C49) EUROPE and the USA: Rapid moral decline in Europe. Political links with the USA. (S. Dobbs, Jan 2007).

This word also appears as A51. It links to words C83, A45A24, A40, A43, A46, B11, A48, A49, A51, C41, C27, C38.

Introduction: I received this as I was praying in Jan 2007. It is now April 2009 and I believe these events could start happening this year. [Note: It is now 2019 and this still hasnt been fully fulfilled yet. Trumps presidency and Brexit appear to have delayed this in Gods timing. I believe the Lord showed me this was to give the global church time to resist these enemy moves for a season in the end times].

“I was shown that Satan was not using the full entitlement he had to forward his agenda of moral decline in Western Europe. He was deliberately holding back from using all of his ability for the time being. The reason was that the devil didn’t want to deter the Americans from developing closer political ties with Europe. I saw that whilst there are many problems in the USA Christian morality still has a greater influence in their society than in Europe’s. Many US Christians would be more resistant to closer political ties with Europe if they saw a more rapid decline here. Satan has therefore been holding back from his full ability to birth this decline in Europe until after the USA has committed to closer political ties”.

“I saw a picture of molten lava rotating slowly around its central core in a circular motion. The central fugal force was not that great at present. At present the darkness is slow to draw people into its depths, to suck people into its core. This symbolised the powers of wickedness and darkness in Europe and the way they, (correction in 2020, “this”), presently influence people.”

“I saw another picture of a circulating wind which was also moving around very slowly at present. This represented the same dark spiritual powers in Europe. It was not really that powerful in its ability to suck people into wicked behaviour if they didn’t really desire this in their hearts. Its influence was like a gentle misty cloud, mainly deceiving some into immorality rather than powerfully sucking them into it. However I perceived that once greater unity has occurred between Europe and the USA these powers of darkness will no longer have reason to hold back from using their full ability to increase wickedness in Europe”.

“I saw two steps, two a joining stairs. The top one symbolised the moral situation as it has been in the USA, the bottom one the worse moral position that has been in Europe. Satan had wanted to level them as much as possible so that there wasn’t such a great difference in morality between the two places. That was why in recent years Satan had held back from using his full entitlement to increase wickedness to its full extent in Europe”.

“I saw a picture of an aircraft carrier. Its flat surface enabled aeroplanes to land safely on it. Half of its flight deck symbolised the USA the other half Europe. Satan wanted his aeroplanes, his political plans, to be received in both the USA and Europe simultaneously, the devil wants to bring political union between these two places. The half of the flight deck that represented the USA had to therefore be as level to that of Europe as possible. Satan’s aeroplanes, his plans, could then descend more easily in both places and land with minimum resistance. Satan has been attempting to birth as similar a moral climate in the USA as in Europe as possible so that Americans would be less resistant to developing closer political ties with Europe.”

“I saw a picture of two shoes both with their shoe laces undone. The left one represented the devils plans for Europe, the right one that for the USA. Because there was already more moral darkness in Europe those laces were being tied up more slowly. Because this situation was not as morally bad in the USA, (where Christian morals still have greater influence in society), those laces were being tied up as quickly as possible. Satan was doing this so that there was as little moral difference between Europe and the USA as possible. Then there would be the least resistance among Americans to the USA developing closer political links with Europe”.

“I then saw a picture that I knew represented part of a vision that John Mulinde had had for Europe in 1998. He described clouds of darkness ascending at first in the following way, (the underlining is my own);

John Mulinde; “One day as we prayed for Western Europe, I had a picture shown to me in the Spirit. In this picture I saw the map of the continent of Europe and as I looked, there came out of this map a big pillar of smoke. It was a tall, thick and dark pillar of heavy black fumes as from a factory chimney. The fumes rose up very slowly and gradually began spreading out.

From the pillar came a thin mist and it began spreading out almost imperceptibly...

Later, as I continued to seek God about the meaning of this picture, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me. He said that the picture was a representation of what was happening in the spiritual realm of Europe right now”, (John Mulinde 1998).

“I then understood that one of the reasons why John Mulinde had seen this cloud of darkness rising “very slowly and graduallyand “almost imperceptibly” in Europe to start with. It was as if Satan had continued securing ground in Europe but subtly and gradually at first as he didn’t want to attempt to promote the kind of sudden increase in wickedness there as he could have done. This was because Satan has wanted as little moral disparity between Europe and the USA as possible until after a process of closer political union has begun. The devil knew that many Americans would object to closer ties with Europe otherwise”. [Now that President Obama has been elected in the USA it appears to me that America will be pursuing far closer political ties with Europe than would ever have occurred under George Bush.]

“Finally I saw that once greater political unity between the USA and Europe had occurred, or once that process has been well established, then there would not be any further reason for Satan to hold back from unleashing his full entitlement to promote wickedness in Europe. I saw that there would then be a sudden and marked increase in wickedness and very rapid moral decline in Western Europe”. This is something we need to be prepared for as this could start as early as this year, i.e. in 2009. [Note added on Sept 2019, as mentioned above Trumps Presidency appears to be causing a temporary halt to this process].

I have enclosed a link to J. Mulinde’s prophecy here which relates to this in more detail, (link).

S. Dobbs, typed up and put online in April 2009.


A Follow Up Word To The Above:

I received this word seven months later in Aug 2007.

I saw that “we were in the calm before the storm in Europe. All will seem calm here before the enemy advances, (the kingdom of darkness)”.

“The unity that has occurred previously between Protestants and Catholics will be a forerunner to the Interfaith Movement”. [I assume from this that the unity between Protestants and Catholics came about by human means and not from Gods Spirit working.]

“There will be great floods of deception coming into Europe and there will be casualties from this in the UK. At a personal level some believers will get deceived by counterfeits of the Holy Spirit, (that come from another spirit, from the kingdom of darkness), others will waver through distractions and make errors in their lives as a result”.

“Under the surface the European Union, the E.U, it is New Age.”

“At present the deceptions from the enemy are subtle though, (i.e. in Aug 2007)”.

S. Dobbs, April 2009.