C70) Three Judgements and Gods Last Word on America, (John Mulinde, 2004).

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This video message, (the original link has since been removed but heres a shorter version covering the main areas link), was delivered by John Mulinde in October 2004. It is based on a prophetic word given to him by the Holy Spirit, for the United States of America, in 1996. This was transcribed, by S. Dobbs in Oct 2015, from parts of that video. I have kept many of his comments as well as the prophecy itself as these appear to add to our understanding of the predictions and how the church should respond.

Nine minutes into the video J. Mulinde describes how he felt it very hard to break through into the presence of God whilst he was in the USA. The Lord spoke to him after a while and said, “It’s not about you but about the land the land where you are, there are layers and layers and layers of darkness covering this land and this darkness is like a veil separating my people from my presence, and hindering their prayers and quenching the spirit of prayer in the people, quenching faith in the people, quenching zeal, and putting them as low as it can push them, this is a suffocating environment that the church is operating in.”

Then 11 minutes 30 seconds into the video he states; “One day while I was praying I saw a vision before me... and in this visions I saw this pillar, a pillar made of white clay, and it was like china clay, and around it were flowers, blue flowers moulded into the pillar, it was about one meter high, it was just before me, and on top of the pillar about this size, (he indicates about 3 feet), was a plate, a brown plate, and on top of the plate was a beautiful, beautiful cake, white and round and with a lot of decorations, and I marvelled at the beauty, but as I looked at it it started moving away from me and the farther it went the bigger it became, until the pillar turned into a very high hill, and the cake turned into a city on top of the hill, and then out of the city came light into a big glow in the sky, it was so beautiful, so beautiful, and as I marvelled and looked on I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “that is the destiny of this land, to be a city set on a hill, a light in the darkness and a messenger of my word.”

And then I saw the picture come back and as it came back it reduced back into size and was again a pillar, a plate and a cake, but this time the pillar had cracks, and I cannot explain why but panic gripped me, and I felt Oh My God it’s going to break, and as I spoke it, a voice spoke behind me again and said “I am looking for a man who will stand before me on behalf of this land but I found none.” And then the cracks really became big and I could see darkness inside the pillar and I went to scream, “its going to break, its going to break,” it’s like a felt somebody should come and hold it and as I screamed the pillar broke. And when it broke the plate fell and broke into two pieces, one piece fell this way the other piece fell that way, and the cake just fell in the middle and broke into very, very, very small pieces. The light which was in the city, which was still around the cake, stayed in the air for a moment, it was there as a big glow then went on dying and dying and dying away until everything was darkness.

And when the vision disappeared I found my whole body was trembling, tears were flowing over my, and tears were flowing, and I was really weeping, and I began to pray like a little baby weeping, and I said “Lord what is the meaning of this? The Spirit of the Lord said to me, “the foundations of this nation have been broken one after another, one after another every foundation has been broken, and I am looking for a man who will stand before me on behalf of this land that I may not destroy it, that I may not give back to it as has walked before me.” And I cried and said “but Lord America is a land full of so many big ministries, ministries with big names and people who are reaching out to the rest of the world and coordinating prayer, and prayer of this sort and prayer of that sort and bringing the nations in coordination how can you say Lord that there is no prayer, not enough prayer here.” Then the Lord said to me, “the cry of sin in the land is louder than the cry of prayer.... “And a few other details that went with it, I felt sick after that. The following day I couldn’t go out of my room, I just stayed in for a few days, and as I continued to pray one day I was really pleading and pleading and pleading and I said, “Lord this is not the last word you have for America.  I want to hear your heart for America.”

And then one time I was praying, and in the middle of those prayers as I was pleading like this the Lord begins to speak to me and says; “the cloud of judgement is hanging over this land and three waves of judgement are going to hit this land. One will be the judgement against the spirit of mammon because my people have made money a god in My place, and have turned everything around rotated around money and have replaced me with money, with the spirit of mammon. I am going to hit at their financial foundations and everything will come tumbling down. It will not only touch this land of America it will pull down the economies of many, many other countries that’ll come tumbling. When you speak speak out to my people, not only here but everywhere you go. Turn your eyes away from the perishables and fix them on the that which is everlasting. Tell my people to fix their faith in me, when things fall apart, they will still standing.

A second wave will come and hit this land, it will be a judgement against human pride, in human achievements, what man has built, what man has done, what man has been able to put together, and because of that he thinks that he can be god, he can replace God in his lifestyle, and he can choose what is good for him and what is bad for him, and he can do set his own standards. The judgement against that is going to come in natural calamities, it is going to come by natural means that will hit at the civilisation of man and again and again will hit and a time will come when it will get so intense whole cities will be raised to the ground in a matter of days.

 A third one is a judgement against the liberties that overthrow My standards, in the name of rights and freedoms my people have rejected my standards and have chosen to state, to institute their own standards for themselves. At this moment My hand is holding back the consequences of their choices, but the day is coming when I will lift My hand and allow the flood of the consequences of the choices they have made to come fully flooding over the land and at that time there will be a cry for help and help will not be near.”

And that was that, and again I was crying is this your heart for America I know you have got something that is redemptive for this land. Everything I’d heard since Id come here was negative, negative, negative. The next day I was supposed to speak in a church in Oklahoma in Tulsa and I went, I didn’t have anything else to say, but to share the experiences I had been going through in the past few days, and the presence of the Lord was so heavy and as I spoke there was such vivid detail coming out and in a certain point everyone just broke down and they began crying and the crying eventually rose into wailing and I couldn’t go on, I had to stop, and we all went down on our faces and cried and cried and cried, and the crying was getting more worked up, and I thought Lord let this be true brokenness, let this pull the people through and immediately the Lord spoke to me and said; “It is not in brokenness that they are crying, it is in anger at how can God be so unjust to do that to us, how can a God, a loving God, do such a thing to us, it’s in anger, it’s in unbelief, it’s in total rejection.” And that broke me I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to pray about that.

When I went back to my room that night... and began to just weep and I said “Lord I just ask one thing, I want to know what’s your heart, what’s the last word you have for America.” And it took a long time, it didn’t come immediately but with time He said;

 “Pray for the remnant will be big and strong and that they will not fear to stand and that they will have the faith to claim this nation back. My purposes for this nation are yet unfulfilled, I am not through with this land, but I want people who will stand before me on behalf of this land.”

And for me that was like gold, for me that was, if, I don’t know, sometimes they say Ugandans or Africans have got simple faith, God speaks one word and you feel, OK, that, I will go with that, and you are willing to change your entire lifestyle, you change your works, you give up things, just on that one word, for me that was enough, if I was an American that was going to be the hage of my life. I spoke it out with zeal, listen this is what the Lord says, “we should pray that the remnant shall be big and strong and have the faith to claim back this land and not let it go down,” but I didn’t seem to see the same enthusiasm.

And I must confess when I went back a number of people sent invitations immediately, will you come back and we will do this, do this, and we will organise this, and I just felt I didn’t want to go through the experience again, it took me a three years before could say yes again to come to America. And today I want just to pose a question and this is not a question about what I said, it is a question about you, as people God has planted in this land and trusted with the heritage of this land, when God says the foundations have been broken, when the foundations have been broken, what should the righteous do?

And I pray that somehow God will wake us up to say I don’t just want another good program, I am not just looking for just another discipline, I want to stop in my footsteps and say “hey the foundations left and right are breaking, everything around me is falling apart, in every area of life, what am I expected to do by my Lord? And if only I can see clearly what the Lord wants me to do am I willing to say yes Lord, because saying yes is going to mean dramatic change, and that is one thing I have found not many people are willing to face, many people want something that will come in gradually just to fit in with... (pauses)... but imagine those men that met Christ 2000 years ago, how dramatic was their change that came in their lives. Oh imagine the gospel coming down to Africa 100 years ago, or even now as it is going on, I had the privilege a few years ago, just about 15 years ago, to go to Islands in Uganda where the name of Christ had never been preached, so full of darkness, so full of manifestations of evil you cannot even believe, and I have the privilege of witnessing the power of the gospel as it comes into the life of a person, it is dramatic, it is not something someone says I want to learn how to live with it and slowly I want to walk into it, it is dramatic, the eyes open, there realisation of  doom comes, says “I am doomed I need the Lord” and when that comes there is that openness to turn to the Lord with open arms and say “Lord have mercy upon me.” And when that happens people around look and say “yes something beyond human power has happened.” And I’ve seen this again and again and again in different lands where the gospel comes in its all darkness and people say they’ve seen the light and change comes in. One of my greatest questions nowadays is Lord everyone agrees that the western world, especially Europe, has become a mission field, but it’s a very complicated mission field, it’s not the same kind of field you find in Africa, or in Asia or in South America, it’s a very complicated, it’s a mission field very conversant with the basics of the gospel, and which has formed defences and arguments and reasoning’s against the gospel so that people who are even very sincere and good hearted are just covered with that veil and that brings us to the question what can the church do with such a situation? How much must the church be willing to do in such a situation? Of course the most automatic thing that everyone talks about is prayer, and yes prayer is the key, there is nothing else can happen, prayer is like the partnership where we come and say, “Lord we are not able but we are trusting in you, you are the one to do it and you desire to use men and here we are. So prayer brings us into partnership with the Father, where we cry out to Him let your Kingdom come and let your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.”

And I have in my spirit a situation like what was in Jerusalem, so many days ago, in the days of Nehemiah, Nehemiah was in exile, and his brethren came from Jerusalem to see him, and they say to him, and he asked them “how, what is the state of the people in Jerusalem? How are they? And they said to him “the walls of Jerusalem have been broken, and the gates of Jerusalem have been burnt down, and the people are in disgrace” and when he heard those words, if you could go with me into the book of Nehemiah please, verse three says “they say to me those who survive the exile and are back in the promise are in great trouble and disgrace, the wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burnt with fire,” and Nehemiah says when I heard these things I sat down and wept and for some days I mourned and fasted and I prayed before the God of Heaven and I said, and he continues to give a prayer. One interesting thing that Nehemiah says is I sat down, that strikes me like pausing activity, I stopped my business cases, I put down my programs and schedules, I sat down and wept, and then for some days I mourned. One day I was asking myself what does this really represent, and I am a man who knows, in the last few years I have lost a number of very loved ones who the Lord has chosen to take away, and I know what it means when you lose someone and people come around you to comfort you and come around you to speak, strengthen the word to you, and you feel their company but after a few days or weeks every bodies gone and you are there alone and you cannot go on crying, crying and crying and you step out and begin to smile and you begin to pick up your life, and with time people begin to think you are over it, but deep inside you know and there are times when you are quiet and you begin to think, you think of that person you lost and what that person meant and what he said, what he did or this and that and you go through that, and deep inside you are mourning, in the night when every bodies asleep and every bodies thinking about the comfort of their beds you are curled up in the bed, going through memories and memories and memories, and missing and feeling how deprived you have become. And I thought how does that relate with what Nehemiah was doing? It was almost like “Oh my God what was it like when Jerusalem was still in its glory? What was it like when the wall of Jerusalem was there, the gates were there and the people were under the presence of the Lord, and the glory of God was with us? Oh what have we come to? Imagining what the people were like and the kind of lives they were living in, and maybe we can bring that down to America and say hey America, listen and say  what has been taken away from us? What was it like when our foundations were still strong, when our walls were not broken, and the judge was still vibrant in this land and this land was known as a Christian land, which is a strain so much today to deny, what was it like when the name of the Lord was invoked by leaders and men in the senate and the congress knelt down on their knees and prayed together. What was it like when the leaders of cities and states come together and make covenants with the Almighty God and said Lord we offer this city to you we want you to be the King of this city. And if only there were people who would stop and mourn for days, it may come slowly, but if we give it space it will come through, and we begin to think “what have we come to,” then one of the reasons we lack passion today is we don’t stop, we are so fast and busy and doing things and trying to add this program to the other program there’s not enough time for the heart to calm down and meditate on what it means that America has come to today. But Nehemiah wept and for many days he mourned and he fasted, he subdued the flesh that the spirit may even rise higher to the Lord Almighty, and out of that came his prayer, prayer alone, many times we look at prayer as the power but I want you to see the things that empower prayer, the things that build up prayer, the things he did as he sat down, he wept, he mourned, he fasted, and then out of that he cried “Oh my God.” The prayer did not just come out of “OK that’s what’s happened let’s go and pray about it,” the prayer came out of the depths of the heart, it was travailing prayer. Travail is related to giving birth, travail that was from deep inside was travailing prayer, he interceded, he repented, he confessed the sin, and eventually he saw in his spirit a vision  of what needs to be done.  He said “I need to go to Jerusalem, I can’t just stay here and say Lord, Lord, Lord, do something, I need to go but how do I go, I am a slave here, I’m under the man’s power, O Lord give me grace before this man.” It was no longer about “help them Lord help them,” no now it was about “help me to go and do something, give me grace O Lord that I may be released with this man and equipped to go and do the needful,” and I think all prayer should reach the place where we are not only mourning and grieving over things but that we come to see the direction that the Lord is pointing and say Lord I want to be part of that, give me the favour, I don’t even see how I’m going to break out of my situation to work with you but give me the grace Almighty God. And he went down to Jerusalem and the first thing he did he spied the broken walls, he spied through the city in the night and saw how the wall was broken and how the gates were burnt, so that he could count the cost of rebuilding the wall. He was not put off by how big the work was, then he mobilised the people, and said look what a reproach we have become, look how the name of the Lord has been profaned among this place, we need to rise up and put our hands to the work and begin to rebuild the wall.

Beloved I am one of the people that really believe in the power of prayer but over the last few months especially, since the beginning of this year, when I came and visited America, I was in Orlando and a few other places, the Lord imposed upon my heart so strongly, so strongly, that “it doesn’t matter how long America prays, it’s not going to bring revival to America until the church, the remnant that in the church of Jesus Christ, are willing to go back and say Lord what are the broken walls of America?” You know why, because there are so many things that can affect our mind set, and affect the way we see things and therefore we are conformed into the mindset of the land, and then from that mindset we come to the Lord and ask Him things within our understanding and within our own estimation and we are genuine and we are sincere but wrongly sincere and our foundation is not the real truth that God would say “this is my will, my heart for the land” and that is why we are far from what the Apostle John says who says “this is the confidence we have, that if we ask anything according to the will of God we know he hears us, and if he hears us we have what we have asked.”

I have ended this transcript at 35 minutes 20 seconds into the video, those interested could continue listening online though at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUmM5NSBNxw