C80) The E.U, Brexit Prayer and the Last Days, (S. Dobbs and others, Nov 2016).

This word also appears as A70)

This word came to me as I prayed about Brexit. Like most of the words I have received in recent years it emphasises the very end times, something that I had not been expecting it to do.

“The big guns of the forces of darkness in the E.U are in place, in preparation for the upcoming national elections within major E.U nations,” (these include the coming French and German elections).

 The New Age Movement is rising. This is E.U related and will be followed by the Beast Empire,” (see the Book of Revelations Ch 13).

 Some will be overwhelmed by the enormitySC80)  of this because they have not realised, or not wanted to accept, that we have moved into the end time period events of the Book of Revelations. The Interfaith Movement will siphon off many “Christian” ministries into obscurity and apostasy in the coming season.

Territorial gains and losses are taking place within the present transitional zone. 

There is a call to the daughters of Zion to intercede; remember how the New Jerusalem will descend down from Heaven, adorned by God, (Rev 21; 10); that is the ultimate victory ahead, that is predicted. What is happening now is just one of the intermediate stages before this.

 As we approach the very end times it’ll seem to some as if we are headed towards a cliff edge, from which one will fall into the deep darkness below, this will be the view and indeed the case for those whose minds are set on materialism, who will head down towards hell. For others, however, for those who look upward to the promises of the faith, they will see the coming glorification of the saints in the age to come.” 

 S. Dobbs, 6th Nov 2016.

As I prayed a week later I saw a picture consisting of these words; “prayer into other nations,” going in and under a dense light grey colourer cloud which I understood to be the influence of the devil that exists over Europe at present.”

I would interpret this as a call to prayer for other E.U nations, especially those with elections coming up in 2017. These include the Netherlands general election in March, the French Presidential elections from April to May, the French general election in June, the German general election which will be held sometime between Aug 27th and Oct 22nd, the Austrian Presidential election in Dec, and the Italian constitutional election also to be held in Dec 2017. Most of these elections have anti E.U parties and candidates taking part and could, therefore, result in changes in the direction the E.U takes, its globalist agenda or even its actual continued existence in the future. There is, therefore, a major prayer opportunity arising here which could remove or shift the enemy’s strongholds across Europe. It would be a crying shame to miss the opportunity to pray that is presenting itself to us here through a lack of awareness of what is going on within the E.U nations in 2017.

S. Dobbs, 23rd Nov 2016.

Whilst praying in December about this issue of other nations in Europe I believe the Lord gave me the following;

“pray for the sake of those servants of Christ in these other nations presently under the sway of the E.U, who are under pressure and feel as though they are being almost buried under its influence.”

S. Dobbs, 2nd December.

Lastly a word from a prayer group concerning Brexit, also received in November:

“Pray that God will foil the plans of the enemy which oppose Brexit, and pray for Teresa May.” 

 Please also read this prophecy which underlines the need to continue praying for Brexit until this is fully achieved:

Prayer, like scissors, needed to fully cut us free from the E.U,” (Gill, 6th Feb, 2016).