C79) Prayer, like scissors, needed to fully cut us free from the E.U, (Gill, 6th Feb, 2016).

Dear Friends in the Lord Jesus,

This morning in my quite time I was led to Matt.16:19 where it talks about binding and loosing. I confess I didn't fully understand the principle and asked the Lord for clarification.

I began to think of a vision I had way back in '87 of scissors cutting through the English Channel. The Lord told me I was to pray that we are to cut off from Europe. I asked why not a sword? "You got yourselves into this mess, you are going to have to pray yourselves out. Every time you pray according to my will I will cut...cut."

The vision then changed to a Britain as a battleship tired by her stern to Europe with an enormous rope; I then saw little fiery darts hitting and cutting into the rope, these I understood to be the prayers of the saints. As I watched the rope broke and the battleship slowly turned to face Europe, and the covers came off her guns; signifying this was a spiritual as well as a physical battle.

Some weeks later a Pastors wife rang to say she had the same vision and what did it mean? I explained, and then we discovered that women all over the country were having the same vision.  29 years later we are on the threshold of the rope breaking in the coming Referendum as we seek to leave the EU.

So what has this to do with binding and loosing in Matt 16:19? I wrote down the word 'Europe' and immediately saw the word EuROPE, the rope that binds us to the EU, and reveals the demonic element behind it, elements that would enslave us.

Sat outside the EU Parliament is a statue of the Woman riding the Beast, the woman is Europa: the enemy always hides things in plain sight. I believe if we ask the Lord to open our eyes and ears, we will see and hear what the Spirit is saying to the church in these crucial days.

God Bless,

Gill, 6th February 2016