C74b) A Move of Gods Spirit and Revival Amongst the Arab and Islamic World’s, (S. Dobbs, 2003):

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The Holy Spirit revealed the following to me as I was worshipping in the spring of 2003. This may sound a bit ambiguous* but I felt that a move of Gods Spirit would take place amongst many in the Muslim world because of a merciful sovereign heart move of God toward them, almost because of the sense of injustice and/or desperation that many of the poorer Muslims cried out from*, i.e. not because the church had been praying for them in particular. When Gods Spirit moves toward them Jesus Christ will then be revealed as God, the Son of God to many Muslims who will then convert and follow Him.

*This is ambiguous because I don’t quite understand it myself, God obviously won’t answer people if they pray to Allah. Maybe Muslims will cry out to the God of Abraham who they believe in? It is known that Muslims believe in Jesus as an important prophet too. Perhaps after the crushing defeat of the Muslim armies in the Gog of Magog war described above many Muslims will lose their faith in Islam and start to cry out more generally to the God of creation in the way people did in Genesis, in the days before God revealed Himself more fully to Abraham, and in the way many unbelievers in other parts of the world often cry out to the creator God today, even though they don’t understand who He really is, perhaps as part of the process as they move towards salvation through Christ? It is also possible/likely that the fulfilment of the ancient Ez 38 prediction of the O/T will result in many Muslims wondering if the Jews are in fact the chosen nation after all and if Jesus is indeed the Christ, especially as many Jews will then receive Christ, see word No C75. The main point I felt from God, though, was that the church in the main will not be responsible for initiating enough prayer to stimulate this move of God towards the Muslim world, particularly the move amongst the Arab Muslims. Instead it will come directly from God without much prayer from us on their behalf. We should, therefore, be humbled by this and not proud as if it were down to our witness to the Muslim people more generally. The western worlds Christians will definitely not be the reason for this move of God amongst Muslims in the end times.

Note: There are reports of many Muslims getting saved miraculously without the normal preaching of the gospel to them as they experience visions of Jesus instead. This may reflect an early stage of the above move of God.

Note 2015: We know that many former Muslims have also been martyred for Christ in recent years and there is perhaps nothing more powerful than their blood and prayers crying out from the ground to God for their Muslim families and nations to turn to Christ. The Islamic World has also since been plunged into turmoil by the invasion of Iraq and various civil wars so the Muslim people in those areas will have become increasingly desperate since i received that prophecy. I’ve just realised that these nations include Iraq, Syria, Egypt, the very same nations that the Lord had shown me, in 2002, that Gog of Magog would intend, (but fail), to make part of his new Turkish Empire, as part of his evil plan in Ez 38.

Note 2015; Salvations amongst Muslims have continued to increase at an astonishing rate since 2009, with so many converts to Christ that some Muslim nations, for e.g. Egypt, could now be considered to be almost on the edge of revival. Furthermore Ez 39; 29 speaks of the Spirit of God being poured out on Israel after the Gog of Magog attack of Ez 38. Imagine the effect this would have on the Islamic nations that are already being influenced by the gospel and becoming increasingly disenchanted with Islam, the inter- Islamic violence of ISIS and other groups. This prophecy, C75, also relates to this issue.

Note, May 2016: It may well be the prayers and the sacrifice of many converted Muslims as martyrs that will prompt God to cause this move of God amongst Muslims nations. That would make more theological sense. The point is, though, that this will not be the result of anything Christians in the western world have done.

S. Dobbs, 2015.