A45) Europe – the Spiritual Centre of the Beast Empire, (S. Dobbs, Jan 2007, typed up in July 2008).

Links to word No A72, C49,

I received this word in Jan 2007.

The Lord showed me that “Satan would use Islamophobia, (the fear of Islam), to promote the interfaith agenda”. To many the interfaith movement will appear to be a useful tool in the battle for hearts and minds, to control/curtail Islamic extremism".

“Envoys will be sent from Europe to the USA, first they will promote closer political links and then the interfaith agenda. The U.K will have great influence in this due to its special relationship with the USA.

The spiritual heritage of global Empires coming out from Europe will again arise. Roots will be sent out from Europe to influence the rest of the world, including the USA.

Satan’s end time’s beast Empire” (see Rev 13), “will have a European/E.U orientation. The source of the beast’s spiritual power will be from Europe.

In the USA Satan will stimulate a reaction to Presidents Bush's perceived/actual narrow-mindedness. This will induce a state of compromise in US politics. After George Bush has left the Whitehouse the US will start compromising with Europe."

[Note added in Sept 2019: Barack Obama's two terms in office followed President Bush's and such compromise did then seem to take place. It appears that President Trumps term(s) in office that followed are a temporary halt, not a reverse of this process. This provides Gods Spirit with enough time to prepare the global body of Christ in advance, so it is then ready to make a stand, (note; not necessarily the Church of the Western World, though, since that is greatly polluted by a Laodicean money orientation). Links will still be going on behind the scenes at present, within the deep states, between the interfaith globalists within both the E.U and USA, concerning their efforts to bring about a One World Governement underpinned by a One World Religion in the end times]. 

"I saw clearly that the antichrist will be someone born in Europe, he will be of European origin”.

At this point I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of part of one of John Mulindes prophecies, (see word No A9 on this site). This predicted that a cloud will arise out of Europe which will spread out across the sky cutting out light from God and bringing darkness across the earth.

This present word continued; “Freemasonry is based in Europe. It is a spiritually territorial influence. Its influence has/will spread to the USA. In the occult realms the root of the end time’s beast empire will be from Europe.

I saw that the Satanists in the USA were not nationalistic but were globalist and New Age. They will therefore be willing to go along with the global and European occult authority structure. Satanists in the USA will be willing to submit to the authority of Satanists in Europe in order to promote the overall Satanist agenda of global dominance and control".

[Note added in July 2008: Many believe that at the very highest 33rd level of Freemasonry Lucifer is worshipped as God. This information is said to have come from high ranking Freemasons who have left that organisation in the past. *Note added in Sept 2019: It is worth reading prophecy No A72, of 2017, which throws more light on the athiestic nature of the top supposed New Age Satanists/Lucifarians. This shed a whole different light on this issue which I was not aware of before]. 

"In democracies people can change their views very quickly and easily, governments change too as a result of this. I understood that many involved in the New Age/occult, (perhaps secretly), will get involved in politics at the highest levels in the future. These spiritual influences will then come to dominate in the Western World. Politicians with the greatest power would then often submit to politicians of lesser power when these had higher rank spiritually within the occult. There will therefore be times in the future when the more powerful US politicians will submit to the agendas of the less powerful European politicians.

Lastly I saw a picture of a circle with arrows in it which followed its circular motion around, clockwise. At the top of the circle was the USA which has greater military power and greater influence on world affairs.  At the bottom of the circle was Europe which has greater power and authority in the occult realms. The circle could move around so that Europe would be at the top. This symbolised how Europe will emerge as the spiritual centre of authority in the beasts end time’s empire.”


Part 2:  I received this sometime later in the same month, i.e. in Jan 07. I saw that at that time the spiritual and moral state of Europe was worse than that of the USA. I saw a picture of two steps, the lower one represented the worse moral state of Europe’s society, the higher one that of the USA. I understood that to enable closer political unity between Europe and the USA Satan was actually holding back/slowing down the rate of moral decline in Europe whilst promoting this to the maximum extent in the USA. When the two places paralleled one another in this it will then be easier for Satan to enhance closer political links between these two places. The people of The United States of America, (more of whom go to church regularly than in Europe), will then be more willing support closer political ties with Europe because both places will face the same scale of moral decline in their societies.

I also saw a picture of two shoes, both had their laces undone. One symbolised Satan’s plans for the USA the other his plans for Europe. Satan wishes to tie the laces of both shoes at the same time, he wants to work in unison in both Europe and the USA.

Once these links of closer political union have occurred and been cemented Satan will then no longer hold back his present ability and entitlement to promote a faster rate moral decline in Europe. There will then be a sudden increase in immorality and darkness in Europe. The effects of this will be very noticeable.

[By way of encouragement: From other words, No’s A5, A6, A7, I believe that following these events there will then be a season when the spiritual atmosphere in Europe, (in the UK at least), will improve quite remarkably for a short season, perhaps for 3-4 yrs,  during a genuine move of the Spirit which will arrive here from Africa, before the darkness closes in again during the very end times].

 S. Dobbs, Jan 2007, typed up in July 2008.