A72) The E.U, the globalists, atheism, a One World Government, Luciferianism and Satan’s perspective; (S. Dobbs, 9th Jan, 2017).

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I received this word as I was praying for the E.U and Bexit in Jan 2017. The first line appears to be a call for Christians to pray for the release of other nations from the E.U. There is a General Election coming up in the Netherlands in March, and the France Presidential Election in April-May 2017. Both have anti E.U candidates who stand a chance of winning and want their own nations to have referendums on leaving the E.U. Germany also has a General Election later on in the year. The word quickly veered away from the issue of the E.U in a surprising direction though:

“Move Mountains, the Mountains of the E.U, clear a space for the people, breathing room from the covering spiritual atmosphere. The Movement towards the One Great Mountain, the One World Government, that the secretive ones have made preparations and plans to build, is already underway. Academics with their academic plans are behind this. They have delusions; these delusions have risen from their hearts to fill their minds and imaginations. Atheism lays at the heart of their beliefs. However, Luciferianism* is at times presented and used by them.” 

I saw the following image at this point: The large globe symbolises the leadership of the organisation/movement towards a One World Government. The word “ATHEISM” was written right across this, symbolising that this is based on atheism as its belief. The small globe within this and the pole  attached to this, that stuck out from within this organisation, are of the same colour and substance as they also comprise of atheist’s. The lighter, slightly off white coloured screen or panel that parallels and hides part of the surface of this globe had the word “LUCIFERIANISM,” (a philosophical, non ritualistic form of Satanism), written next to it. This screen represented the Luciferian cult(s) in the world today. [I believe that this was of a lighter colour because Luciferian’s teach that Lucifer is a good, benevolent spirit or god who wishes to help people evolve, through enlightenment, onto godhood themselves]. This Luciferian screen was a false presentation of just a small part of this atheist organisation overall; i.e. how it portrayed itself in some areas, to some people. [I would suggest within the youth music industry and some areas of banking in particular]. It did not cover up the real identity of the atheist organisation more than seen in the picture, (in fact the Luciferian screen was probably only 2/3rds the size in the image above). Whilst it is inevitable that genuine Luciferian’s exist within its lower ranks this prophecy reveals that they are not part of the globe itself, they have no real authority within the movement towards a One World Government. I understood that only atheists are allowed to rise to the highest levels within this movement. Without realising it the genuine Luciferian’s are, therefore, under the direct control of atheist’s leaders who falsely claim to be Luciferian’s themselves. These false Luciferian leaders are represented by the smaller globe inside the larger one and the bar that protrudes from this. So Luciferianism is just a facade behind which some of the top atheist leaders hide their true identity. [The relative insignificance of Luciferainism, and this having no central leadership role or any real authority in building a One World Government was something of a surprise to me]. The word continued in reference to these atheist leaders:

“They have historic perspectives and are intrigued by the rising up of Empires in the past. They want to be involved in the creative process and the arrangements of Empires on earth today. They have an elevated view of themselves and their position.” I was then shown the following picture:

Note added in Oct 2020... this pictured looked much like the Moon Door in Game of Thrones, a large brick/stone hole in the floor of a high tower or room, with the ground seen far below, with people milling around like ants below... the prophecy, as I transcribed it originally, described this as follows...

"I saw what looked like the floor in a dark room or space. Not much could be seen as it was in the shadows. There was a large hole in the centre of the floor, though, about twenty or more feet across maybe, which looked slightly oval in shape from this perspective, when viewing this hole from the edge of the dark floor area that encircled it. Down through the hole could be seen the ground below, part of the earth’s surface, perhaps a mile across, about a hundred and fifty feet below. The ground below was partially lit up as one would expect on an ordinary autumns day. Small figures of people were milling around on this part of the earth’s surface, where various everyday things were taking place. The hole itself was, therefore, of the lighter colour of this part of the earth’s surface below. And the hole was surrounded by the dark shadows of the floor area above. In the darkness above I could just about make out part of the outline of one of the atheist academic leaders. He was viewing the ground below through the large round hole in the floor. In many ways this scene reminded me of the view one has from a balcony in a dark theatre, with the ground in this picture being the stage below, lit up within the surrounding darkness as a stage would be. The difference being, if the higher shadowy floor area in this picture were a balcony it would completely surround the stage. This symbolised the position these atheist academics thought they were viewing the world from.  They believed they were seated on a higher area or balcony looking down at the earth below. This picture reflected their attitude of superiority, as if all that went on in the world was beneath them, as if the rest of mankind were less than they were. This may be linked to the haughty way in which some academics analyse society and mankind perhaps, as if they were detached and above it all. It mainly revealed the grandiose view these atheist planners have of themselves though. They were, nevertheless, operating from the side-lines, from the surrounding balcony area, from the shadows, in semi darkness, almost completely hidden from view. They were not trying to promote themselves in the sight of men as most people do but, instead, were secretly seeking influence, whilst remaining out of mankind’s sight." The word continued…       

“In their minds they have these thoughts; “the world needs someone like me in place, I will be the one. Then I will be able to say - I did it.” They think to themselves; “they say God created man from clay but I, (we), will level the fields and create a wonderful existence on earth for mankind,” (I saw fields of corn at this point). They say “we will use religions, Babylonian mysteries and intrigues, to stir up the interest and the support of the peoples.” I saw that they plan to raise up a tall tower, so they can then say to themselves, “I have the power,” (that tower may be symbolic of the tower of babel perhaps?). These people, (note despite them being atheist’s), “delve into occult rituals and rites for power, thinking to themselves; “isn’t there a place for this, here on earth, within this Empire?”

They say; “we need the involvement of the people and people have worries and concerns in life, we will, therefore, offer them a path to solve their concerns, a new creation, with humanism ruling the earth. Like the politicians at the top of organisations today we will be the powerful players behind the scenes, the ones of importance, we will pave the way,” and “we will control the access points to the imagined higher spiritual levels, just as the leaders of the ancient beliefs systems did in the past.”

At this point I saw a symbolic picture with lower level ground on the left and another higher level of faint misty cloud like land, a step up from this, on the right. This represented the idea that people could move upwards onto a higher spiritual plain. I understood that these atheists want control the access points within such a belief system, (which appeared similar, in many ways, to the Gnostic styled belief within the New Age). I saw that they want to be the ones who control the religions and spiritual belief systems throughout the world, even though these atheists don’t believe in any form of religion themselves. They plan to use religions and peoples spiritual beliefs to promote their own global agendas.

[Note added in march 2020: The fact that I could only see two steps as it were, one more earthly looking on the left with the next one higher up on the right and seen within mist, may symbolise just two states, spiritual and non spiritual or maybe even access to the afterlife itself? This would symbolise the level of spiritual control these athiests want over peoples thinking and they way in which they planned to use the worlds religions to manipulate ordinary people].

"I then saw a picture of the four huge faces carved into a cliff face that I knew existed somewhere in the USA. [Upon looking this up on the internet afterwards I found this was, quote, “Mount Rushmore, also known as the President's Mountain. The sculpture of four famous presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, was carved into the granite rock face. According to the National Park Service, the monument is visited each year by more than three million people”].

"I was shown that these global atheists’ planners think to themselves; “we will be the big chess players, the ones who control the moves, atheism is in our hearts though, we are just playing the game. There are monuments that were raised to honour great men in the past, and stories about the almighty ones, the giants of the earth in the past.” The word continued…

 “They seek to level the fields so that all people are equal, to build a form of global communism but plan to mix this in with the mysteries and the intriguing influences of interfaith religions and beliefs.

They think to themselves; “we will be the commanders, the generals and majors over these forces. And on the slippery paths, where there are the strong and the weak, we will do good works, like the spreading of flowers within Buddhism. We will help the vulnerable and the weak against the big businessmen above them. The big businessmen will fear our gaze as we call up to them. They will fear when they fall out of line with our Empires plans and desires. We will imprison them. We will remove them from their high positions and rank in society. We will bring them down to the dust of the earth and destroy them.”

They will think to themselves, “We must remove rivalry and strife and bring peace to the earth. Atheism rules but only the elite will know this. We will rule by the power of the imagination, through interfaith ideals and agendas. We will level the paths of mankind, of some thinking they are better than others. All will be equal, on one route, one path, together, all in line, with us supervising them. They say God made man in his own image but man made God in his image. We will replace these Christian thoughts and their limitations with our own routes and plans, which will come from us, their supervisors. The ground work is already done through the Interfaith Movement. We will replace the religious idols of Christianity with the reality of humanism. We will remove their objections to this.

I then saw that these atheist humanists had great impatience with Christianity and the church, although not necessarily the overt aggression one would expect, instead they just dismissed Christianity without even thinking about it.

The Holy Spirit showed me that they will also think these thoughts about Christians; “We will teach them the error of their ways and introduce them to the idea that there are spiritual plains to be ascended. There is no time for them, we have a monument to build and massive projects to implement.”

“There is a blindness within them,” (these leading atheist academic planners).

I was then shown the previous picture again, with these atheist leaders positioned above others, on the balcony which completely encircled the stage of the world below. They could not actually be seen clearly themselves because they were seated on the side-lines, in the shadows, on this balcony. I was left with the impression that they do not intend to exalt themselves as idols, or to the position of gods, or seek public admiration as heroes or dictators in their own lifetimes.  They were more down to earth than that and did not seat themselves as high as they could have done in that sense. I saw that they did not see themselves in the skies directly over and above the world, not raised up as far as that, instead they saw themselves as supervisors on the side-lines. The reality was, however, that they were nonetheless raised up as God, without realising it, because they intended to operate from a central position, as if high in the sky above the world stage where only God Himself can sit. They intend to rule and act as if they were in the position of God. They want to control all the world and all its agendas which only God Himself can do. It was also clear that they want to have a great god like impact on the world, and control all of mankind, and want to be remembered as great men by future generations. Their ambition was egotistically motivated, they wanted to be remembered as having left a heritage, of having influenced, for good, all of mankind, all of the world, by having been key players, as the great men who built a One World Government in our time. So without realising it they most certainly did want to operate as if in the position of God.

The Holy Spirit then showed me that they have these thoughts in their minds: “Death is the end of it.” I saw that they also play games with religions and spiritual ideas, as if for fun, as if with toys, thinking; “maybe this is true, or this one, or maybe it isn’t?” They think, “we are the massive ones, the ones who can make improvements on the earth. We will be remembered in the history books in the future, like those who had monuments built to them in the past.” I saw the picture of the Mount Rushmore monument again at this point, the faces of four great US Presidents from the past carved into the granite rock face. I was shown that they think; “our time on earth here is wasted otherwise.  We are the important ones, we will do it. We have made plans and preparations ahead of time. We will level the fields, make improvements and bring peace to the earth. Our legacy will be remembered in the future, after further movements forward, higher up, have been obtained later on in the future by others. We will be the ones who started it all and were at its beginning.” From their high minded and grandiose view of themselves, and their belief that they are greater than other men, they will, without realising it, act as if they were positioned over the earth as God Himself even though they don’t intend to be seen that way in our day.

I saw that behind the futility of their thinking lies the power of the occult, the power of Satan. God showed me that; “Through the kingdom of darkness and the devils huge power these atheists are tricked and used by him. The devil manipulates them, those who the devil sees as “these little men.” Satan uses them like puppets. The devil uses schemes and plans to trap and ensnare them, to cause them to line up with his plans, in the same way they themselves plan to use the interfaith to manipulate and control mankind.”

I was then shown that in comparison with those atheist leaders; “Satan looks up with hostility towards God. He devises plans to destroy Gods Kingdom and church, through his use of the New Age. He rages in his mind with revengefulness against the saints. He doesn’t want to level the fields so that all men are equal, he wants to lay waste to the fields and destroy mankind because man is made in Gods image. He despises those who want to benefit mankind. He uses such people but intends to crush them later on. Hatred of God is at the core of his being, and hatred of all that God has created. This is what is in the crazed mind of this angelic being of an indefinite number of days; who fell from heaven. That fall led to turmoil and trauma within his being and also led to uncontrollable ways. The devil cannot see very far with any clarity. There is not much space for him to have a clear view ahead or of the future. Instead he is filled with a great yearning for the self. He is consumed with a desire to glorify himself. He wants to lay waste the fields of the earth for an indefinite number of days. As for man he wants to crush him under his foot, Adam and Eve. He wants to lay waste to the earth and destroy the idols, the gods and deities that man has made; which are but toys. Whether an end comes or not appears, to his mind, indefinite.”

I saw a picture revealing the devils position, perspective and outlook. I saw that within himself he experiences a deep yearning for the self. And it is as if he is surrounded by moving currents of air, dust, debris, smoke and cloud that, within a short distance, completely obscures his vision. As if he can only see a short distance ahead. Within this short space the surrounding air was relatively clear but he cannot see much further than that. In this picture the clearer air only seemed to stretch about four to six feet ahead, (that is if the devil were viewed on a human scale in this picture, if he were human sized). It seemed that this may also imply that the devils predictive ability, as a fallen angel, is now also shortened so he cannot now see very far into the future. The word finished with:

“He is consumed with an aggression at the remembrance that he is fallen. Thoughts about the persecution of Christians to come brings a calm to his being. He sees Christians as “fanciful* things. He can see that an end is now in sight concerning this,” (concerning the church and a Christian persecution). I was shown that the devil thinks that some “undefined new movement will probably then come about after that.”

* It may be worth looking up the definition of “fanciful” as, according to the above word, this is how Satan perceives Christians today.

S. Dobbs, 2005 - 14th Oct, 2020, (Final Draft).


Note added in Oct 2020: I recently saw the TV News mocking Christians for believing that Satanists were behind recent political globalist moves. All the signals the globalist have been giving out to indicate that they are Luciferians  are probably designed for this end - to make Christian warnings about a One World Government and mark of the beast look ridiculous to the general public who don’t believe in the devil. If we think this through logically such Christians will be claiming people like Tony Blair, Macon and most of the world’s political and business elite worship the devil. This is a very clever ploy to undermine the credibility of such Christians who may otherwise be correct in all their warnings.

Note added in Oct 2020: Don’t Freemasons engage in spiritual rituals and yet many/most of them are probably atheists too? Freemasonry also appears to cover/incorporate all religions, as does the New Age Movement, (which, by the way, was promoted and named by Alice Bailey, a thirty three degree female Freemason). If you do study up on the Freemasons, (a secretive society that seeks political influence), don’t overlook the Jesuit Order too,  which I believe is even more influential. And also the Catholic Order of the Knights of Malta, the modern day Knights Templar, (which includes many high ranking Freemasons but appears to still be controlled by the Jesuits), which so many wealthy evangelical leaders have suspiciously joined, having had to swear an oath of loyalty to the Pope in order to do so.   

Notes Feb 2017:

If the devil cannot now see very far ahead into the future and yet can see that the end of the church is close at hand this prophecy surely implies that the persecution of the church at the end of this age and, therefore, the Second Coming of Christ must surely be close at hand. The word makes clear that the devil cannot see further than the persecution though and isn’t aware his defeat at Christ’s Second Coming follows this as scripture appears to teach.

As this atheist organisation masquerades behind an interfaith facade I think it likely that it is surrounded by other screens, representing other religions, which completely cover its true atheist nature from view. The Luciferian screen obviously has significance though.

Until receiving the above prophecy I had been semi taken by the whole Illuminati Luciferian thing. In hindsight it makes complete sense that none of the top Freemasons, leading Bankers, businessmen and others who want a One World Government are really Luciferian’s. Nor former President of the USA George Bush senior, who openly called for a New World Order, nor his son former President George Bush junior who made the fisted two horned hand signal of Luciferianism, as indeed did President Obama during his term in office. Nor Tony Blair who is so well connected and keen to promote the interfaith movement. Nor, for example, former Labour party leader Neil Kinnock who went on to become an E.U commissioner and on TV, in 2016, made references to “Morning Star” a well-known Luciferian, (and biblical), reference to Satan. All these people, along with both of the Clintons and certainly many politicians within the E.U appear to be fully signed up to and supportive of the idea of a One World Government. Whilst these politicians appear to be linked and in league with the globalists agenda, and no doubt others who attend, for e.g. Bohemian Grove, this prophecy revealed that they were not as high in the pecking order as the academics who operate behind the scenes. Just 40 seconds into this youtube video Donald Trump reveals his awareness and opposition to this  move towards New World Order/One World Government when he said; Quote, “there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag,” (during his speech at the “Annual Conservative Political Action Conference,” outside Washington,  Feb 2017). I tweeked this last note in March 2020, to remove spelling errors etc. 

Note added in March 2020: I’m no fan of Donald Trump’s character or nationalism, however, he appears to be pulling in the right direction, against the previous moves towards globalism, and in a more "Christian direction" overall,* (see additional prophecy below). We know that God has used Cyrus and even Nebuchadnezzar in the past, and the latter even appeared to end his days as a believer in the Lord  Almighty.

Note added in Sept 2020: The globalists appear to be feeding the whole Luciferian thing to the youth in particular, especially through the music industry. If you read the Luciferian, female 33 degree Freemason Alice Bailey's 10 point plan, (the blue print on building a New World Order, the model they all appear to be working to), she emphasised influencing the youth away from Christian values in particular. You can’t really get more opposite than honouring the devil of the Christian religion, (even if it’s done via tongue in cheek two horned hand gestures). Control of the media was also central to this Freemasonry plan. Across the E.U and the UK the media was almost 100% in support of the globalists and their whole Covid 19 agenda this year. This helped promote so many political initiatives to forward a New World Order, (N.W.O), in our day. With the main News media now so controlled by the globalists and with so few Christians across Western Europe seeking information for themselves few realize what’s been going on behind the scenes. By comparison the Church across the USA is pretty well informed and already resisting moves towards a N.W.O. They still have Fox News, CBN News and other smaller stations that are opposed to the globalist agendas. [I have included some notes on these globalist’s agendas in relation to Covid 19 at the end of word No A72, link]. A YouGov Poll conducted a few months ago found that over 50% of people who watch Fox News believe that Bill Gates, (who is behind the entire Covid 19 strategy), wants to chip and pin everyone across their nation. Most European Christians would consider that a ridiculous conspiracy theory because they are so badly informed. European Christians need to wake up before it is too late. Rev Ch 13 makes clear that during (the end of?) the short 3.5 year reign of the coming One World Government no one will be able to buy or sell without receiving the mark of the beast, 666. Most believe this will be a chip implanted into the hand or forehead. So across the USA these things are common knowledge amongst many Christians whilst in the blinder churches in W. Europe, (who have been deprived of info), many are more concerned with making sure their congregations wear face masks in compliance with what they have heard on the globalists controlled News, including the BBC. There is one saving grace, the African and other ethnic minority churches within W. Europe are not so gullible and often have a better idea about what is really going on and are, therefore, better equipped to resist in prayer. Unfortunately the vast majority of Christians across W. Europe appear to have been lulled into a false sense of security and have no idea about what is going on. [Oct 2020: I was somewhat frustrated when I wrote that note. It is actually quite hard to get information within Europe now, and to stay vigilant when others around you arnt and claim any moves towards the Book of Revelations is just a nonsense conspiracy theory that they don’t even want to consider]. 

Additional Prophecy: I believe the Lord showed me that Donald Trump's rise to power and Brexit are Gods will. I understood that these were Gods way of slowing down the move towards the end times One World Government, (warned about in the Books of Daniel and Revelations), because the church isn’t yet quite ready to respond to this in the way God plans. God is particularly interested in preparing the Chinese and majority black/African parts of the body of Christ to stand against the One World Government, (see The 7 Lampstands Prophecies concerning this, A26 and A27).

[My guess would be that Trump will win a second term and that then the One World Government will suddenly appear with authority to rule for 3.5 years after that, when the above parts of the body of Christ are ready to spiritually resist it for a season as in Rev Ch 11, (you could also weigh up  these words). Note added March 2021: Clearly that "guess" was wrong, the globalists plans for a One World Governement are being promoted in ways I had not expected, largely through exaggerating the Covid 19 death toll in order to utilise a "pandemic" and lockdowns to promote a whole series of agendas, (see March 2021 notes on this, B30)].

S. Dobbs, Jan 2017, notes amended slightly concerning pictures that had to be removed and replaced with descriptions in March 2020.