C77), A Word Explaining D. Minors Prophecy and Gods Judgement That Came Upon the UK church in 1987:

Introduction: I believe that the Lord gave me this as I prayed about David Minors prophecy, C63, entitled “The Wind of the Spirit.”* Please read that word before proceeding in order to be able to make sense of this word. I had always found it hard to understand the apparent severity of Gods 1987 judgement on the UK church as described by that prophecy. After being perturbed by this for some time I finally asked the Lord to explain the justice of this to me. I was surprised to receive quite a long word on this as follows. I have placed my own comments in brackets “[....]” throughout this prophecy whenever I felt this helped give a clearer interpretation.

The first prophecy: The Holy Spirit showed me that God has only “one way” in relation to the truth and following Him but that in the UK church in the 1980’s there had developed the beginnings of “many different ways.” I saw that these ways were full of selfish ambition and that this was overlaid and obscured by a variety of different ideologies. I saw that there were attitudes of self reliance and independence behind this, (within the UK church). This was twisting teachings and distorting the truth to fit in with the paths of men, to fit the truth in with mans views and desires. I saw that a powerful influence of “I am the way” existed within ministries in the UK at this time, (in the 1980’s), which was an expression of the self, an idolatrous influence God called “the prince of the ages,” [I think this term probably relates to historical spiritual influences and idolatries people held concerning themselves being gods, perhaps going back thousands of years historically in this land]. I was shown that wickedness and materialism existed within this influence. This had started to lead to distorted teachings emerging that enable the fulfilment of the desires of flesh. Corruption was presenting ambition as righteousness in the UK church at this time. Lies of the enemy were present which ministered “you are the ones” to Christians. I was shown that this set such Christians against other denominations and was causing divisions within the UK church.*  I was shown that there was willingness and even wilfulness among UK Christians to be blind because this enabled them to follow the desires of their flesh, (instead of the harsher realities of the Christian life). This was despite the fact that many of the leaders concerned had been to theology colleges, had once been evangelicals and had known the truth (about the end times). [It would appear that this was largely referring to influences within the UK’s charismatic movement but that this would also have spread to the more historic churches later if left unchecked]. I saw that these lies were acting as a waterbed of comfort to people. These falsehoods stood against the true teachings concerning the end times that were soon to start happening in the world, [note many Christians don’t want to believe that the end times are coming as this involves facing the fact we will have to face persecution and ultimately the loss of everything we own, including, for most of us, our lives as martyrs].

I saw that God had said “STOP THAT” as these UK Christians had started building their own towers, like the tower of Babel, as the end times approached. The judgement referred to by D. Minors prophecy had resulted in a desert plain instead of the building of a tower of Babel. A desert then existed instead because not much else had been planted by these leaders as seeds besides their own errors and self deceptions. [This appeared to be referring to the charismatic house church movement in the UK again].These alternatives to the truth that they had been sowing were having an increasing influence on the structures inside the minds of Christians. I saw that God wanted these structures to “fall down now” or they would have suddenly lead Gods people over a very steep cliff edge into New Age error concerning the end times. I saw that in 1987 we were on the verge of the growth of a forest of these deceptive influences within the UK church. I saw that an example was the false teaching concerning “mighty men of faith” that had already become prevalent within charismatic movement by that time. This was the start of Christians seeing themselves as gods, and was about to lead to an expansion in the growth of believers following their own ways as a precursor to the New Age teaching that there were many ways to god. [This then will have been Satan’s plan and the path he was leading the UK charismatic movement down at that time]. God was saying “STOP THAT,” in order to clear a space for good and better paths in the minds of these Christian people and future generations of Christians. I saw that if God had not sent the judgement on the UK church to accomplish this then these errors would have led to the “IMPRISONMENT of the church.” God was “done with it,” and had dealt with this issue early on to prevent this from happening. If He hadn’t have sent judgement then the emerging deceptions would have quickly become set like concrete and would have been unchangeable thereafter. Then these deceptions would have sent their tentacles out into other parts of the UK church, (beyond the charismatic house church/born again movement), and also out internationally into other parts of the global body of Christ. An entire denomination of error would have come into existence in the world as a result. God showed me that these errors would then have become impregnable, a fortress of error stemming from within the UK church.

I was shown that the courageous hearts of those UK Christians who remained outside of this fortress of error would have become but a small minority in the UK. Even they would have also gone astray quite early on, soon after, as well. They would have been led down other smaller deceptive paths in this scenario. They too would have become swamped by the influence of spiritual disinformation that would have come into the UK church. The trick of the enemy would have been to stimulate “competition” in the hearts of the better UK Christians, competition with the emerging, larger, New Age part of the UK church. “Grandiosity” would also have been stimulated by the enemy in the hearts of the better Christians. This minority would have surveyed the main church, the emerging false church, and have adopted big plans of their own, stimulated by the enemy, their own acts in competition with those of the emerging New Age church. Their minds would then have also been darkened and obscured by the principalities that would be behind these New Age influences. Lowliness and humility are key in order for ministries to avoid being blinded in such spiritual atmospheres. Fertile soil would have still existed underneath these enemy influences in the UK but most of the better smaller ministries would have raised themselves up too high in their minds to have been able to benefit from that soil. The minority of better Christians could have potentially gathered around spiritual wells supplied by God but would have found it too hard to become lowly and humble enough to have done this in such an atmosphere. The cravings of the sinful natures of the younger, newer Christians, of the next generation of Christians, would have prevented this. I saw that then there would have then have been very little left of the next generation of Christianity in the UK.  God had sent judgement on the UK church in 1987 to prevent all of this.

I was shown that just a few years later, [I presume after 1987], the UK church would then have become an increasingly powerful influence in the world and would have been used to advanced the New Age Beast Empire, [see Rev Ch13]. The beast Empire would then have arrived much earlier on in the world than God intended. The deceptive influences would have also linked to mainstream Christianity in other areas and to other denominations within the UK, [other than the charismatic house church movement]. It would also have linked to the churches of other nations. Whilst there would have remained a minority of UK Christians, seen as the “peculiar people,” left outside of the concrete walls and gates of this fake New Age church they would not have been the biblical type of  peculiar people but would have also become New Age themselves. They would have been into wizardry and fake miraculous powers.  The UK church would then have become the main power church of the global Beast Empire. This would have emerged in the world earlier than Gods intended to allow.  This would have arrived on a world scale and spread too early on.

*[I can remember within my own charismatic church group at that time there was an enormous sense of the pride and superiority over other denominations of believers. Our Apostles even claimed that we were not just another denomination but were, instead, the true church of the UK and that all of the “denominations” would have to submit to our leaders or become irrelevant to Gods Kingdom in the future. Thankfully that never did sit right with me].

The prophecy ended at that point, however, I went on to ask God “why had such judgement not also come upon the church of the USA at that time as well?” God gave me an answer to that question which really surprised me. I was aware that the US church has become the main promoter of New Age deceptive Christianity since the 1980’s. I had always assumed that this was because it was worse in this regard than the UK church but God showed me something very different.

The second prophecy relating to this: To my surprise I was shown that there was more overall integrity within the US Prophetic Movement, amongst many of those guys, (than had been common in the UK church in the 1980’s).

[I think this referred to the integrity within groups such as The Prophetic Group of Elders linked to, despite their acceptance of the false teaching of dominionism and prosperity which the main UK charismatic stream had also accepted. I do not think this can have referred to the US Kansas City Prophet Movement though, as this was so extremely wayward and grandiose]. The deceptions that had started to permeate the UK church in the 1980’s, therefore, had a less effect, overall, in the USA church. I was shown that the USA had more of the truth than the errors as compared with the UK church in the 1980’s, [again this is relative, it is not saying that the US prophetic movement was doing well in this respect itself, indeed over time it has become one of the worlds main promoters of New Age falsehoods]. I saw that this was in contrast to even the potentially best of the UK Christians, the “peculiar people,” [this shocked me].

I was shown that the reason for this was that there was fresher ground in the USA, less history of corruption within the church of the USA than in the British church. There were, therefore, less principalities and powers associated with church corruption in the USA. The growth of New Age infiltration into the church was, therefore, slower in the USA than would have been the case in the UK. There were still disciples of the true faith in the USA in the late 1980’s onwards whereas in the UK most were about to be overcome by New Age deception, [if God had not sent the judgement on the UK church back in 1987. This also shocked me but makes sense in hindsight].

I was shown by the Holy Spirit that the main weakness in the USA was, however, “a warrior grandiosity.” This was not as influential as the type of grandiosity that could have taken effect over most of the UK church back then though. The overall US church would, give way more gradually to the blindness than the UK church would have done, [had it not faced judgement in 1987]. I saw that the US blindness was also more limited in its scope and ability to influence other nations. This was because an influence of “nationalism” existed within the US church due to the more independent state/stance of the USA historically. Great Britain, by contrast, had been involved in Empire building for much of its history. The previous British Empire still provided a network in the minds of people in the UK and abroad that would have enhanced global links. Because of this other nations, [I presume in particular Britain’s former colonies in Africa and beyond], would have come under the influence of a New Age UK church more readily than New Age influences from within the US church. The devils Beast Empire would then have risen too soon in the world, it would have then laid the world and church waste too soon. This would have created a vacuum like influence, [I presume globally], in which those who spoke out the truth would have experienced their words vanishing with no effect. The end would then have come too soon with a desert left afterwards, [this was Satan’s not Gods plan].

I believe that God also showed me that in the US church the erroneous intentions of hearts had been less intense in the USA than in the UK church, [this also surprised me]. A major snare for the International church had, therefore, been averted by God bringing judgement on the UK church in 1987. As a result there has been more fertile soil left in the UK for a remnant church to exist here in the future. There has been a better focus of Christianity in the UK as a result of this judgement than would otherwise have been the case. The ambitions that would have otherwise dominated the UK church have been banished to the surrounding edges of the UK church since then. [As we know ambitiously seeking positions in the church for status, money and privilege has permeated the British church historically]. The UK hasn’t become the outreach centre of the International spread of New Age fake Christianity as would have been the case. Britain’s history of Empire, cultural influences, links and connections to the minds of people in other nations has not been utilised by the enemy as a result of Gods judgement in 1987. Instead the genuine ones, (the better ministries), have been able to prevail here in the UK since 1987 as a result of Gods judgement.

That was the end of these two prophecies. I leave them with the readers to test and weigh up for themselves. I believe they have certainly helped me understand the need for, and justice of, the judgement of God on the UK church in 1987 as predicted in David Minors prophecy.

S. Dobbs, Dec 5th 2015.


Note: I found out just a few years ago that even back in the 1970’s the UK’s top seven charismatic leaders were known as “the magnificent seven,” which was later changed to the “fabulous fourteen” as other leaders  were counted amongst them. In hindsight this alone shows just how fleshly, grandiose and self orientated the entire UK charismatic renewal movement was becoming even back then. It is interesting to note that the largest charismatic group that I had been a part of, in the 1980’s, has since been ridden by splits and divisions, as well as the illness and death of many of its top leaders, to the point where it is now insignificant in terms of its influence within the UK church overall. I also remember a false counterfeit move of spiritual power affecting all the leaders on stage at the Wales bible week in 1986, (amongst our the Apostles, prophets and teachers), which knocked them all, (about 16 or so of them seated on the raised stage), to the floor and left them rolling around in a drunken stupor for the rest of the evening, (and some even on into the night), in front of an audience of about 10, 000 people who were at a loss as to know how to respond to this. They were almost the only ones effected not the rest of the believers gathered there. Most of us assumed this was of God at the time but I discerned long ago that this came from another spirit. Rather than leading to the revival they had predicted it appears to have been an attempt by the devil to move the entire movement into a false New Age anointing. The judgement predicted by David Minors word was given just six months later in Feb 1987. I remember the effects that were predicted in that prophecy started to have impact from that precise month, in 1987, onwards, even though I did not read David Minors prophecy itself until several years later.

*I would like to mention here that whilst I believe that D. Minors word is quite accurate I also believe there may be a slight triumphalistic slant to it that I believe may have come from his flesh. This would perhaps not be surprising for a prophecy received in the 1980’s as this was the atmosphere within which he would have interpreted his own word.