A85A cont) The cavid death figures were exaggerated, (notes continued):

… Only those who search for the cavid only fatality figures will be aware of how low those really are. The public have been fed the co-morbid figures instead. This use of the co-morbid data enabled the numbers to appear high enough to declare the outbreak a pandemic. However, despite Bill Gates petitioning the W.H.O to declare a pundemic they were initially reluctant to do so. It was only after Gates donated an extra $50 – 200 mill to the W.H.O, (on top of his annual donation of $1/2 billion), that they suddenly did a “U” turn and declared the cavid outbreak to be a pundemic. Fox News have reported on this, (link). Due to a lack of knowledge about the W.H.O most governments appear to have trusted them and the W.H.O’s subsequent advice about how to respond to the “pundemic,” though.

The Rockefellers had close connections with Bill Gates’ parents and also with Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, (W.E.F).  In Oct 2019 Schwab and the W.E.F organised, and Bill Gates paid for, “Event 201,” which synchronised war games and planning for a carona viras pundemic, (with a special emphasis on how to control the media during such an event). This was whole month before the real cavid 19 outbreak had started. Surely this is evidence that, together, they had planned to create this health crisis in advance? Furthermore the declaration of a pundemic, the implementation of the luckdowns, social distancing and mask wearing all mirrored the 2010 Rockefellers Plan “Operation Lockstep,” (link), formulated ten years earlier.

Further exaggeration of the crisis were caused by the use of PCRr tests. Even the creator of these tests made clear that they were not designed for a cavid 19 outbreak since they cannot distinguish between living or dead parts of a virus in one’s system, so will give a positive result for both. The settings of these tests was also at such a high resolution that they were deemed virtually useless anyway, giving up to 90% false positive results. So if someone had parts of a dead caronaviras in their system, which their immune system had already defeated a month ago, the PCR test would still state that they were infected with living cavid 19. That person, along with everyone they had been in contact with, would then have to self-isolate for a fortnight despite no living viras being present. Virologist Dr Yeadon warned that the more they tested people for cavid 19 the more false positives they would find, (link). So the third wave of the pandemic, starting in early 2021, appears to have been largely fictitious, and based on the false positive results from the increased use of the PCR tests. The first three waves of cavid 19, from Nov 2019 until now, (July 2021), are starting to look like the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

However, (sadly), there may be a genuine pundemic, with a genuinely high death toll this winter, not from new variants but from the effects of the voxxines. According to Dr Yeadon corona virases cannot mutate to any great degree, unlike influenza, so new variants are not a new problem and tend to be weaker than the original. In all animal trials using these genetic based voxxines since 2004, most of the animals have died from cytokine storms as their immune systems overreacted to the viras after voxxination and started attacking their own organs. In a cat study the cat’s immune systems did not respond at all and so the carona viras was able to attack their organs which likewise also resulted in mass fatalities. Since no human trials have yet been undertaken, (as they were not thought to be safe in the past), it is quite likely that the voxxinations could cause the same response in voxxinated individuals when they are exposed to ordinary caronavirases this winter. I’m afraid I couldn’t find out the time scales relating to this. I’m not sure if it was only recently voxxinated animals that experienced those cytokine storms or if the tests were done many months later as well. Whether it is only those who get boooster jibs who are in this danger or everyone who has been voxxinated to date I do not know, but let’s hope it’s the former.  Please see “The Voxxines, (full notes)” for more information.

15th Sept, 2021: According to the U.S. Centre’s for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), you’re not counted as fully voxxinated until 14 days after your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen, despite the fact that over 80% of deaths after the voxxines occur in this window. So anyone who dies within the first 14 days post-injecction is counted as an unvoxxinated death. This exaggerates the unvoxxinated death toll and also hides the real dangers of the CAVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks.

Nov 2021: interview with an undertaker reveals death trends that don’t line up with the media reports, including babies’ death rates, (link).

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