A66), The dangers of falling away amongst ministers; (S. Dobbs, Aug 2015).

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I received this as I prayed about an email I was about to send to a minister in the USA.

I received a very sudden and clear picture of many foreign faces looking up from a large crowd, as if at an outside gathering looking up at a stage. I knew this was the start of a prophecy for that minister and her husband who were organising a prayer event. The picture referred to the situation in foreign lands though not their own, (not the USA). This is what I understood God to be sating as more images and keywords came from the Spirit as a sought further on this. Please test this as one should all  prophecies.

"There is a worldwide awakening taking place from God, some can see that it has already started. However the hearts of Christians in the west/USA are greedy, earthbound and materialistic. Most are corrupted by the earthbound nature, sensual living and things thereof.

Some who knew this were/are in despair as they viewed the scene in the western world/USA and feared a doomsday scenario.

To escape this some allow their minds to rise above this scene, to avoid it in their imaginations, influenced upwards instead by their ambitions and certain historic protestant influences. They then move from reality, the actual situation faced in the western world, to a path that leads to obscurity in Gods Kingdom, and from there potentially on to apostasy and a falling away from the faith.

Diseases like leprosy corrupt a healthy man’s body. So it is with ambitions, these are flowing in the church of the western world, polluting a river by laying down a deep mound of dense thick silt beneath the clear water. The silt is now as deep as the water itself.

The ill mans fingers fall off from the leprosy, and people fall away from the faith.

A carcass lies in the dirt, it gives off a stench and so others avoid it.

The missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle is the hopes, dreams and aspirations a person has for their life here on earth. These cause man to error. He then looks for and finds a new path, one which fits with his new thinking."

S. Dobbs, Aug 2015.

Note: Aug 2015: There will be a global outpouring in our day, we can already see the beginnings of this in some foreign lands already. However, a falling away through deception and a false revival will impact the western world before the global revival comes in full force. Many people in the western world would rather escape into their imaginations than face this reality. This is because many are more concerned about their ministries growth than they are concerned about the truth. Someone who puts their imaginings before truth like this they can easily fall into deception and the false promises of the interfaith movement later on, instead of the hard truths and the persecution that will accompany belief in the gospel in the end times. I saw that there was a very real chance that anyone in the western world who follows such a path in their hearts, in the coming season, could fall away from the faith fairly quickly. It could happen to any of us in fact. If one fails to acknowledge the serious situation and spiritual reality we face in the western world by escaping from this into their imaginary based hopes this can lead them towards such deception, and eventually even apostasy and hell fire instead of heaven. I personally think that God is allowing this to weed out all of the selfish ambition for ministry and the desire for earthly riches from the church of the western world. This is both a form of judgement and a cleansing of the church as we head into the very end times. God has to remove these wrong attitudes otherwise they will infect the entire body of Christ globally as the church of the western world still has a great influence on the global body of Christ. When the churches of other nations see many believers in the western world move into absurd spiritual deception they will then avoid our erroneous ways, the seeking after earthy wealth and selfish ambition for promotion  in ministry instead of servant hood and will then drew from the scriptures instead. However, once this falling away has occurred the remnant of believers in the western world will also witness and be a part of the end times global outpouring that will follow this cleansing.

Note: Nov 2015: In 2006 the Lord showed me, (link), that in the UK there will be a higher percentage of leaders who will fall away than those in their congregations. This will be because it will take greater humility for a leader to follow the Spirit and leave their possitions of authority, influence over churches as well as, for many, giving up their church derived incomes when this becomes necessary near the very end times.