A75) Coronavirus Politics, the Lockdown, the Globalist Agenda, Donald Trump and Brexit, (S. Dobbs, 21st June, 2020). Notes and extensive political analysis of the Coronavirus situation, as it developed, included at the end: 

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“Wake up and see the fruit of their ways. [Nov 26th, a reference to the globalists behind the exaggerated "pandemic"]. I saw a great big black hole in the ground. It was so dark that I couldn’t see the bottom of it. I saw that, (part of), the church appeared to be on a trajectory to move dangerously close to this black hole, at present it did not seem as though they would actually fall into it but would move closer to it, as if to pass by near the side of this hole, (but this was just how things presently appeared, other influences could also start to play a role in the future). 

[Note; Nov, 2020:  The interpretation concerning the black hole may have wider implications. Whilst it was clearly spiritual I am now wondering it if also relates to the possibility of Trump losing the Presidential election through fraud. This was enabled by the Covid lockdown, which ruined Trumps good record on the economy and employment and also increased postal votes which made mass vote rigging much easier. A Biden Presidency would also introduce anti-Christian legislation that would darken the spiritual atmosphere across the USA, resulting in discouragement and perhaps many falling away. The same could be true for a compromised Brexit deal which would leave the UK under more E.U control and associated spiritual darkness, (Mar 2021; Brexit went through OK). So whilst, later on in this word, the danger of losing one’s faith is revealed as the main interpretation of the black hole for many these political developments could also be linked to that. As the end time's birth pains get closer together prophecies and their fulfilment must too so I'm adding these notes immediately].

I then saw the words, “home bound,” it was as if most of us had retreated from our duties as Christians and, instead, remained behind closed doors at home, within the walls of our homes, with our doors and windows locked tightly shut to the outside world. I understood that this was linked to the conditions and spiritual forces released by the lockdown.

I then saw a picture representing many Christians; it was of someone looking at the back of their hands, which they had stretched out to inspect in front of them, with the four fingers stretched apart in a strained and slightly uncomfortable way. There was a degree of stress or anguish in the person doing this. Their fingers looked long, bony and a bit spindly. Each finger was associated with several errors that person knew they had made in the past, concerning following God and His agendas. The person didn’t really seem as though they were their natural self, there was a fragile, weakening, witchy vibe that seemed to be influencing them. I saw that many will have a spirit of self- criticism ministering to them which was what this picture symbolised. This symbolic person was preoccupied with a negative, self-critical, inward looking attitude whilst they were locked down inside their home.

Next I saw Christians retreating backwards, running, disorderly down a hill. Downhill sometimes symbolises humility and this was a move away from being prominent or trying to exalt oneself. However, they were rushing downwards into thick dark woods on the valley floor where they then disappeared from view. This wasn’t good as this retreat ended up in spiritual blindness not serving God in humility. There was also something cowardly about it, almost an element of not taking things seriously enough, the retreat wasn’t strategic or in Gods Spirit but was a human, worldly, a frantic, self-effort rush away from events. I saw that this withdrawal symbolised a defeat in a battle, the retreat was the defeat.

I saw that resources were low inside these people’s homes. They looked at these and whilst they were concerned they didn’t fully realise that there weren’t enough supplies left to survive. If they stayed in this situation their lamps could soon go out, as they ran out of oil, as happened to the five foolish virgins that Jesus’ warned about in His parable.

I was shown that Jesus servants serve His kingdom, they don’t run away, in fear, disappearing into the woods, and that the Kingdom of God is within you… so exercise His strength… and that faith is like a plant and Jesus warned us that some plants can wither and die, (as in Jesus’ parable of the sower). 

This then came to me: Where are our roots if we are hiding away in the woods? Jesus said, “don’t hide your lamp under a bushel.” I saw that the oil we need was under the ground in the area of the flat open plains, the oil is not hidden in the dark, underground in the woods. Nor is it in the valleys of retreat down the hillside towards those woods but on the flat open plains above, out in the open, for all to see.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be given unto you,” including the oil of Gods Spirit. Remember how God provided oil for the woman and her son, after Elisha told her to gather together all of the earthen pots she had, and God then provided oil to fill them all, and this was enough to get them through that season of drought. That was a miracle. When we follow God’s will everything He does for us and through us is a miracle.

I was then reminded by Gods Spirit that in the letter to Laodicea it says; “Behold I stand at the door, and knock; if any hear my voice; and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me,” (Rev 3: 20).

As I continued to pray I then saw that God had adjustments and new arrangements for us to follow. I saw a large formidable army tank. This had been intended to move directly forwards into battle to confront the enemy but had stalled instead. It was now being realigned by God, it swung around, almost on the spot, to point sideways, to the right now. God’s strategy now was for it to attack the enemy from the side, as the enemy was in full advance. I understood that this tank was formidable and there was God’s power in this strategy, (it wasn’t some hopeless manoeuvre that couldn’t prevail).

The Holy Spirit then reminded me that we were in Gods Almighty’s army, and to remember Gideon and how his little army prevailed against the enemy because God was with them. It was miraculous. God ministered this to me; the leadings of the Spirit are always miraculous… and the saints of God prevail even unto death… when they obey God the saints always succeed… and that there is no defeat if someone is prepared to be martyred.

The only defeat is to fall into the black hole and disappear from sight from the Kingdom of God.* I saw that this can lead to an eternal defeat and a person becoming “hell bound,” a devastation, with a person’s sins remaining on their own shoulders instead of on Christ’s on the cross, and then shame in the afterlife, and the regret of missing the mark having fallen away from the faith.

I then saw that Gods army tank doesn’t turn around 180 degrees and then disappear from sight down into the woods of darkness, it remains out in the open. This tank is now being called to turn to the right, by about 45 degrees, and then pursue the enemy from behind, like a wolf pursuing and chasing down its prey.

I was then reminded of a section of John Mulinde’s well known prophecy for the Britain, (however, in this context, I think it may also be relevant to other nations too since these are global events), quote: “If you will not repent Britain, you will certainly not escape God’s judgement, and will be a victim of the very powers you were called to defeat."

I felt the above prophecy end on that note: However as I continued to pray, I saw that some would feel that they had to attempt a realignment and respond as if in self-effort. However, they felt weak and discouraged and, symbolically, their fingers appeared long, thin and bony to them, amidst all their self-criticisms. However, God is saying; He has the plan, which is for His army, He has all the power of His Holy Spirit, He just needs ordinary soldiers to respond, to become available in His army and He will then do the rest. Another picture showed that when soldiers are off duty they appear normal, they don’t appear equipped, they don’t walk around fully armed and equipped for battle. When they turn up for battle, though, their leader fully equips them, there and then, and today, as always, the results would then be the same - miraculous.

Although mainly for a wider audience I now realise this word also relates to me. At the start of the pandemic I was believing everything on the TV media were saying, due to becoming complacent as a watchman. I think God showed me I almost became one of the five foolish virgins myself. 

* March 2021:  The black hole: In hindsight think that the falling into the “black hole” probably partly relates to US Christians not having prayed enough against the globalists plans linked to Covid 19 before the election. As I prayed through most of Trumps first debate with Biden, in the lead up to the election, I had a strong sense that not enough prayer was going up, and that the powers of witchcraft were also at work to keep hidden the less savoury aspects of Biden’s nature and life from emerging. I felt, (in the Spirit I believe), that the forces of witchcraft were more dedicated and were prevailing but not by that much. Had more prayer gone up I think the increase in mail in ballots and potential/likely voter fraud could have been prevented and Trump then won the election. God is Sovereign though and we were always going to be where we now are, it was predestined. The leading of the Spirit in the above prophecy was to stop the fall into a black hole. Once the election had already been already lost, and initial fraud claims failed to rectify this, (even though through fraud probably took place), the above prophetic direction ceased to be relevant. The defeat had then already taken place, the USA had already fallen into a political black hole which would then open to a spiritual black hole. Once the globalists had used the lockdown to win the election for Biden this was clearly a defeat for Christian values and religious freedom across the USA in the future. So whilst the USA church could have been like a wolf easily hunting down the globalists prey through more prayer and being more outspoken against the coronavirus exaggerations before the election, once the election was lost the wolf had already fallen into a black hole and the snare of the enemy and started to look more like the prey thereafter. I am suggesting that the US Church did not respond enough to the globalist’s threat enough until after the election was lost when it was then too late. I see it like this; it may be quite easy to defend a city with strong, high walls against an invading army simply by firing enough arrows at them from walls turrets. However if not enough arrows are fired and the enemy then breaches the city walls, invades and then takes over the government of that city the defending army is then reduced to guerrilla warfare tactics which are far less likely to succeed. The Christian army has then lost its strategic position and the wolf starts to look more like the prey. All the concerned prayer against fraud came after the defeat, when more prayer for the election was needed before the fraud prevailed. The prophecy above isn’t a plan on to how to get out of a black hole but how to avoid falling into it. I think other leadings of the Spirit are now needed for how the USA Church should proceed from here.

We need to beware of more false prophecies which encourage a proud triumphalist attitude as that will only add to the depth of the defeat. It was probably all the false prophecies that predicted Trump would easily win a second consecutive term in office that led to the original triumphalist and presumptuous attitude in the first place. This may be why people were too complacent and did not pray enough for the USA election in the first place. It is hard to pray earnestly and desperately for something when you presume, from those false prophecies that Trump was going to win anyway. I would suggest that all the false prophecies about a Trump victory sent by the devil in the years leading up to the election were the vanguard of his attack. Deception tricked the US Christians into presumption and many into complacency concerning praying enough for the election in advance.  Imagine if those prophecies had not been shared and accepted, the US Christians would have been terrified of a Biden victory and prayed far harder than they did in advance of the election.

 It is not just anti-Christian legislation that is now the problem, the government and leaders of a nation can open that nation to spirits and principalities from the enemy. The USA is almost certainly being flooded with anti-Christian, anti-Christ spirits and probably the main globalist (Babylonian?), principality since Biden came to power and this could increase as long as he is in office. This will also be seeking to spiritually oppress Christians across the USA and sever the faith of the weaker ones, especially the ones compromised by mammon. I am suggesting that the two things are linked; the political defeat through not having prayed earnestly enough against the globalist influence in before the election and the spiritual oppression that is now upon the USA church, that both are represented by the black hole in the prophecy. Any spiritual black hole is going to be paralleled by an earthly black hole too, they can’t really be separated. Any earthly disaster is, likewise, going to be accompanied by a spiritual darkness advancing on the back of this. This is just common sense really. God is sovereign and the beast empire is now rising within the USA as it is across the E.U just as the bible predicts it will. It will eventually rule the entire world for 3.5 years, (as is clear from Rev Ch 13).  We need to be biblical about this and stop harping on about a Christian government ruling the world instead, that only happens after the physical return of Jesus to earth at His Second Coming. I think the US Christian triumphalism, still seen today even after the election defeat, is partly a result of many denying the end times scriptures in preference to what they wish would happen instead. Unreality is no way to respond to the recent defeat. It was deception and the same unreality that contributed to the election defeat in the first place. In the USA Biden intends to have very close ties with the EU, and I will, I suspect, move towards political union with the E.U, (although I believe the G8, (link prophecy A24), will be the vehicle which brings such a union across the western world. [Ive recently wondered if the fact that the Beast Empire is predicted to rule for 3. 5 years in Rev Ch 13, and rule the entire world, necessarily means it will rule all nations for that entire time. Perhaps China will hold out until a final war between them occurs nearer the end of that 3. 5 year period? If so this could blind many western Christians from realising when the G8 beast empire has arisen. Also, with the external threat of China still existing, this may even cause many to support the western led Beast Empire increasing the power of apostasy and deception further? For this reasons surely we must be careful not to move into presumptions about such things, since it is often hard to know how to precisely interpret the Book of Revelation. I doubt the rising Beast Empire will be noticed by those Christians who are not keeping an honest watch, as opposed to a wishful thinking watch or no watch at all. Many appear to be predicted by the bible to abandon the faith and become part of the beast empire. I believe that many future, apostate Christian ministries, especially those within the USA, will soon start to switch to promote themselves within a pseudo- Christian interfaith movement as a false church arises in the end times. Many could actually start to speak out and encourage the persecution against true bible believing Christians in the future. Similar in fact to the way many Jewish Pharisees, those who did not accept Jesus as the Messiah and the only way to God, led the persecution of genuine followers of Christ in N/T times. We must all watch out so as not to get led astray by those with big names and influence, those that love fame, religious prestige and money/mammon too much. Don’t follow them into a “new” type of triumphalist “pseudo – Christianity,” which will tell us not to worry about a western led World Government or a chip in your hand to buy and sell. The spiritual black hole has arrived in the USA and I think they/we are now called upon to endure similar pressures to those that the N/T Christians experienced for the refining of our faith. Some may say praise God for that! Who wants to be a part of a worldly, compromised, nationalistic, and materialistic, mammon orientated, Laodicean form of Christianity anyway? That’s not what most genuine believers signed up for, those who’ve read the N/T and know that that’s what it is really all about.]

S. Dobbs, 21st June, 2020, propheciesfortoday.CO.UK  (I’ve had to rebuild the site and change the address to .co.uk avoid further Islamist hacks).


Notes; started in June 2020, reseach started in Feb before that, (written as the pandemic unfolded):

Additional video inserted 17th Nov, 2020: 1000's of Drs and many other experts warn about the coming vaccines, and other related issues. Recommend,  everyone listens to what they have to say; link.  

Additional notes inserted here on 11th Nov, 2020: You can find 16 hours of videos online by EVENT 201: There conferences took place in Oct 2019, one month before the coronavirus pandemic had supposedly started. Bill Gates and many other medical related experts attended. They stated in these videos that they were analysing how to respond to a coronavirus pandemic especially how to control the media should there be an outbreak. So they knew it was coming before it had even started and admitted they would seek to control the media during it. 

Additional notes inserted here at in Sept 2020: No one in the USA need read these notes, you will already know what is going on but please read this first paragraph anyway to find out just how controlled the media now is across the Eurozone. It’s as controlled as the media was within the USSR in the past, although far more subtle and effective. Europeans include 96% of Christians here believe everything they are being told about the pandemic too. I have been shocked to find out that all the info I have collated was readily available all along, on Fox News and other non-globalists News stations across the USA.  My independent research has lined e up 100% with Fox News. It is shocking that there appears to be an almost complete News blackout across the entire Eurozone, and this includes the UK. We cannot get decent news here, instead everything lines up with the Globalists agendas, (including news and all other programs on the BBC which is one of the most controlled stations now). I am considered a radical conspiracy theorist here, even by the majority of Christians, whereas in the USA I would be considered a standard, if not even a fairly moderate Christian.  I cannot get Fox News on my Sky TV box here at all, only globalists News Stations. RT is usually more independent but is not very open about the pandemic because Putin is using Covid 19 for control purposes himself across Russia. R.T would be banned again in Europe if this were not the case. All the independent research I have done since Feb/March 2020, (see notes below for details), all the painstaking work to find decent reliable sources of non-conformist, non-globalist controlled info, I could have got just by watching Fox News if I had been living in the USA. I’m not even right wing but that’s where I now drew much of my info from. The BBC, ITV etc in the UK, like all the stations within the EU nations, is now all globalists’ propaganda. This explains why there is no resistance to the globalist’s agenda within the UK church or European churches. Van Morrison’s recent anti lockdown song from N. Ireland, (he is a Christian these days), is almost all I've heard. As well as a radio 4 program that alerted me to the danger last Feb, within which one of the UKs Judges of the UK's Supreme Court spoke out against Covid 19 politics and the rise of authoritarianism last Feb, there has been nothing else I am aware of. Thank God I heard that broadcast or I could still be asleep and believing the BBC even though I’m supposed to be a watchman. We need to be awake and aware because we are headed into the very end times and the signs are now all around us, but only if we have the info available. This is why European Christians are in such danger, the media keeps them in ignorance. We already have a 99.9% controlled media here. Watch out America as they will be trying to close down Fox News etc. next. Facebook and Youtube already run algorithms to seek out the words lockdown or Covid 19 in order to then send their employees to check out such articles and close them down whenever these are critical of the globalist agenda. I have had Facebook posts questioning the full lockdown removed from my Fb page even though I only have about 22 followers and only sent it to a few of those, (I don’t really use Fb). I had the above prophecy removed almost as soon as I posted it on Facebook. YouTube Channels are now leaving in their droves and setting up on BrandNewYoutube.com and other non-censored sites instead. By definition all globalists want a One World government, that’s what this is all about. To show Europeans the contrast between our News and the free alternatives available across the USA here is just one Fox News program broadcast by Tucker; link, "do we get America back?" Aug 24, 2020, which has had 1,837,843 views in the last month on top of its terrestrial programming.

For some reason Fox News is still available on YouTube, but few Europeans seek this out or even know it has a legitimate alternative perspective. I expect the censorship would be too obvious to Americans if Fox were also removed. There would be an outcry. People across the US would then have bypassed YouTube altogether and YouTube would have probably already been replaced by one of the alternatives. It’s very hard to find any other decent videos speaking out again the globalist’s politics behind Covid on YouTube, though. Most posts by Drs, Nurses, viral and other health care experts who have spoken out have now been removed. In the UK we are told that such freedom of (facts based) information endangers lives and the NHS.

We just don’t ever see anything like this type of News on terrestrial TV in the UK or Eurozone, instead it is now ALL globalist propaganda. That is the conclusion I have come to after months of study. Sadly most people, including Christians here, are believing this propaganda. Recently there has begun murmurings against the prolonged lockdown but little awareness of the globalist’s motivations behind this. The globalist’s desire for political union between the EU and USA would be a disaster for the USA and the world, it would be the start of the New World Order they seek. I’m left wing but let’s hope and pray that Donald Trump gets in again to stand against this. As a UK Christian I am really ahead of the curve, cutting edge even, but if I were in the U.S I would be a bit slow on the uptake and seen as simply stating the obvious. This reflects just how dangerous the situation is for the church across Western Europe and perhaps most of Eastern Europe too now. We are in deep ignorance about the signs of the times because all of our media is controlled by those seeking a One World government.  Please read on if you disagree or are in any doubt about this. There is overwhelming evidence that this is the case.

In the following video, (either 2.30 or 5 min’s in), Robert Henderson, (who I believe is linked to Dutch Sheets in some way), claims that the lockdown was deliberately planned to ruin the US economy, to destroy President Trumps good record on the economy and unemployment, to reduce his chances of winning this Novembers election. If Joe Biden came to power he would promote the globalist agenda. I think Henderson is probably right in stating that Trump will still win a second term in office, although, maybe this is dependent on people praying again as before? As I understand it Hillary Clinton was keen on seeing closer political union between the USA and the E.U, supported by Obama, and Joe Biden too, which explains why they are all so opposed to  Brexit. The E.U want to use the lockdown to extend the Brexit transition period by two years, so the Brexit prayer battle is not over yet. 

The lockdown has also resulted in the US national debt increasing by 25% (by $1 Trillion), with further rises to come, putting the US even deeper in debt to the global banks, which are globalist strongholds. In the UK the Coronavirus lockdown has cost £320 billion so far, (a 33% increase in national debt). Globalists do not like nation states. The lockdown is expected to induce a global depression far greater than that of 2008, at a time when the UK has already created laws that pave the way for cashless society. Bill Gates wants to introduce a coronavirus passport which would be able to track everyone’s movements into the foreseeable future. A recent YouGov poll found that over 50% of Fox News viewers interviewed believed that Bill Gates also wants to chip the entire population.  (notes continue)