A82) The Implementation of Cardless, Cashless, 666, Technology, (2004, M. Aldrige):

This is a section of word No A18.

“As I was praying in 2004 I saw a picture of an archery target…. The bull’s-eye symbolised the period covering the introduction of the mark of the beast up until the end of this age at the centre of this target…  The central bulls’ eye was coloured red and this colour bled out into the lighter colour of the inner ring next to it. This was showing us that some of the events associated with the last season in the end times will start earlier on in the previous season. Notably I saw that the mark of the beast will start to be received voluntarily by some people, in advance, before it is made compulsory in the very end times...” (Link to full word, A 18)

Mark Aldridge, 2004.

Notes added by S. Dobbs: I dont normally comment on others words but Mark died in 2017 and as he was my friend I know he would have wanted me to highlight this: I think this is a precursor to the events in Marks word above: Amazon have just started rolling out a cashless, card free fingerprint scanning technology for actual use as a new payment system last month, in Sept, 2020. Whilst this doesn’t depend on an actual chip in the hand or forehead it is clearly a significant move in that direction,  an advance on the swipe cards that were introduced just a few years ago, which no longer require the user to put in a pin code. Most of us are aware of the various trials of the chip in the hand technology since the 1980’s and these are being stepped up now. However, Amazons recent system is the first actual operational cash free, card free system that I am aware of. I am bringing the above prophecy to people’s attention since what may once have been viewed as events in the distant future now appears to be at our door step, (my guess would be in about 6 year’s time or so), as developments also appear to be accelerating. We are already seeing the cavid  being used to usher in cash free systems in many outlets. Any recession or depression resulting from the cavid luckdowns is also likely to be used by the (atheist) globalists to promote moves towards a cash free society. It’s important to remain watchful and to keep our eyes open for any new developments as that does help keep us on our toes spiritually.

Link to info on the Jewish idiom, (on the meaning of the Jewish saying), “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father,” (Matt 24; 36).

New link added Dec 6th, 2020: China and Kenya already using identification and credit sustems that are one small step away from the 666 mark already, the huduma Number card, video.

S. Dobbs, Oct 2020.