C78) The False Hope of a Christian Global Apostolic Government, (S. Dobbs, Jan 2016).

Whilst I was praying for a US ministry recently I believe that the Lord showed me the following: ""A fear still prevails amongst many Christians. There is reluctance amongst them to accept that we will have to suffer and pay a high price here on earth for our faith. Instead many are still clinging to the idea of earthly Christian triumph in this age. This is a false hope, an escaping into the imagination away from the reality. This is linked to the false belief that an earthly Christian government will emerge to rule the world in this age. This has led to a reluctance amongst many "Christians" to accept the truth. It has led many into negative thinking about the difficult truths concerning the end times. As a result many will not accept the truth about this season. Many will rise up high in their imaginations, with grandiosity, instead. This will lead to many being taken captive by falsehoods in this season.

Today many believers think they will fall into a pit, a dark hole of depression, if they accept the truth about this season. This is Satan’s trick. It is a snare which the devil will use to trap many believers and put a yoke of slavery around their necks. The true Promised Land is predicted to be in the age of Christ’s reign to come.* This however, will be altered in the minds of many into a promised land for them here and now, on this earth now. Unbelievers are already trapped within this snare. It will take many “Christians” captive in the coming season. It will lead many into unbelief and imprisonment in darkness, with them no longer having faith in the truth anymore.

The false hope is that a great apostolic Christian government will emerge to rule the world in this end time season. This falsehood is ministered by Satan. The earthly grandiosity of this teaching provides a false security which is attractive to the imagination of many Christians. It will, however, lead to disbelief when it fails to come to pass. This will then lead to unbelief in the truth generally amongst many previously “Christian” people.””

As I prayed again I was shown that; “The foundation of this error is the belief that the church will take over the nations and that Christians will present the nations to Christ.*”

Steve Dobbs, January 2016, (grammar amended slightly in March 2016).

* The bible clearly teaches that the antichrist and his beast empire, not a Christian government, will rule the earth at the end of this age, in the end times season just prior to Jesus Christ's Second Coming, (see for e.g. Rev Ch 13 and 19, 2 Thess 2, Dan 12; 7). This has been the standard, age old, orthodox teaching of the church. The modern false teaching, that the church will defeat the devil and then rule the earth before Christ's return, blatantly contradicts these and many other scriptures concerning the last days. This will leave many unprepared, lead them into great deception and even apostasy and a falling away from the faith when this season arrives.