M) Distorting climate change figures and man’s release of Co2’s to promote the Globalist’s Plan, (full notes): Video, (58 min’s in), the oligarchs use climate change used as a cover for eugenics and a depopulation agenda, (link). There is eveidence that those behind the virus scare will soon also use climate change to promote their agenda. Here are two good videos to watch at the start, one on volcanoes, (link), and another on sea levels and the real effect of man’s release of Co2’s, (starting 7 min’s in, link). You can find more info easily online. We have basically been fed distorted and inaccurate Noddy level science through our T.V sets, propaganda that suits the globalist cause, which the globalists oligarchs will claim to offer the solutions to when in reality influencing the climate is pretty much beyond anyone’s control. 

The same elite are also using the issue of Climate Change to promote their agenda. They claim that overpopulation, and the resulting CO2’s from industrialisation, are threatening the future of our species. This is being used as another external threat to acquire the public’s support for bringing in more authoritarian controls. So both the fear of Climate Change, Pandemics and a future economic depression caused by the luckdowns are being used as justifications for birthing a unified system of global governance that they claim we need in order to deal with these problems. 

An exaggeration of the environmental crisis is being used. This will assist green politicians, (most of whom are already lined up with the Globalists agenda), in being voted by the public into power in the future. The green movement has been infiltrated v the influence of Rockefeller and Rothschild money since the 2nd World War towards this end. The truth about Global Warming and Climate Change is being distorted by the influence of the investment by these elites, e.g. by funding for research, grants, influencing who gains employment in this field and who writes the papers on environmental issues. Here’s how this issue is being distorted and presented to the general public in a way that serves the agenda of these globalist oligarchs.

Pictures on T.V, of factories with chimneys issuing forth great clouds of thick black fumes into the sky are shown on the T.V. Immediately as the public, we are on board with the message because we all want to see an end to such pollution.  Then, linked to those pictures, we are told that the greatest danger to the planet are man’s release of C02’s, without any discussion of this or placing this in a broader better informed perspective. The public are, instead, presented with this information as if it were undisputed scientific fact. Although efforts are now being made to exaggerate the figures the following, were, until recently, used and agreed upon by both sides and so are, I think, still the most reliable: Man releases 3% of the world’s CO2’s each year. The globalist corporate media state that whilst that may not sound much this  build’s up to more than 30% of the total gasses over a 10 year period - which does sound a lot. The message is repeated that this is the greatest danger to the future of the planet, with the pictures of dirty fumes bellowing out from factories and cars shown again in the background. The figures are presented to give a completely distorted view though. This is done to promote the emerging globalists agenda of control through a unified One World Authority which they will claim is needed to control man’s release of CO2’s. 

What they fail to mention is that total CO2’s make up only 8% of total Greenhouse gasses.  Man’s 3% release of CO2’s is, therefore, only 3% of that 8%, not 3% of the total greenhouse gasses as is implied.  3% of 8% is only 0.24% of total Greenhouse gasses. Even over a 10 year period man is, therefore, only really contributing an additional 2.4% to total greenhouse gasses through our release of CO2’s. This is eclipsed by other factors such as CO2 and other greenhouse gasses released from leaves rotting each year, and from that emitted from erupting volcanoes, as well as gasses emitted from animals too. This form of clever accounting is highly manipulative and deceptive. Few amongst the public consider doing any calculations themselves and so most are taken in by this con trick. This is even more extreme than the way in which cavid 19 deaths were exaggerated through the use of co- morbid figures for the first time in 2020, as a foil to declare a global pandemic. 

The pubic are also kept in the dark about the fact that 90% of Greenhouse gasses consist of water vapour, most of which is released from the oceans not by man. Nor are they told that there have been large and accelerating increases in volcanic activity under the seas in recent decades, which has been heating the oceans from below. This is proved by NASA’s own studies. In other words the seas are being heated from the sea beds below not from any impact man may possibly be having by heating the air above. Reports from NASA and elsewhere, (link to info), reveal that volcanic vents, all around the world, along the edges of the most of the tectonic plates under the sea, are spewing out boiling magma which is heating the seas from below. There is nothing the globalist oligarchs can, at present, offer as a solution to this and so it is of no political use to them. This information is being hushed up by them as a result, despite it being a far greater threat to climate change than man’s release of CO2’s which by comparison pale into insignificance… Sun spots were found in studies by Piers Corbyn, (Jeremy Corbyns elder brother), and other experts, to have far more impact on climate change and global warming each year than anything else. Studying the sun also gave accurate predictions for Climate changes ten years running unlike the other methods that focussed on man’s CO2 releases. Although what happens within the sun each year has far more effect on global warming than anything else it  isn’t something the globalists oligarchs are able to offer solutions too so is not mentioned by their corporate media. They can’t offer to control the sun, unlike man’s CO2’s, and so focus on the CO2’s issue instead, as a threat that will cause the public to acquiesce and  allow them to bring about plan for global governance. Again these oligarchs distort the facts, (as with cavid nineteen deaths), in order to deceive and manipulate the public into accepting their agendas of control.

My view is that as these elite oligarchs cannot do anything about the sun or volcanic activity they cannot use those issues to advance their bid to control society. So instead they focus on man’s release of CO2’s which they claims requires a united global response, (they want a Global Government), a change to our economic structure, (they want to move towards a command economy), the monitoring private companies to check they stick to CO2 targets, (they want to control all businesses, the World Economic Forum, W.E.F have suggested they have members on the boards of all companies to ensure this), and the monitoring of all the consumption patterns of individuals, (as well as being another form of control of the population the W.E.F is, this year proposing the state, that they intend to oversee, ill own everything and we will all own nothing but have to rent everything from them). They hope to get the public’s consent for these changes by claiming they will then be able to stop climate change and global warming by controlling man’s C02 releases, which in reality will make very little difference to global warming etc. 

There must be some very intelligent people planning these strategies for the Globalists over a long period of time, experts and specialists in MENSA with historical, philosophical and psychological knowledge about how the population can be manipulated with these various scenarios. This reminds me of a one sided game of chess; with the rich globalist elite with huge resources having prepared and planned ahead for decades, whilst the general public they seek to control are  largely unaware they are even in a completion with them or that they should be standing up for their liberties and democratic freedoms. It’s a bit like a grand master playing some school kids who don’t even realise they are involved in playing a game of high stake chess.  The public may have grown too accustomed to our democratic rights and liberties and appear to now be too trusting the T.V News without thinking about which vested interests may control or manipulate it as a source of propaganda. This is particularly dangerous in W. Europe where, unlike in the USA, no main stream media provide an alternative non globalists perspective. Many Brexiteers started to notice how biased the BBC was during the Brexit campaign in 2016, when there was a clear E.U bias but don’t realise the same globalists are also using the pandemic and Climate change in the same way, and now have an almost 100% bias with those speaking out being derided by the same mainstream media.

Over ten years ago the media was a lot freer. Back then the BBC, reported for e.g. how emails from some of the world leading environmentalists had been hacked and released into the public arena.  They revealed that conversations had taken place between influential environmentalists concerning how they could rig the figures for global warming in order to maintain the validity of the hockey stick graph which predicted further rises in the future. About fifteen years or so ago the figures had stopped rising which ruined that graph. The main media reported this honestly which I don’t think would happen today. The real Global warming figures revealed that there had not been any more warming, and this remained the case for at least a decade. This scandal resulted in the environmentalists movement appearing to lay low for a while, no one ever appears to have been called to account though, (it’s important to remember that the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s have always been the major funders of this movement). Then the term “Global Warming” was dropped and “Climate Change,” was used instead. Since that time the way in which data is collected has also been changed. Satellites now choose the locations from which temperatures are taken as opposed to the fixed positions of weather stations as was always used before. This makes it possible to cherry pick locations and rig the figures again, (paralleling the way changing the method by which death figures for cavid nineteen were changed to co morbid figures enabled the same for the “pundemic”). So we are now being told that global warming has started up again after about a 9 year lull, but how can we trust those claiming this since they have already been caught lying to us about global warming in the past? They clearly have a political agenda behind this with no concern for truth.

There’s also the issue of supressing people like Piers Corbyn, (former Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn’s brother), an expert who, with others has done years of research into how the sun dictates the climate on earth each year. His predictions have been amazingly accurate as opposed to the erroneous predictions of the Rockefeller and Rothschild’s funded environmentalist movement. You won’t hear him on the main media though because the elite Billionaire’s money has gained an increasing influence over policy. We need to make hey whilst the sun shines because with censorship increasing so quickly I doubt if any alternative free sources of information will be allowed online soon.

Only a minority of people realise the need to do their own research in order to check the facts being presented to them on their T.V sets. Few realise that the globalist’s oligarchs have extended their control over most of our News Stations. The elite’s money reaches everywhere and it always works in line their self-centred, political agendas. Climate Change, virus pandemics and a global economic depression from to the effects of their luckdowns, appear to be the three main issues they intend to use to manipulate the public into accepting their future authoritarian agendas. As Christians we all know that there will be climate catastrophes in the end times too, so they are going to have a lot of facts to twist and work to their political advantage concerning the environment in the future. Their false claim that mankind is the main cause of Climate Change also leads straight on to another one of their agendas; population reduction.

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