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A78) Abaddon/Apollyon Rising, (S. Dobbs, late 1990's).

A78) Abaddon/Apollyon Rising, (S. Dobbs, late 1990’s).

Sometime in the second half of the 1990’s I sensed that the Lord was showing me that a new demonic force had been released upon the world, fallen angelic, which would be linked to the rising up of the beast empire in the future.

This was some time ago and I’m a little vague on this now but I remember understanding at the time that this was linked to the fallen angel named Abadon and Apollyon,that fallen angel, (Rev 9; 11). That this was the spirit that would be given authority by the kingdom of darkness to govern the beast empire in the last days. I felt that this had been bound in the abyss for a season and was now being released, resulting in an increase in power for the kingdom of darkness, and a corresponding increase in wickedness upon the earth. I felt that it would have to work its way into the hearts and societies and nations of man, so its influence would be creeping (forwards over time). Interestingly Abadon/Apollyon means "the destroyer" in Hebrew and Greek respectively. Today, I wonder if there is a link between this and the column of black smoke rising out of Europe that will spread across the entire world, warned about in John Mulinde’s well-known prophecy, A9, from 1998, just a few years later.

S. Dobbs, 9th Jul,y 2020. Tweeked a little in feb 2022 to help explain it a bit clearer.

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