C95) An dark spiritual cloud blocking awareness of God’s presence, a barrier to perceiving the end times, and a block to acquiring sanctification, but  Gods help, anointing and light arriving later, (S. Dobbs, 30th Oct 2020):

This is a recent word/revelation I believe God has given for Christians in the UK, (it may also relate to a certain degree to those in the US and definitively to those within the rest of W. Europe). It relates to the spiritual atmosphere we are presently operating within. This is not all inclusive but relates to just three types of opposition some of us are up against right now. I saw there was a very powerful but subtle opposition to us, like a thick fog, which was like running through thick mud that existed within a dark cloud. This cloud is soft edged, though, so it doesn’t appear particularly threatening, or penetrating, or cutting to most of us, for most of the time, at present. This was because the enemy doesn’t want us to notice it or to fully appreciate the spiritual atmosphere that we can find ourselves in. Instead the devil appears more concerned with lulling us into a false sense of security and apathy concerning the things of God at present, and into distracting us from following God as much as possible.  I saw that this relates to John Mulindes’ 1996 word, (C7, link), part of which predicted that, quote;

 “I saw the map of the continent of Europe and as I looked, there came out of this map a big pillar of smoke. It was a tall, thick and dark pillar of heavy black fumes as from a factory chimney. The fumes rose up very slowly and gradually began spreading out…. From the pillar came a thin mist and it began spreading out almost imperceptibly but within a short time it had formed a dark film over the entire continent of Europe…. world”

These are three particular things, three manifestations of this dark film that I believe that God showed me concerning this recently:

The first was that from the almost imperceptible cloud above, (that has been growing gradually darker since 1996), can now descend a smaller soft dark clouds that the enemy could position next to some individual Christians. This can block them off from being as aware of God’s presence. This can be very discouraging, it can cause a lack of motivation to follow God as earnestly and confusion as to why this was happening to them. A person may start to questions if it’s their fault, or make it harder to obtain and follow leadings of the Spirit and even induce a sense of abandonment. The enemy will then attempt to get some Christians to start to  feel that walking a Kingdom styled Christian’s life just wasn’t possible, or get them to start questioning God, His character and His faithfulness,  or even attempt to turn some Christians against God in anger or unbelief due to this.

I saw that a second influence, resulting from the same spiritual influence from the enemy, can  operate as an invisible barrier, as if was in front of a Christian. This is designed to block them from recognising the increasingly apparent end times signs that are now around us, so they don’t realise that the end times have started, or if they already realise this to cause them to keep forgetting this so they keep losing their sense of urgency and zeal to follow God. This makes it easier for the enemy to then distract them from prayer and other fruitful Kingdom behaviours, and to lull them into complacency and into a lukewarm state instead.

The third influence, that I saw arising from the dark film overhead, can operate as if it was a smaller could that enveloped and almost entirely surrounded some individual Christians.  This can cause a spiritual blindness and difficulty in seeing how to move forwards spiritually. This will make it hard for some to hold on to any victories they acquire in sanctification, so they keep moving back and forwards with issues, which can be very discouraging. I saw that God wanted them to keep going for the victories even if they were only temporarily held for now until more light and anointing broke in upon their situation in the future. This light would then give them greater understanding about how to acquire permanent victories that would last later on. I saw a picture in which the soft black cloud had disappeared from around them and then they were able to see a wall nearby, with a shiny brass hand rail on it that, that they were able to reach out to and grip firmly. This symbolised the ability to acquire permanent victories in sanctification in various areas within themselves in the future. I wasn’t shown how but I could see that this was in some way related to the miraculous.

Conclusion: So the cloud of darkness spreading out from Europe above us at present, warned about by John Mulindes’ 1996 prophecy, can result in the enemy influencing some of us with a smaller cloud of darkness positioned next to us, blocking us off from being as aware of God’s presence. It could also result in a spiritual barrier in front of some, causing them to keep forgetting that we are entering the end times, so they kept losing that deeper motivation to submit to and serve God. And it could also result in a cloud surrounding some, making it very hard for them to see or understand how to maintain any victories they made personally with issues of sanctification. This is all negative but being aware  can remove the confusion, exasperation and discouragement that this can otherwise result in, and assist in a person enduring this situation until permanent break through comes in the future when there is more anointing and light available.

S. Dobbs, 30th Oct, 2020.