A74) Chaos and Confusion, the Covid 19 Coronavirus and the end times, (S. Dobbs, 5th May 2020).

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I asked God, yesterday, what the enemy’s main purpose was behind this Covid 19 (supposed?) pandemic. As always weigh this up for yourself. Personally I’ve not been getting clear enough discernment to test things properly for some time now. However“I saw a picture of a dust storm, (concerning this coronavirus season), along with the words “chaos and confusion.” I saw that within this dust storm the devil was able to promote a multitude of his other schemes more easily. Many people were distracted and had reduced visibility and couldn’t see what was really going on due to the Covid 19 chaos and confusion,” (the wording was slightly updated on 21th June 2020). 

Notes: Perhaps we can see two examples of this in Rev 6; 5 – 7. Here the third and fourth horses of the apocalypse are described, (we already see the second, the red horse, today, in the increase in violence that is taking hold in our societies). The third, black, horse is commonly thought of as extreme economic depression, hyperinflation, poverty and global food shortages. The USA has just arranged to borrow $3 Trillion with another $600 Billion more before the end of the year. This almost doubles the US debt overnight, which presently stands at $4 Trillion.  This is before we even take into account the long term economic cost of the lock down of the U.S economy. The European nations are likely to incur similar costs wand the rest of the world to differing degrees too. With the entire world thrown into more debt and economic recession where is the extra demand for goods going to come from to fuel a recovery? Could this lead to the dire economic depression warned about in the Book of Revelations? The fourth horse of the apocalypse is death followed by Hades. Although I don’t personally believe the death figures for Covid 19 are anything like as bad as is being claimed it has nonetheless less spread the fear of death to an enormous degree. Fear of death can open people to death in the future too whether that is future more severe genuine pandemics, or other forms of death. Again could the Covid 19 situation be helping to promote the will of the devil in this way? In times of crisis and fear people also tend to turn to more extreme authoritarian leaders because they offer security, such as Hitler in Nazi Germany, paralleling the antichrist as predicted for the future.  The Covid 19 crisis is resulting in a move towards a more authoritarian police type state already. The lack of any coordinated action between most nations is also coming under much criticism. This will assist calls for more globalism which can only enhance moves towards a One World Government. This crisis has revealed that the media is now even more under globalist control than during Brexit. It now appears to me to be almost fully in line with Alice Bailey ten point plan, (the occultist, Lucifarian, 33rd degree Freemason, and one of the founders and most prominent gurus of the New Age Movement). Bailey’s spirit guide supposedly gave her this 10 point plan to remove the influence of Christianity from our societies. This is clearly one of the main objectives that Satan is pursuing. The lockdown of churches and social distancing will reduce Christian’s ability to fellowship and tends to induce a state of apathy as well as increasing the level of control the state has over all individuals. Many websites and articles that criticise the lockdown have also been removed from online. I’ve never known the internet and free speech online to be controlled to this level.  These could all be ways in which the Covid 19 storm is being used by the devil to promote his agendas. I think it is important to distinguish this from the conscious agendas of the globalists themselves. Most political and social movements start out based on a theory with benevolent humanistic intentions, like Communism in Russia and China. However, sociopathic people often quickly rise to power within those new structures, like Stalin within the Soviet Union and Moa Tse-Tung in China. As the western world is based on a democratic system the ideas and advantages of any new movements have to be appealing. Better protection from future pandemics could be one such idea. The bible warns us that real disasters will come to pass that will be far worse than this pandemic but could this one be being used to change the systems in advance so that a swifter change to more global governance can take place  at lightning speed later on? Authoritarianism can quickly take hold in times of extreme crisis, with the full Beast Empire being able to emerge in the end times even quicker than Hitler did in his day…. in line with the bibles warning… “as it was in the days of Noah” etc. Even those who don’t believe everything the T.V news is telling us about this pandemic are confused because it is so hard to get to the bottom of what is really taking place. The control of information on the internet, the lockdown and lack of fellowship have all made it very hard for Christians to launch an effective response. Furthermore anyone who questions the information we are being given by the state is accused of threatening lives and undermining the NHS, when this isn’t the case. What happens next, a more direct attack upon Christianity through the media perhaps, with Christians being accused of standing against the future unity of humanity because we insist on sticking with a divisive belief and don’t accept that everyone is automatically saved and free to enter paradise?

S. Dobbs, 5th May, 2020.