A73) Brexit and Trump, (S. Dobbs, 2018/20): See Notes below concerning election fraud:

Please read word No A75 which is directly relevant to this. See also  A26A4, A17.

"A year or so ago I believe God showed me that He was using Brexit, (the UK’s exit from the E.U), and Trumps surprising election win to slow down the devils move towards a One World Government. God was making time for sections of the church* to prepare and be ready to resist the emerging beast empire for a season in the way predicted in the Book of Revelations."

*I understood from this, and from previous prophecies, that "sections of the church" meant, primarily, the Chinese and African/majority black sections of the Global Body of Christ. It would mainly be them, as opposed to the US and Western Worlds Church, that God intended to use to oppose the beast empire at the end of this age. They are both in a relatively politically and materially weak condition but doesn’t the bible say that God uses the weak to shame the strong, and that it is not by might nor by power but by My Spirit saith the Lord, so that then God not the strength of man gets all the glory? God intends to anoint them the most, (see words No's A26A4, A17). Whether Trump wins or not it is as if there will be a changing of the guard within the Global Body of Christ, (see A42). 

Nov 6th 2020: I forgot to include this at the time; "I also saw a picture of what I would describe as a vacuum within the earth, where the resisting parts of the church should have been. This was accompanied by the impression that the devil was keen to achieve this situation so that there would not be much opposition to his One World Government, there would be no major voice speaking out and exposing it. God was using Trump and Brexit to slow down the devils plans because He wanted His Church to testify and resist the beast empire even as it came to power and ruled the world."

S. Dobbs, 2018/20.

I think this prophecy, A75, is relevant.

Final note, Jan 24th, 2021: I dont feel that God wants me to continue with any commentaries of events and maybe I should have never started then since this is a prophecy website? The two things appear to be blending together as the end times events appear to be coming to pass around us in the world today. Theres no pont in removing them now, though, and maybe I should finish off with my personal opinion so things arnt left hanging. It appear to me that the globalists had the deep state in the USA stitched up before the election and knew they could get away with voter fraud. Biden is no more than their puppet, so they now have almost complete control of the USA as well as the E.U. I think this will lead on into the New World Order, the One World Government of Rev Ch 13. I think Russia will link in. I don’t have any view on what happens with China. It’s clear that the majority of prophecies concerning Trump winning 8 straight years in office were all false. Most predictions that he will win his voter fraud cases have also been proved false as he has now left office. We may even see him compromising and doing deals with Biden to save his own skin from prosecution and harassment in the future. I don’t witness to the most recent prophecies of victory in the next election, I think that’s wishful thinking. Christians should always resist the enemy in prayer though but most Christians will find it emotionally impossible to keep supporting prayer strategies that are based on what were clearly false prophecies. The prophets involved surely need to come clean about their errors or become the cause of even more discouragement. A bit more time may be needed, though, as many still hold out for a last ditch, almost impossible miracle to fulfil at least part of their words. Whilst they may not criticise one another you can be sure the rest of the body of Christ will. Many had integrity though and those shouldn’t be criticised too harshly if they are honest about their mistakes. Whilst many of their most loyal followers may try to hold true and continue to trust them even they will be hugely discouraged by having their hopes raised falsely as they have been. I would suggest new prayer strategies are not even based on prophecies at all since these have proved so unreliable, (due to a lack of discernment),  but be based instead on what we can see with our eyes, be sure about and read about in scriptures, (please see my first comment below). I would suggest that the prophetic movement is now defunked and doing so much more harm than good it should be put on ice, i.e. read new prophecies with greater caution, start praying for discernment and don’t base any prayer strategies on them even then, its too risky.  The prophesy movement would become far more effective if it moved more towards becoming a prayer movement based on end times scriptures (so long as no new outlandish interpretations were forthcoming, just standard historic interpretations set in today’s context with our political knowledge of how the antichrist spirit is rising in the earth today).  Pressing on with prophetic leadings when so many of these have just proven to be outright deceptions is surely foolish? I think that despite all the false prophecies the accompanying prayer movement and Christina exposure of voting fraud has sent out an alarm bell to the rest of the global body of Christ that the spirit of the antichrist is now invading the USA and world like never before. And surely no prayers are ever wasted, don’t they go into bowls in heaven to be released later maybe towards other issues calling for justice? In the worst case scenario, though, those who continue to try to prophesy under these conditions of deception, who have made repeated errors in the past, could start to be used in false prophesy by the enemy to promote the next wave of deception and actually enable it. Eschatology surely needs to be taken more seriously not dismissed. One of the weaknesses of the US and western world’s church is clearly an openness to deception as we have just witnessed. I believe that the devil will press home the advantage he clearly has in this area. I believe that the wave of false prophecy that we have just seen is part of a larger wave of deception that will soon include spiritual manifestations too, all sorts of counterfeits of the Holy Spirit, in the form of a false revival, based on occult deception. I think this will lead many into the New Age spirituality and eventually apostasy as they adopt its many ways to god belief system. They may still hold to other less central forms of Christian belief forming a counterfeit Church, led by leaders who have become apostate but want to remain in ministry. The balance of influence within the global body of Christ will then quickly shift from the western world and richer northern hemisphere to the poorer Southern hemisphere and many poorer nations with some such churches being raised up in huge power, (and accurate prophesy). Whilst the beast empire also emerges, “a clash of powers of titanic proportions,” in the lead up to Christ’s return and His physical Second Coming, as the bible predicts. We are surely entering the very end times season now? The US Christians exposure of what has just happened in America v voter fraud and media manipulation etc.  is a real wake up call.  If Trump had not been backed up by US Christians in his claims, (who proved the depth of feeling and sincerity by also dedicating much time in prayer to this), many Christians worldwide may have just written this off as Trump having sour grapes. The World may not have listened but surely informed Christians around the world have. I believe that having Trump in power delayed the emergence of the rising beast empire by 4 years. Maybe having this election stolen from him will have an even bigger impact in waking the global body of Christ up to the end times season we now appear to be entering? God is sovereign. But we need to beware of more false prophecies and a coming wave of spiritual deception as the devil presses home the advantage he has over the western world’s church in this area. St Paul appears to me to have warned about a great apostasy and falling away in 2 Thess 2 as the end drews near.

Notes on the 2020 US Presidential Election, Dec, 2020: God moves in mysterious ways and this has proven to be a complex issueThe exposure of vote rigging is good, the prayer about this is also good but the flood of false prophecy, both before and after the election, is really shocking. I think my first note below was the best one, at the bottom of this page. I believe that the Lord has since shown me, just a few days ago, that I’m being distracted by writing all these notes this year, (on this and other issues), as it’s not what I am called to do, as this website was called to be a prophecy site not a socio - political - spiritual - developments commentary site, so I will leave off the commenatating here on in. 

Notes, Nov 30th: Trumps interview with Fox on election fraud, link.

Notes, Nov 23rd: I’ve been thinking; how many Republican election officials, state level Judges, Senators and perhaps even Supreme Court Judges are also Freemasons? Perhaps this explains why so many of Trump and Guilianis’ fraud cases are not prevailing even in Republican states? For e.g. why audits of overall votes counts are often being done but no actual checks of signatures on ballot papers where most fraud is likely to have taken place? How is this affecting the Trump teams evidence concerning the Dominion and Smartmatic vote rigging systems being followed up on? Surely Trump is up against not only Democratic officials but those Republicans who are also part of or lined up with the deep state too? Many Republicans may have kept their heads down whilst Trump held a secure hold on power and not showed their hand until now? Even the Republican Bush Foundation, which includes former President George Bush and Colin Powel, and other members of their cabinet from back then, supported and funded Biden this time, and even ran Ads against Republican Senators who supported Trump! And how many other Republicans may be susceptible to intimidation, blackmail or bribery? Not to mention the enemies Trump has made within the Republican Party itself over the last four years, who may want him to loose and be willing to put up with a democratic President for one term in order to secure that? Trump is clearly up against the deep state of the USA here, the Freemasons, those influenced by the E.U and also the Catholic Church too, (now controlled by the Jesuit Order who it is known mentored and promoted the Clintons to power, and perhaps also Obama and Biden too?). The swamp is likely to have been too deep and widespread for Trump to have drained in just four years in office. Not that that makes any difference to Gods capacity to intervene. He could prick certain official’s consciences or cause personal animosities to result in strategic ones breaking ranks so that democracy and justice are upheld and the US system maintained for future generations.  In the lead up to Trumps election in 2016 the Freemasons and Jesuits Order, (both of whom normally pull together towards a One World Governmental system), fell out with each other over control of the Knights of Malta. This schism may explain why the FBI were willing to release information about Hillary Clintons emails just before an election, reducing her chances of winning. Prayer can still, therefore, prevail but it may be about more than just exposure of vote rigging but also officials being willing to go against the deep state and follow up on it despite pressure to do otherwise?

Notes, Nov 19th: RED ALERT *** [P.S. Apparently Trumps Facebook Page was hacked as well when it was used to release this information]. Press confrence, link, (sound doesn’t work until 20. 30secs shows on the vid). CBN - "Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and Trump Campaign Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis will speak about their legal case and election investigation." I’m only halfway through watching this CBN news video of the event when the CBN site was hacked, first they said “audio interference due to hack,” and the sound wouldn’t work. Now I can’t access video at all to forward this to others. Hacking is taking place as I speak. I can no longer access the video nor those I’ve sent it to. THIS IS SO SERIOUS! Its Trumps legal team’s main press conference exposing the fraud. Main media probably won’t reveal this hack. If the above link won’t work google CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), Breaking News, and scroll down to video entitled "You Can Watch the Press Conference LIVE at Noon BELOW:" It’s the forth picture down on that page that’s the video. CBN claim to have been hacked. This is outrageous. It seems an attempt at repressing even the US Presidents, (Trumps), teams, main press conference, even when screened on a private website, (CBN). Youtube, not surprisingly, blocked it anyway. Others reporting the same problem. WE NEED TO PRAY! What more evidence do we need that there is skulduggery of the most extreme type at play in this election? The evidence Rudy Giuliani was bringing forwards in that video appeared overwhelming evidence of top level fraud, organised by the Democratic Party itself, from the highest level, i.e. Biden +. Democracy in the western world is under threat here.

I've noticed the devil trying to convince me that Im wasting my time praying against election fruad because the deep state will get away with it anyway. Lets ignore him and pray even more instead. 

Notes, 17th Nov: Info on the Dominion software voting fraud Fox News link. 17th Nov the latest News, link.

Notes, 16th Nov:  "The Epoch Times.com" gives the facts, here, about where this election is really at so far, link. The secular world’s media, (which is under the prince of the power of the AIR waves), claims that there is no hope left, that Biden has already won, to discourage Christians from praying. This is based on their own biased projections of the remaining contested results.  This is now a spiritual not natural battle, our prayers for fraud exposure verses satan’s deceptive election fraud remaining hidden. It took 37 days to resolve the 2000 election at the Supreme Court. There have only been 8 days of investigations and litigation so far this time, in 2020. I now think we should prevail if there is onging prayer until Dec 12th or perhaps until January if necessary. Satans best chance is to discourage us with his negative media reports to stop us praying. 

Notes, Nov 14th: See this CBN report and the video, link

Nov 13 some other links to info: 

Several stories can be found as links from this CBN page;

i) https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews

ii) CBN News, (link),

iv) Russia Today reverses the bias of most of the western media and is closely following the fraud cases, (link). 

People are turning away from Fox News in their droves in the belief that it has been knobbled by the enemy in some way, unyet they still came up with this Tucker link.

Nov 8th/9th Notes; after Donald Trump's supposed election defeat; I had thought all was lost but many are now praying that any potential election fraud is exposed. This is, therefore, an ongoing prayer battle and I don’t think anyone should give up. If it was election fraud that gave Biden the victory, (as appears likely to me from the odd voting pattern), then that wasn’t God giving the victory or democracy at work but an election being stolen by devilry. If that’s the case I can’t see any reason why enough prevailing prayer can’t take the victory back by exposing such fraud. I don’t witness to some of the prophecies I’ve heard that claim the prayer will definitely succeed. In the same way I didn’t witness to some of the predictions that Trump would definitely win the election that came years in advance. Prophecies get confusing at this point. Some people don’t bother praying because they’ve read a prophecy that indicates we have won the battle already. That may even explain why we are in this situation in the first place. I think we need to forget prophecies and get back to first principles at this point. We are clearly not prevailing in the election at the moment and time is short. We can analyse the role of potential false prophecies and how they may have hindered enough prayer for the election later on. If it is fraud that is presently winning it for Biden we need to pray through until a victory in prayer is manifest and the fraud is actually exposed in the real world. Keep it simple, don’t stop praying until we have won. If we don’t win then at least we will have gone down fighting rather than rolled over and let the globalists take over the most powerful nation on earth, one that had been led by the anti-globalist Donald Trump who, whether you like his personality or not, had supported Israel, Christian values and religious freedom. I do not know if, in His sovereign will, God intends a four or eight year Trump Presidency but we should aim at eight in prayer. Biden and the Democrats clearly intend to bring in anti - Christian, antichrist, globalists agendas. Whether we, and Trump, prevail in resisting this or not our walk with God was always dependent on our daily supply of manna from God anyway. In the Jewish O/T example in the desert that manna only lasted for one day at a time, so has to be fresh each day. So whatever predicament Christians find themselves in God is the one who nourishes them each day, one day at a time, with their daily manna. That supersedes external influences like politics or who runs a country. I have removed all the previous notes on the above word because I believe they may distract from the simple and urgent need to pray that any election fraud is exposed in time. Maybe this word, A75link, is also relevant to this present battle though? Time is running short.