A73) Brexit and Trump, (S. Dobbs, 2018):

A year or so ago I believe God showed me that He was using Brexit, (the UK’s exit from the E.U), and Trumps surprising election win to slow down the devils move towards a One World Government. God was making time for sections of the church to prepare and be ready to resist the emerging beast empire for a season in the way predicted in the Book of Revelations.

Notes:  Obama and Hillary Clinton were keen to pursue a political alignment between the USA and the E.U which would have been key to developing a global government. This may have been Satan’s first plan but was thwarted by Brexit and Trumps election. Whilst Trump may perhaps suffer from a high degree of narcissism he is nonetheless pulling against globalism and a One World Government and is supportive of both Christians and Israel. He is perhaps in some ways in a role similar to Nebuchadnezzar who God turned and used to serve His purposes? You can see, link, that since 2003 I have believed that the G8 nations, minus Canada, will actually form the foundation of the Beast Empire. Those 7 nations becoming the 7 heads of the beast in due season. They included the USA and UK plus the three leading E.U nations, Germany, France and Italy, plus Japan and Russia, (which is yet to be aligned and more recently was expelled from the G8). So the UK and USA will still be drawn into merging with and leading the Beast Empire, but later on, after a short postponement. Many Christians and religious Jews also expect Trump to oversee the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple. I don’t know if Trump is the man in power at that time or not but it appears very likely if he wins the next election. Many consider the Third Temple to be the final sign that the very end times have arrived. If so we can also expect Trumps second term to overlap the Gog of Magog war of Ez 38, which precedes the rebuilding of the Temple of Ez 40. The outpouring of the Spirit on Israel after that war, in Ez 39; 22, 29, probably results in them accepting Jesus as their Messiah, as predicted in Romans 11; 26. An equally powerful revival then also takes place among Israel’s Arab neighbour nations, as predicted in Isaiah Ch 19, who then join with Israel as one nation under God, Is 19; 24, 25. This will finally bring peace to the Middle East. The descendants of Abrahams other son, Ishmael, also, therefore, share in the promised land with the Jews, the descendants of Isaac, as one people under God in the end times,, (and in the age to come). This also fulfils Gods promise to Abraham that Israel would occupy most of the Middle East from the Great River, the Nile in Egypt, up to the Euphrates River, in Iraq. Since Presidents are only allowed two terms in office if Trump is the man in power at that time then all these things will suddenly come to pass within his next presidential term. I also believe Israel’s acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah will be accompanied by a global outpouring as well, a heavenly celebration at Israel’s return to God, (link). I believe the anointing will rest most powerfully on the Chinese and African based churches, though, starting at the beginning of the last seven years and building up to the great Rev Ch 11 anointing coming upon them in the last 3.5 years, (link). Brexit and Trumps election have provided time, in Gods sovereignty, for them to be ready to fulfil biblical prophecy in that coming season. We can know the season. When Jesus said “no one will know the day or hour only my Father in heaven,” many Messianic Christians, (who understand Jewish sayings better than gentile do), state this was a direct reference to the Feast of Trumpets and a wedding. Jesus didn’t mean “keep watch for the season although you won’t have a clue when I will return.” We can and should know within a year or so and perhaps even closer than that. We will know that the clock has started when the Ez 38 God of Magog war begins.

Notes: I don’t expect the church of the western world to lead the way in resisting the Beast Empire, (Rev Ch 13). Several prophecies on this site predict that the western world’s churches will soon be swamped by a massive wave of deception. The seeds of this have been sown over previous decades, like yeast sown in dough that was supposed to be unleavened. The main reason for this is their worldliness and focus on worldly blessing and prosperity in this age. Sadly this wave of deception will lead many “Christians” into discouragement, deception and apostasy in the near future. A Laodicean type of false sense of security seems to abound today with many thinking “God would never allow that to happen to me.” However, we know it has happened to others and the bible states that God shows no partiality to anyone. We haven’t yet finished the race, we are still en-route. The reality is we have got to prepare ourselves for the end times. Surely we need to turn away from this focus on money and wanting to get blessed in this world, a world which is presently under the sway of the devil.

S. Dobbs, 5th May, 2020.