grassroots believer’s, i.e. the earth that remains on the ground.  The “sacrifice of the self,” is a key to sanctification, it also reflects a willingness to lay one’s life down as a martyr for Jesus.