C82) Protection advice for UK, USA and all Christians across the Western World, (S. Dobbs, 16th Jan, 2017).

This is not so much as a prophecy as two prophetic pictures to me personally. This is so important, though, that I put it on the website in the hope that others can also benefit from it. God has shown me I have the freedom to post this onsite if I choose to.

God has been advising me to become a regular part of an African led congregation.  For the second time I was shown that African churches will have a protective dome of anointing over them that will help protect members of those congregations from the coming wave of deception, no matter what colour, nation or race the attendees be from. This makes sense as the coming wave of deception is in some way linked to Gods judgement on the church of the western world, but not a judgement on the African part of the body of Christ. This powerful deceptive wave will start as a counterfeit/false revival in the USA and, over time, will lead many into apostasy. It will come to the UK and rest of the western world from the USA. We need as much anointing as possible for protection against this. Even those who know about spiritual deception can still be easily deluded in other areas of their lives and souls by this coming, most powerful of enemy waves. The congregations of African churches will have such anointing.

S. Dobbs, 16th Jan, 2017.

Notes: I don’t presently attend an African church myself. I must admit that I am not that keen on many of the larger African denominations because they are presently into the prosperity gospel and some are too authoritarian for my liking. It can also feel a bit odd being part of an ethnic minority in meetings within one’s own country. However, the price is well worth paying as our very faith “will” soon come under assault during this coming wave of deception. Everything else pales into insignificance compared to that, we cannot risk becoming apostate. “Most,” (i.e. the overwhelming majority), of UK churches will also soon start moving in increased deception due to this enemy wave whereas many/most African churches in the UK will start to be purified from many of their faults and errors and will become very anointed in a few years’ time, (generally speaking). I would definitely advise anyone to pray about moving to an African church due to this. Our loyalty has to be to Christ before any person, group, Christian organisation or church. Our faith is like a plant and we need to look after, protect and defend it before everything else - or else what use will we be to ourselves, God or man? If salt loses its flavour what use is it? Dynamic spiritual movements will soon be happening in the earth, both from the Kingdom of Darkness and from the Kingdom of Light, and we surely need to place ourselves in the best possible strategic position to save ourselves from the falling away and to be able to best serve God in the future.