C83) A Sudden Worsening in the Rate of Moral Decline is yet to Occur Across Europe, (Mark Aldrige, in approx 2005/6):

This word links to C49A45.

I was told about this word verbally, by Mark Aldridge, whilst he was still alive, and have tried to write down, from memory, what he said: He saw a picture of the of the sea floor as it slants down, away from the sea shore, from where it continues to slant down deeper, under the water, to a greater depth the further out from the shore one goes. From the shore outwards the initial incline was not as steep as it became further out to sea. At a specific point the slant of the sea floor suddenly became much steeper and then continued to go down from there at that greater gradient.

The slant symbolised the moral decline within Europe. At present we are in the less steeply slanting section of the sea floor, nearer the beach, where there is now a less steep decline in moral values and behaviours taking place across Europe. At some point in the future there will be a very sudden worsening of the rate of decline in morals, which will then continue to decline at a far faster rate than at present from then on. This was linked in some way to the end times.

Typed up, from memory, by S. Dobbs, in Sept 2019.