A85L) THE WESTS GENNE BASED VOXXINES," (Renewed notes 22nd May 2022): ongoing

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Recommended reads:

(i) Info in an Email format, some of which you could send to your M.P, with voxxine spiike proteen info and peer reviewed research included, and various scientists reporting on the nefarious effects of the geene based voxxines; (link)http://www.propheciesfortoday.co.uk/global-prophecies/subfolder-for-blue-tree/85q-vax-em-with-green-to-undo.php 

(ii) Info in an Email format, the US Courts force Pfizer to release 8 pages of its secret documents concerning the unprecedented 1350 side effects/illnesses associated with its voxxine, including Pfizers full list; (linkhttp://www.propheciesfortoday.co.uk/global-prophecies/subfolder-for-blue-tree/a85v-pfizer-list-poss-adverses-events-.php 

A) Spiike Proteen damage to every organ in the body: In April 2021 the "Japanese Bio- distribution Study" found that the toxic spiike proteens created in a person’s own cells in their tens of billions flooded into the bloodstreams of EVERYONE who was voxxinated. The voxxine drug Co.'s had and still claim this only happens in one in a million cases when ts is admitted that then this could do great harm. After peer reviewing that study with other international scientists Dr Bridle, (one of Canada’s leading immunologists), claimed publically, quote; "long quite....." (see (i) above for more info). Since these spiike proteens can travel anywhere in the body through the blood stream whistle-blower Doctors, (see list of many in appendix in (i)) claim that every system and organ in the human body can be harmed by these gene based voxxines. This is now supported bt Pfizers own documents and list of side effects which it was forced to release by the court’s in Feb 2022, (see (ii) above). Since approx 1500 illness are listed I will mention just a few here. 

B) Potential damage to the lungs: The blood cell lining is thinnest in the lungs, so that oxygen from the lungs can pass into the blood stream and travel to the rest of the body. For this reason the spiike proteens in the blood stream often have an early and more damaging effect on the lungs than on the other organs. sSARrS COVTwo was originally considered a respiratory illness because the greatest effect was usually seen in the lungs. However the world renowned Salk Institute discovered, (also in April 2021), that this was not the case, (see notes in (i) above for more details). They found that in both the viras and the voxxines it was the spiike proteens travelling through the blood stream that did the most damage to the lungs and so cavid nineteen is not primarily a respiratory disease as we have been told. Instead the lungs are simply more susceptible and targeted before other organs in most cases. The Pharmaceutical Co.'s still claim that the spiike proteens in the voxxine can't do any harm on their own, (only when a part of the viras), and rarely get into the blood stream anyway. However the above two Study’s and peer reviewed science state otherwise and being undertaken by independent Institutes with no financial interests involved in the voxxines are far more convincing. 

C) Blood clots: AstraZenecas jib has been removed from most nations, is no longer advised for use in the UK and was never sanctioned in the USA due to concerns about blood clots. Similar concerns also developed concerning the Johnson and Johnson jib, (both of which injecct synthetic dDNA into peoples arms. However, most of the Doctors and scientists acting as whistle blowers claim the jibs injeccting mMRNA used by Pfizer and Moderna create an even worse blood clotting problem although this has not been mentioned in the main media. The spiike proteens grab the cell linings in the blood vessels or lung tissue 20 x more effectively than those in SAARsCovOne, (scientists have since found this is due to modification my man, through both "splicing" the spiike and genetic engineering in both the viras and the voxxines that replicate the same spiike proteens). The body responds by covering those spiike proteens in mini blood clots to cover up those spiikes that are then jutting out from the cells linings so they don’t obstruct the flow of blood. These clots can build up and cause strokes or death. Some patients have been found to have their arteries and blood vessels only 50% as wide due to the build-up of these mini blood clots. The next two organs most likely to be effected are the brain, (due to the thin cell brains blood barrier), and the heart, (which the blood os obviously travelling regularly through), but as mentioned any organ or system in the body can be effected by spiike induced blood clots in this way. 

D) Heart issues: Fit and healthy young men are being impacted the most by a heart condition, called Myocarditisparticularly sportsmen and athletes it seems,  maybe because they continue to push themselves physically the hardest soon after voxxination. Dr Pierre reports here, on behalf of Americas Frontline Doctors, that over 700 sportsmen have suddenly dropped dead on the pitch/field since the voxxine rollouts form Myocarditis, 2 min vid link ........... We can see pictures of this happening here, link....... This has been well reported on by the conventional, non-conspiratorial Dr Campebell, link..... who was shocked this is not being reported on in the main media, (he probably isn’t aware of GB News reports on this but is otherwise right. It is shocking what censorship is taking place concerning voxxine injuries and the lack of focus on (ii) above). 

E) Cancer: You have probably heard on the BBC that we are experiencing a steep rise in cancer cases recently, with 2.7% of the English population, that’s 5%, now being sent for cancer tests. 10'000's of doctors around the world are experiencing the same and are attributing it to the voxxine, not coincidence, including the respected Dr Cole in this video...... 

F) Fertility and reproductive organs: Cases of infertility in both men and women are being reported. I know of two men who this happened to within days of voxxination, although at least one of them claimed to have recovered a year later. Virginal bleeding and and changes to, or a ceasation in the menstral cyclee even in oung voxxinated woemen arebeing reported in large numbers according to whistle blower doctors. .Dr Bridle reported that the Japanese Bio - distribution Study found particularly high levels of spiike proteen in the ovaries, where a womens eggs are created and stored. If these eggs are damaged by spiike prteens this could lead to permenant infertility since women have a set number which cannot be re-cretated later. Dr Yeadon, (former Chief Scientists for Pfizer), states that the gene based voxxines are designed to causes ones own antibodies to attack the S1 protein that is found in the placenta, and this could be the reason why so many missacrriages during pregnancy have been reported after the voxxine has been administered to pregnant women. The release of Pfizers documents, (see (ii) above), proves that pregannat women were not included in Pfizers safty trials so these drug Co.'s and governemnts should not have assured them the voxxines were safe and co -erced them into accepting these medications.

G) Bio-weapons? It is not surprising that leading virologists Dr Mike Yeadon and most/all of the other Doctors, mentioned in (i) above, have concluded that there must be a depopulation agenda behind these voxxination programs. These voxxines are so dangerous to so many systems in the human body they have concluded that they must have have been designed to harm people, as no scientists could be this incompetant. Almost all scientists now aknowledege that the viras was genetically modified, pribably in the Wuhan Lab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is known to have been experimenting with influenza and carona virases for use as bio-weapons for decades now. The USA banned this research on its shores back in 2004 but voxxine research to counter bio weapons was allowed to continue. Why then did Dr Fauci, head of the USA's "National Institutes of Health", (NIH), and the "National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases," (NIAID), admit, under cross examination by Senators that the NIH had paid out $millions to the Chinese scientists in the Wuhan Lab to develope voxxines for them? link vid It is all very suspicious to say the least. We have what is now generally considered to be a man made viras, whose toxic spiike proteens are replicated by untested geen based voxxines, being pushed upon the public with what appears tp be no concern for the conseqiencies. The figs for viras deaths were exaggerated and foccused on continually by the W.H.O (which Bill Gates donates $1/2 billion to a year), the main media and aligned or deceived govts whist voxine injured people or the relatives of those who have died are being ignored are finding it impossible get a penny in compensation when the same spiike pretens injected int them through voccination are to blame. The leading doctors and scientists speaking out have been correct so far, are not normally involved in stating conspiracies are afoot but are now leading what others are calling a conspiracy movement. Its the doctors including leading virologists who are leading the charge that these vocxxnes are bio-weapons developed in uhan, designed to kill and injure in order to create a crisis under which the eleites can bring in authoritarian controls in the name of public health. 

H) Medium and long term damage to the immune system: Pfizers documents above, (ii) reveal a lot of different voxxine side effects impact the antibodies as well as causing various auto-immune deseases. Before he died recently Dr Luc Montagnier, (...), discovered part of the H.IV spiike proteen had been genetically engineered int the carona viras spiike proteen, so exists in both the viras and voxxines prodi=uced spiike. 

I) The snake venom issue: Scientists have also discovered parts of the snake venom spike proteen genetically engineered into the carona virus spiike that the voxxines replicate in the billions, from the venomous giant cobra and Chinese Kait snakes?  This may sound farfetched but many of our medicines already contain snake venom as in small quantities it can be used to immunise against many toxins. A huge amount of research money has also gone into research into snake venom in the last decade. The trouble is being incorporated into the spike proteins will result in the snake venom spike also being replicated in their billions by the voxxines and operate as a poison. This may explain some of the side effect listed in Pfizers newly released documents. Snake venom paralyses and attacks the immune system. We cannot assume that the snake venom is deliberately being added to the vozxxines though, the science is beyond my scope but apparently the snake venom spike could be being created as a side effect by advancing other aspects of the voxxine. Within Christian circles this can lead to what may be an overreaction, with the snake symbolising the serpent Satan. It also looks as though there is no foundation to the idea that snake venom is being added to the water supply, on its own or as part of the voxxine, it would become too diluted to be effective. Unless snake venom nano strands have been developed that could replicate themselves as viruses do within water? It would nonetheless be wise to get one of the few nano level water filters in case other things are added to the water in the future. We can say with confidence, though, that the Pfizer jib has been genetically engineered by man on many levels, and voxinated people have had parts of these snake venom spike proteens injected into them, and their own bodies will replicate these as part of the carona viras spiiike, which will be highly toxic.

J) The voxxine itself has been found to escape into the blood stream: 

K) Shedding Cases of virinal bleeding in unvaxxed women who have been around newly vaccinated people, vid 4 drs below, (wonder if shedding is that sterilising vax, rats) uncertain so far, either vax sheds or something in the vox to sterilise women?

L) Changing peoples genetic code: Dr Madej

M) The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires access to everyones blood stream: 

N) Bill Gates and Dr Fauci: 

O) Conclusion: Dr Mike Yeadon, states that voxxine pasports are the main control objective. Bill Gates has for some time been proposing the vaoxxine I.D could be used in the form his digital bio tattoo mark which he wants placed in the right hand. This is the ultimate control agenda as everyone could be track and tarced 24/7 for the rest of their lives then as well as made to live like a social outcast if they refused to get the latest injjection of genetically modified medications. Before the "Party gate" scandal, (in which P.M Boris Johnson and his government team were found to bre breaking their own luckdown rules and attending parties), he was considering the voxxine pussport I.D scheme that other European nations were already using as well as the need to have boosster jibs every ten weeks because they were thoght to be ineffective after that.  


Old notes below

1) The Spike Proteins: The wests cavid gene based voxxines are designed by Big Pharma to inject mRNA and DNA into a persons own cells in their arm. This will change the function of those cells so that they start producing billions of the same spike proteins that exist on the outside of the cavid 19 viras. The idea being that this will stimulate their body to produce antibodies to attack those spike proteins, preparing the body to also attack the viras which is covered in the same spike proteins, should that person become infected by the viras after voxxination. These spike proteins are known to be a very dangerous toxin. The Voxxine Companies claim that these spike proteins from the voxxine can do no harm, though, as they only enter the blood stream in one in a million cases. However, recent official research from Japan has found that these voxxines result in the release of hundreds of billions of these spike proteins into the blood streams of everyone that is voxxinated, seriously endangering their health. It was a breach of the Nuremberg Code not to have warned the public about these dangers.  have put details about this in email form below that I hope others will post to their M.P.  Government representative are only being given info from the Pharmaceutical Cos which has now been proven to be untrue and outdated at best.

Em: The spike proteins produced by the voxxines have been found to be highly toxic and dangerous to health. The wests gene based voxxines are designed to inject mRNA or DNA into a person’s own cells so that they then start creating the spike protein that exists on the covid 19 virus, the idea being that their body will produce antibodies to attack these and then any covid 19 virus that infects them in the following 2 or 3 months. These Pharmaceutical Co.’s claimed that these spike proteins only get into the blood stream in one in a million voxxinations. In April 2021 the Japanese Regulatory Agencies “Bio-distribution Study,” found that every voxxinated person’s blood stream will be flooded by tens of billions of these dangerous spike proteins, found that these spike proteins will cause mini blood clots in the blood vessels and any organ that they reach. This can lead to; larger blood clots, bleeding disorders, thrombosis in the brain, stroke, heart attack, seizures, paralysis, uncontrollable tremor, anaphylactic shock, antibody-dependent enhancement of disease, autoimmune reactions, extreme muscle bruising and pain, impact on women’s menstrual cycles, virginal bleeding, infertility, impotence and death. This Japanese Research was peer reviewed by immunologist Dr Bridle, (and other international scientists), who claimed “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now… It’s very disconcerting. The spike protein gets into the blood, circulates through the blood in individuals over several days post-vaccination… spike protein travels to the brain, heart, lungs and causes damage and bleeding… ovaries, harming maternal-fetal… we are inadvertently inoculating people with a  toxin, can cause cardi-vascular damage, infertility…We didn’t realise it was so dangerous,” (link to the scientific study, articles that simplify the study on the Catholic Life Site News site, *link and as backup link). However, the voxxine Co.’s still claimed that the spike proteins cannot do any harm unless part of the covid 19 virus. This was also proven to be untrue, in the same month, by the world renowned Salk Institute which found that these spike proteins do the same damage on their own as when part of the covid 19 virus, (link). So we now know that the spike proteins from the voxxines are as dangerous as those on the virus itself.

other relevant info: The IPC, which consists of Israeli health professionals, claimed that there were, quote; “catastrophic side effects of the Pfizer vaccine to every system in the human body,” their article, (link), and site (link). We are using this as our booster jab in the UK this winter. The Israeli Government’s recent data had already revealed that those who had the Pfizer jab had the same rates of infection as the un- vaccinated, (link). When the, Sept 2021, Public Health England figures are analysed correctly they show the present “pandemic” in the UK is mainly amongst those who have had the voxxine, (link), as opposed to how  the main media are twisting the narrative.Research found that the spike proteins created by Moderna’s covid 19 vaccine could circulate in the body causing new damage for up to 29 days or more. When the, Sept 2021, Public Health England figures are analysed correctly they show the present “pandemic” in the UK is mainly amongst those who have had the voxxine, (link), as opposed to how  the main media are twisting the narrative. Leading UK Virologist, Dr Yeadon, a former Vice President of Pfizer, who changed position some time ago, and is now also warning about these vaccines and the likelihood of there being nefarious agenda behind them, article, (link), 3 min video, (link). After reviewing the safety data Dr Yeadon now claims that Pfizer rigged their safety data. Here are some of the conclusions from other leading virologists and scientists who are also now speaking out, (link).* Many other scientists and virologists are now even referring to these gene based “vaccines” as “bioweapons,” (link). Fifteen years ago Senator Robert Kennedy was so concerned about the Gates Foundation and its vaccine programs that he refocused his life work away from climate change to warning about this instead, (link).

2)** Cytokine storms and Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E): Although I’ve listed this as danger No 2 it may be far worse than the spike protein damage. In all animal studies that have trailed these gene based vaccines, since 2004, when the vaccinated animals were introduced to a corona virus new antibodies produced by the vaccines assisted the virus instead of killing it. The voxxine antibodies helped the viros enter the animal’s cells and also combines with the virus so it remained undetected by the immune system. This resulted in Antibody Dependant Enhancement, cytokine storms, (similar to those seen in sepsis), multiple organ failure and the deaths of most of those animals. Recommended vid by Dr Merrill that relates to this, (link). There is no reason to believe these voxxines will have any less harmful effect on humans. Most of the animals in these trials were introduced to a corona virus within two months of voxxination though, so we do not know if the effects of A.D.E would result from infection after that period. I have known voxxed people who were infected with cavis 6 months after the jib and they were not impacted in this way. Leading whistle blower Doctors are warning about this. Dr Yeadon, (closely supported by Wolfgang Wodarg, support  and others),  has said; “PLEASE warn every person not to go near top up voxxines. There is absolutely no need to them… I can only deduce they will be used for nefarious purposes… For example, if someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the worlds population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it,” (link).

Here are examples of some of those previous animal studies: In 2004 the voxxed and then viros infected Ferrets experienced inflamed in liver tissue, (link), with that report concluding: “Extra caution should be taken in proposed human trials of SARS vaccines due to the potential liver damage from immunization and virus infection. In 2005, mice, (link), and civets, (link), both became sick and more susceptible to coronaviruses after being vaccinated. And in this study mice and ferrets developed lung disease so it was advised that, quote; “Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV voxxine in humans is indicated,” (link). In 2016 another study also found the vaccines produced lung disease in mice, (link). See Dr Merritt's articles ref, (link), (link), and short vid (link). There are links to the other animal studies listed here, (link).

3) Infertility: I haven’t looked into this issue much, however, this link refers to a list of leading doctors and virologists who claim the April 2021 Japanese Bio- Distribution Study indicates that these jabs may cause infertility in women. Dr Yeadon has stated that the spike protein that these vaccines are designed to cause one’s body to attack are very similar/the same as those in the placenta which would then also come under attack during pregnancy. This would explain the high number of miscarriages amongst vaccinated women.  Another recent report has been released concerning increased infertility amongst the vaccinated by a rate of at least 60-70%, (link).


Changes to ones DNA

A new cancer rsik has been found:

Booster jabs

New Variants



The scientific studies:

Dr Malone, creator of the mRNA vaccines, recent interview, 14th Oct 2021: Dr Malone has been speaking out in 2021 but in what seemed to me to be in such a reticent manner compared to other whistle-blowers I was suspicious of him. However in this interview he is saying the same as all the other perhaps bolder whistle-blowers, albeit in his more measured and calm manner. No one carries more weight when it comes to these gene based vaccines than this man who is the father of this medical technology. In the first few minutes he talks about the possible danger of ADE and cytokine storms being caused by these vaccinations and how no research has even been done into this by the pharmaceutical Cos that make them. He then goes on to cover many of the other issue’s which lines him up 100% with the other virologists who are now acting as whistle-blowers and are speaking out, (link).  

This article on the spike proteins may also interest you.

27th Aug, 2021: Dr Fauci now admits that vaccinated people transmit the virus as much as the non-vaccinated, (link). Dr Fauci also admits that natural immunity may offer better protection than the vaccine, (link).

Feb 2021: A Study by Maccabi Healthcare Service; looked at 46,035 people and found that those who had gotten two shots of the vaccine, by the end of February 2021, had a six-fold higher chance of getting infected with Delta variant than those who hadn’t been vaccinated but had been infected with corona virus and developed natural immunity, (link), from “Christians for Truth.” However, it has since emerged that the Delta variant can’t be picked up by tests and evidence has since emerged that cases of the Delta variant were really the result of vaccination side effects not a corona virus at all, which, if true would be even more of a concern. This would explain the extreme difference in the figs. We can't say for sure yet but this would also fit with the warnings leading virologists have given about lies being told about the new variants which are being used to cover up the true damage being caused by the vaccines. If correct, that would mean that no one is getting ill from a new Delta variant but 27 times more, (than a baseline of 1 person), are getting ill from the vaccinations, which would make total sense.

25th Aug, 2021: Dr Ruby, also a former pharmaceutical drug developer like Dr Yeadon, claims the recent US FDA’s official, fast track, authorisation of the Pfizer jab for the first time is criminal, as this  ignores previously accepted protocols and safety standards, (link).

Aug 2021: A high percentage of deaths are caused by covid 19 vaccine’s, warns German pathologist, (Dr Peter Schirmacher, director of the Institute of Pathology at the University of Heidelberg), who undertook the autopsies, (link).

Aug 2021: “Report Suggests Natural Immunity Triggers Better Response Against COVID,” video; (link).

July 2021: According to the Washington Post, in Israel, where the “vaccine” rollout is months ahead of most other nations, the government recently claimed that it was mostly double vaccinated people who are now getting ill from corona virus, (link). So, as the whistle blower Doctors and Virologists warned us, the supposed “vaccine's” don’t appear to work and, instead, make people more vulnerable to infection from corona viruses, just as previous animal studies, since 2004, have already proven.

Whist AstraZeneca’s jab has been exposed as potentially clot forming the Israeli People's Committee (IPC), (link), (a civilian body made up of leading Israeli health experts,) found Pfizers jab to be far more dangerous, (link).* [Bill Gates owns shares in Pfizer, (probably a majority shareholding), which is the second largest drug company in the world after Janssen/Johnson and Johnson]. The IPC published its report, in April, 2021, which found; “catastrophic side effects of the Pfizer vaccine to every system in the human body,” (link). If the findings by IPC are correct, then the Pfizer vaccine is linked to more deaths in Israel than AstraZeneca’s in the whole of Europe. [And we know that AstraZeneca’s jab has been withdrawn from many countries due to the risk of strokes and is not now even given to the under 40’s in the UK, where it was originally vouched for and developed at Oxford University, (with funding “assistance” from Bill Gates)]. The verdict of the I.P.C concerning Pfizers jab was;“there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.”

P.M. Boris Johnson is now pushing the same Pfizer "vaccine" as the official booster jab for the UK this autumn, and is already using it on the young.  Dr Yeadon claims that none of the U.K government’s health advisers are virologists - but nonetheless is it still even possible for such a level of incompetence to exist? Or is there a nefarious agenda present amongst these health professionals as Dr Yeadon and most other observant, whistle blower Doctors have now concluded? The World Health Organisation, (W.H.O), has always been influenced by the Rockefeller’s and now receives massive funding from Bill Gates as well.  Is there a political agenda present that requires a health crisis in order to succeed? And are we about to experience a similar tragedy with Pfizer’s and the other jabs across the UK this winter? And will any side effects be blamed on dangerous new variants, which whistle blower virologists say can’t exist because, (unlike influenza), corona viruses do not mutate very much and tend to become less, not more, dangerous over time? [The UK Government may now be backing down on booster jabs, 11th Aug 2021].

ii) Past studies:There are even greater longer term danger’s associated with these injections, that of cytokine storms and Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E), which could affect vaccinated people when they encounter corona viruses later on. In most animal studies, since 2004, these DNA and mRNA “vaccines” have caused an over or under reaction in these animals immune systems, leading to fatal blood clots and multiple organ failure and mass fatalities. Such animal trials were bypassed with the recent “vaccines” and no human trials have ever been undertaken. Evidence from past studies suggests that these “vaccines” assist the viruses by negating the immune system instead of boosting people’s immune systems to kill the virus. For these reasons Dr Yeadon and many other Doctors have concluded that a nefarious agenda is present since these pharmaceutical companies must be aware of the past and present studies.  

iii) Under reporting side effects and fatalities: Information about these dangers is not getting out to the public due to censorship. Independent experts also report that as few as 1% - 10% of cases are being reported, due to Doctors and patients reluctance, and a lack of awareness about the reporting systems. Many Doctors would also prefer to assume a fatality was a coincidence, if this was uncertain, than take responsibility for possibly killing someone they had, in good faith, just given a vaccine to, especially if there was no encouragement to make such reports, with the media and health agencies also claiming few deaths are occurring. 

iv) How Big Pharma’s vaccine’s work:I added this section in Aug 2021 after realising that most people, (those who only drew info from the T.V), are not even aware of how these “vaccines” work. Pfizer and Moderna’s jabs are called mRNA vaccines. They contain single stranded mRNA, (surrounded and protected by nano particles), which contains the genetic instructions which program some of a person’s own cells to start producing billions/trillions of spike proteins. These are the same as the spike proteins that exist on the outside of the covid 19 virus and make it so harmful. AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson’s jabs are called viral vector based vaccines. They contain double stranded DNA, (contained within and protected by deactivated monkey virus cells). These also genetically program a person’s own cells to produce billions/trillions of the same spike proteins. To be succinct when referring to these vaccines I will combine and call them DNA/mRNA vaccines. The point is both types of vaccine genetically program a person’s own cells to produced billions/trillions of these same spike proteins, (link).

[The word "vaccine" is inappropriate really as they do not stop a person’s getting or passing on the virus as a vaccine would but, instead, are supposed to reduce the symptoms and chances of dying from covid 19. The definition of “vaccine” had to be altered in order to get these injections passed under “Emergency Use Authorisation,” (E.U.A), designed for times of biological warfare attack, when antidotes would be need quickly. They have not been stage three tested on human beings yet and cannot, therefore, be officially authorised or be claimed safe for at least another two years].

v) The spike proteins: I added this section in July 2021 after realising that most people, (those who only drew their info from the T.V), are not even aware of how these mRNA “vaccines” work. These mRNA injections program one’s own cells to start producing trillions of spike proteins, which are the part of the corona virus that cause all the harm.  This type of mRNA medication has never been used or even tested on humans before. The media has misled people concerning safety. Unlike normal vaccines these mRNA procedures inject messenger RNA into a person’s arm. Normal vaccines inject deactivated virus particles into the arm instead. RNA operates a bit like temporary DNA. After injecting messenger RNA into the arm it invades some of the persons own cells and re-programs those cells to start creating trillions of spike proteins. These are the same spike proteins as those found on the outside of the covid 19 virus cells. The “hope” is that because these spike proteins are toxic the person’s body will launch an immune response against them to stop them harming their body. Some of their immune system’s antibodies would then, “hopefully” remember this and be ready to attack any covid 19 virus infection in the future since they are covered in the same spike proteins. However, these pharmaceutical companies haven’t done any stage 3 human trials so the effect of these “vaccines” is all guess work. As it’s only theoretical these companies shouldn’t be guaranteeing the safety of these “vaccines” since they cannot possibly know. Due to all the hype and fear surrounding the virus these companies were even given permission to miss out animal trials to speed up the availability of their jabs, which is shocking. There is no reason to assume that humans will respond any differently to these mRNA “vaccines” than most animals have done in trials since 2004, and most suffered multiple organ failure and mass fatalities once introduced to a corona virus later on after vaccination. So the harm appears to come from the spike proteins produced by the vaccines, or the same spike proteins on the surface of the virus which appear to be assisted in attacking people’s bodies by the vaccines debilitating effect on their immune systems. These spike proteins stick into and damage blood vessels which causes many tiny undetectable blood clots. They can travel, in the blood, to the lungs brain and other organs causing similar damage there. It was probably these spike proteins that caused most of the blood clots in people who had the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson jabs when larger clots formed which could be recognised. Reports coming out suggest that the Pfizer and Moderna jabs could be even more dangerous.  Dr Fauci, Dr Whitty, Bill Gates and the associated vaccine companies must all know about this. Skulduggery is clearly present; in the US the CDC  claims that the spike proteins are harmless because they can’t replicate. This is totally irrelevant though since the person own body will be producing billions or trillions of these anyway.  It is not surprising, therefore, that thousands of virology experts and other Doctors are now leading the charge that a nefarious agenda must surely be present. Article by Dr Mike Yeadon, (link). Next are some of the recent studies into the m RNA vaccines these spike proteins.

vi) now at top of article Japanese “Biodistribution Study:” 

vii) Another study published 20 May 2021: This found 11 of the 13 peopled tested who had taken the Moderna jab had detectable levels of Covid 19 spike protein's in their blood as early as one day after the vaccine, (link).

viii) Salk now at top .

ix) Doctor Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology: Doctor Malone, interviewed on the Trialsitenews.com by Doctor Erin Stair, stated that the spike protein in the mRNA vaccines is a toxin. He claims that Moderna modified the spike protein so that it fixes better to ACE 2 cells, which, as I understand the issue, makes it more dangerous and more toxic with no reason in terms of developing antibodies to covid 19.  He states that he and colleagues were also concerned when info about the spike protein circulating for up to a month from Moderna’s “vaccine.” He mentions other things don’t seem right concerning Moderna’s phase one trials and various other concerns about how the trials were done by the pharmaceutical companies. He said “non-good practices”  instead of “good practices” were followed which is not normally acceptable, and that trials were “not done rigorously,” with other techniques used also appearing “fishy,” and others “a little odd” in the way things took place in Moderna’s trails and research. Despite his qualifications, and insights Dr Malone was censored on YouTube for stating that the spike protein was toxic. Doctor Malone was very careful but made clear that fertility could be effected by some of these things. He said that “but to say to the public that no corners were cut isn’t true.” He mentioned that it’s important that the Government is open and declares all risks, the golden rule, but gave the impression he didn’t believe this was the case as he was “concerned” about this. He admits that he has been censored a lot, ”as have a lot of us” he replied. He also mentioned how Dr Bridle was coming under huge attack for speaking out, see iii) above.

x) Antibody Dependant Enhancement and cytokine storms: Dr Merrit reports on a cat trial and the gene based vaccines which led to the delayed death of all the cats: One of the trials using cats found that, as with most animal trials, the cats did not seem to suffer any ill effects after vaccination until they were introduced to a wild corona virus later on which then killed them all, (link, see video also on this page). The cat’s immune system didn’t recognise the corona virus and died of Antibody Dependant Enhanced, (ADE), which had a sepsis like effect on the cats. The same thing has happened in ferrets in another trial. It has happened in all animal trials which is why we have never made it to human trials. So why are they now using these vaccines on the public? These vaccines make for an ideal bio weapon as there is a time delay between injection and the latter fatalities which can then be attributed to something else. The longest they’ve followed people in trials is two months so we don’t know what will happen this winter during the next ordinary corona virus and covid 19 season. I havnt been able to find out if it is only recently vaccinated people who may suffer in this way or if there is a long term effect, lets hope its the latter. Either way there is a very real danger these gene based vaccines are going to lead to a massive number of deaths this winter. 

[Some scientists are proposing that the cytokine storms, observed in mRNA vaccinated then corona virus infected animals, were caused by Antibody Dependant Enhancement].

* See the Conclusion on these Genetic Vaccines. The greatest danger of cytokine storms or A.D.E appears to me to be within the two or perhaps even three month after these “vaccines” have been administered. This is when the person’s own body  will be producing trillions of spike proteins as well as new specialist’s antibodies which are supposed to attack those proteins and any future covid 19 like virus that will be covered in them. This appears to be the time period within which “vaccinated” animals, in most/all animal trials, were infected with a corona virus and died as a result, from cytokine storms or Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E), also known as P.I.E.  P.I.E stands for “Paradoxical Immune Enhancement,” paradoxical because the very injections that were supposed to protect the body against the virus produced antibodies that assisted the virus in killing those animals instead. Those same animals who died that way had natural immune systems that protected them better against the spike proteins produced by these “vaccines,” and had less side effects from them than did “vaccinated” humans.  I doubt, therefore, whether vaccinated humans will fare any better than the vaccinated animals, if they catch corona virus within that 2 month threshold after vaccination.” It is surely likely that a higher percentage, or possible almost all, humans who contract a coronavirus within two months of having the booster jab could die of multiple organ failure as a result. They appears to be ready to blame this on dangerous new variants, that don’t really exist according to Dr Yeadon and others virologists.  

xi) Article and list of other similar animal trails, A.D.E and cytokine storm research, and law suits against these vaccine companies in the past, (link).

xii) Dr Bahakdi’s sums up four recent research papers: Dr Bahakdi claims these papers,(link), prove that our bodies were already accustomed to corona viruses and we do not, therefore, need vaccinations to cause us to produce specialist antibodies. Corona viruses have been known about since the 1970’s. If the flood of new studies and the warnings of whistle blower Doctors and Virologists are correct then a huge deceit is being played upon mankind by the companies pressing for mass vaccination programs.

xiii) Other experts: Dr Bartlett, who recently testified at a US Senate committee, states that in his experience the side effects of the vaccines are worse than the covid 19 virus. The video is only 1.30mins long, (link). You may like to continue by listening to another Doctors comments, (link), along with the following article “Should You Get Vaccinated?” by someone who has had the vaccine, (link). Pfizer’s jab contains polyethylene glycol, which can cause potentially fatal allergic reactions.

xiv) Other dangers associated with the vaccines: Pfizer’s jab contains polyethylene glycol, which can cause potentially fatal allergic reactions. Cell growth signalling has also been identified, (in patient C19 samples and cultured cells), which causes the body to thicken blood vessels reducing their size by up to half, restricting future blood flow and supply, weakening that person overall, (see Nov 2020 study, link). Doctor’s Yeadon and Wodarg have pointed out that as the vaccinations are intended to prime the body to attack spike proteins, so they will also attack syncytin-homologous proteins that are contained within them. These are essential for the formation of the placenta so this could cause infertility in women. They believe that the drug companies who make these “vaccinations” must be aware of this. They and most of the other whistle blower Doctors, have, therefore, concluded that there must be nefarious agenda present, possibly, amongst other things, a depopulation agenda. These jabs are also packed with nano particles, including graphene, which makes up over 95% of the solids in Pfizers jab, and can cause blood clots, strokes and multiple organ damage similar to that caused by the spike proteins, (see section C for more info).

German Doctor’s view the shocking effects of the vaccines on the blood under a microscope, (link).

xv) Shedding: Many Doctors are concerned about the way in which something in the “vaccines” appears to be “shedding,” i.e. is able to spread from vaccinated to non-vaccinated people, in the sweat or other fluids from the body, and perhaps even through the breath of a vaccinated person as well, especially soon after they have had the jab.  These 5 Doctors, (link), warn that the “vaccines” have been deliberately designed to do this. A New Report recently found that excessive spike proteins can be shed by vaccinated people, (link), and that Pfizer’s own documents reportedly confirm this, (link). How the shedding happens and what exactly is being shed, if it is just the spike proteins, still appears to be unclear, though. In the 5 Doctors video they claim to have unvaccinated female patients who have experienced virginal bleeding and disturbed menstrual cycles after having been impacted by such shedding. This was after those around them had recently received the jab. Some researchers claim that the “vaccine” itself can also shed since it is a new toxin that the body will want to get rid of. If that is true it may even be possible for unvaccinated people to get vaccinated by such shedding and not even realise it. I wonder if that explains the virginal bleeding since, (although I’m not medically trained), I wouldn’t have thought a smaller number of shed spike proteins could cause this. However,  if the person receives shed mRNA or DNA from these “vaccines” they could then start producing trillions of spike proteins themselves, one of the side effects of which is virginal bleeding etc. A study was done on rats in which a deliberately sheddable sterilising injection was used. Only 10% of the rats had to be injected in order to sterilise 100% of the rats since the injection was then shed and passed on from one rat to another. The near desperation in which these companies want to get everyone vaccinated, even though no safety trails have ever been undertaken, and only 80% of the population need to be vaccinated for such programs to normally be effective, suggests to me that they would go to any lengths to achieve this, including the use of deliberately sheddable “vaccines.” Alternatively maybe some of these jabs also contain a sheddable sterilisation solution too which the body also produces?  No one yet knows until independent research is allowed into these vaccinations. Since these companies haven’t told the public what is in these injections there is no reason to believe they would mention this either. With it being the W.H.O who authorise these injections, and that being under the sway of the Rockefellers and Bill Gates, we are unlikely to find out for some time, if ever. If nefarious substances are in these vaccines any samples requested would clearly not contain them. The only way would be to steal some of the vaccine and pass it onto a reputable research institute to analyse. This of course would be a crime.

xvi) The US and China’s Bio warfare programs: It’s now known that the US and China have been researching the use of influenza and corona viruses as bio-weapons for decades, through the use of gain of function research. This became illegal in the USA in 2004, unless gain of function was undertaken to develop dangerous viruses in order to help develop vaccines for them, (rather undermining its illegality). It’s now known by all and has been admitted by Dr Fauci that he has been channelling huge sums of money from the US’s N.I.H to the Chinese scientists in the Wuhan Lab to do corona virus research for them, (link). He insists this was for vaccine research only, not for gain of function research, which is odd since this could have been undertaken in the USA anyway. What is even odder is that Google has also been investing in the same research in that Wuhan Lab. This cannot have taken place without the consent and cooperation of the Chines Government. So these US actors and the Chinese Government have conspired together regarding the covid 19 virus which most now believe was man enhanced at that Wuhan Lab. I have no theory on why they were cooperating in this way, except that both may have wanted a health crisis under which they could both institute new authoritarian measures with the majority of their populations consent due the crisis perhaps? The main point here is that covid 19 appears to have been developed by both China and the West together as a bio weapon and both would have had samples of the virus.

xvii) Bioweapons? Big Pharma, Bill Gates, the N.I.H, the W.H.O and Dr Fauci will have known about the dangers these “vaccines” posed, as the evidenced was available from the previous animal trials going back to 2004. Many other “vaccines” have side effects and some can produce blood clots, however, the Doctors acting as whistleblowers claim the present mRNA and DNA injections produce far more extreme side effects and the dangers of cytokine storms from Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E). Despite this they have still gone ahead with the "vaccination" programs anyway, without even completing stage three safety trials on animals or humans.  What else can we conclude than that these mRNA and DNA injections are, therefore, being used malevolently?  There are so many nefarious agendas and toxic contents in these supposed “vaccines” that many Doctors are now openly referring to them as bio – weapons. I originally thought this was going too far but now find myself agreeong with them. What better way to ensure a permanent health crisis than to inject highly dangerous mRNA and DNA into most of the population, so that even common corona viruses can then become more deadly to those “vaccinated” people? Many Doctors and lawyers are now saying the use of these western genetic based vaccines is a crime against humanity on an unprecedented scale. It is the influence of the oligarchs money that has paved the way and opened the doors for these nefarious “vaccinations” to escape proper scrutiny and be pushed upon the general public in this way.

Article: “Google helped fund bioweapons development that led to the creation of covid-19,” (link). Dr Fauci and Dr Daszak also send U.S. funds to Wuhan lab.

xviii) Vaccines and new variants: According to most whistle-blower Virologists corona viruses do not mutate to any great degree, (unlike influenza which can mute to a high degree). The oligarch and E.U influenced T.V media must, therefore, be lying to us about dangerous new variants. If vaccinated people are starting to  experiencing A.D.E or cytokine storms after becoming infected with covid 19, (or even a common corona virus), due to the effects of the mRNA and DNA injections, the effects will be the same as if they had been infected by a dangerous new variant. This is because the injections will assist the virus instead of attacking it. This makes the declaration of more dangerous Delta and Beta variants the ideal cover storey for the oligarchs concerned. The majority of the main media corporations are already under their sway and are being used for propaganda purposes along these lines. They appear to be cleverly shifting people’s perspective by degrees. First they claimed vaccinated people rarely die of corona viruses. Then they claimed a minority do and that those vaccinated can still carry and pass on the virus. Soon they will have to explain how the majority of deaths are amongst vaccinated people, as is already the case in Israel. New variants provide the perfect cover.

xix) A controversy between sceptics regarding vaccines and new variants and Dr Bossche’s comments: There is presently a controversy still going on between some genetic vaccine sceptics about new variants. This concern’s Dr Bossche’s claims. I have come to the conclusion that Bossche is operating as a fake whistle-blower. Dr Yeadon has, likewise, claimed that Dr Bossche appears to be engaging in some kind of “trick” (link). Dr Yeadon is better qualified and has the support of other virologists concerning Bossche unscientific claims so far as corona viruses are concerned, (which, unlike influenza  coronaviruses do not mutate very much so the concern is the combination of vaccine and existing corona viruses not dangerous new variants). Dr Bossche was promoted by sites and Doctors without virologist expertise or qualifications. I have tried to fairly reflect this debate here though, (link). if you already adhere to Dr Bossche’s arguments, otherwise I would advise ignoring the issue. Dr Bossche also praised the present dangerous genetic based vaccines, (which killed most animals exposed to corona viruses in trials since 2005), and has since also recommended booster jabs, which, as far as I’m concerned, is a dead giveaway as to his allegiance to Big Pharma and their dark, twisted agenda. He has also worked closely with Gates Foundation in the past. This debate just reveals the need to listen to expert virologists in addition to ordinary Doctors or experts in other fields, and to beware of the oligarch’s fourth column of miss-information, from Doctors who may still be in their pay. The W.H.O employing Dr Daszak to investigate the possibility of a Wuhan created virus, (which he and 130 other Drs concluded was a ridiculous conspiracy theory), when Dr Dazsak was one of the people channelling funds to the  Chinese scientists involved that very same gain of function research using corona viruses from bats at the Wuhan lab is another example.  A third example is Dr Fauci being made the US Chief Health Adviser on the pandemic when he is Bill gates personal physician and has also been channelling funds to the same Wuhan Lab since 2014, for the same research into corona viruses from bats, which was information he has since been found deliberately supressing in league with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. My view is that Dr Bossche’s comments were specifically designed to deceive sceptics and drew then into getting booster jabs, out of fear of new variants, and would never have been reported on by the main media where they would actually put people off the vaccines.

xx) Conclusion so far: The first danger with the Wests mRNA and DNA are the spike proteins which DO get into the blood stream and from there can harm every system in the body. The second danger is that the mRNA and DNA vaccines could assist corona viruses in inuring or killing “vaccinated” people who get infected by the virus in the future. In almost all, (possibly all genuine), animal studies since 2004, once infected with the virus the "vaccinated" animal's own immune systems attacked or assisted the virus in attacking their bodies in cytokine storms or through Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E). It's unclear to me for how long after "vaccination" these effects can have an impact. As many virologists are claiming, the booster jabs should be avoided whether you've been injected already or not. We will find out, during the next corona virus season, if the fate of vaccinated animals is mirrored in "vaccinated" human beings this winter. If it is it appear that the oligarchs behind Big Pharma and much of the main media, (especially across Europe), are set to blame the effects on dangerous new variants, which in reality will be only be similar in strength to the covid 19 corona virus.

xxi) Additional notes: You may like to continue by listening to another Doctors comments, (link), along with the following article “Should You Get Vaccinated?” by someone who has had the vaccine, (this has received over 1 mill views, (link).

Recent updates on the voxxines:

Nov 11th Update: According to Dr Mercola’s research based on the UK figs the double vaccinated have been dying of all causes 6 x faster than unvaccinated, link.

Oct 9th 2021, New Video Warning; about the gene based vaccines, from Dr Zelenko, who has treated Donald Trump, sums up many of the notes below, (link). He advises using the following site for the real stats as he say’s we are being lied to; https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/


Video Warning; about the gene based vaccines, from Dr Zelenko, who has treated Donald Trump, sums up many of the notes below, (link). He advises using the following site for the real stats as he say’s we are being lied to; https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/nd data:  


B) THE POLITICS: A corrupt pharmaceutical industry, Bill Gates’ conflict of interests, the Rockefellers, only gene based “voxxines allowed in the West, no samples of cavid nineteen are made available for analysis, China does the wests gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology using the virus from bats, Bill Gates Dr Fauci and N.I.H funded the Wuhan Lab, Dr Daszak and the W.H.O’s cover up of this, breaking the Nuremberg Code, the US and Google are linked to China's bio-warfare programs, tens of thousands of independent Doctor’s and Virologist’s take legal action and attempt to warn the public about the danger’s.

i) Bill Gates’ conflict of interest: Bill Gates is a majority shareholder in Pfizer, (although undisclosed he’s probably the major shareholder), he has also invested in all three of the other gene based injections and funds the W.H.O to the tune of $1/2 billon p.a. which authorised all four of them. Other national authorisation authorities are also said to have received funds from Gates. He owns half the Guardian Newspaper and gives funds to many other main media outlets, including $2 million p.a. to the BBC, (link) – is this why they don’t report on his other conflicts of interests? The most popular jab, (probably Pfizer’s), is set to make its owners  $100 billion in profit from the global vaccine rollout. 

ii) The three criminal pharmaceutical companies; Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson: The only reason Moderna isn’t on this list is because it has never brought a drug to market before its (untested) covid 19 injection.  Pfizer, (link), AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson, (link), have all recently been found guilty of lying about their synthetic opioids painkiller drugs. For twenty years they claimed were not addictive and have been found to have even paid Doctors to prescribe them. Call centres were set up by these Co.'s to make sure the correct things were said to get prescriptions passed by the pharmacists. The Pharmaceutical Industry made $10’s of billions from sales of these painkillers over the last 20 years, some of which were up to five times stronger than heroine. This led to the present opioid crisis across the USA, resulting in millions of ordinary people becoming addicted, and up to 500, 000 deaths from overdose. Court action has led to fines of over $1.5 billion and $10's billions being paid in out of court settlements. There have been very few prison sentences though. This time the same drug companies have secured immunity from prosecution for their untested covid 19 gene based jabs. These companies clearly can’t be trusted. They operate as if run by sociopaths with careless abandon for human life, only motivated by profits. Dr Yeadon, (a former Vice President of Pfizer), has checked Pfizer's safety trial data and says this has been rigged.  Since having to leave Microsoft Bill Gates Foundation has led many of the world’s vaccination programs with some horrific results. Its record on vaccinations over the last two decades is appalling so Senator Kennedy has focussed on warning about this instead of the climate change issue, (link). Johnson and Johnsons and AstraZeneca’s “vaccines” were both taken off the market due to concerns about strokes despite initial assurances about their safety just two months before. AstraZeneca’s was banned in 17 countries and still isn’t recommended for the under 40’s in the UK anymore. Supplies are being syphoned off to the third world through the COVAX Program, run by the W.H.O, usually with no alternatives offered. Recent reports from Israel state that Pfizers jab is far worse. The IPC, which consists of Israeli health professionals, claimed that there were, quote; “catastrophic side effects of the Pfizer vaccine to every system in the human body,” their article, (link). Moderna’s jab is unlikely to be any safer. The virologists and other Doctors now warning about the dangers associated with these jabs, (see Section A), claim that these Pharmaceutical Co.'s must know about this and many think that there is a nefarious agenda present that goes beyond making money. I believe the main agenda is to use these toxic failed genetic injections to prolong and increase the health crisis.

iii) A breach of the Nuremberg Code: This code was set up after WW2 to prevent any atrocities, such as the medical procedures carried out by German Doctors and scientists on prisoners of war, ever being committed again. It states that no medical procedure can be performed on anyone without their informed consent. Our politicians and governments are in clear breach of this Code. They have said that the new gene technology is safe without it ever being authorised or tested on humans. It was passed without even being tested on animals through the use of Emergency Use Authorisation designed for times of biological attack. The general public have not even been told they are being injected with DNA in the case of AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson’s jabs, and mRNA, (similar to temporary shorter lived DNA), which is in Pfizers and Moderna’s injection’s. Neither have the public been informed about the real level of risk from side effects. Even worse is the fact that governments are coercing the public into taking these gene based medicines with the threat of removing their civil liberties if they don’t comply. Vaccine Passports are being threatened or implemented which are then needed to enter cinemas, pubs, restaurants, and in many cases even keep ones job. Under normal circumstances half the population would be out on the streets protesting at such authoritarian measures but the supposed “pandemic” has led to most people acquiescing and putting up with this. Most misguidedly believe the restrictions will only be temporary and have been deceived by the media into thinking this will help save lives during the health crisis. Most of the leading virologists and tens of thousands of other Doctors, medical professionals and scientists now acting as whistle blowers point out that the Nuremberg Code has already been breached by governments who often don’t even appear to be aware it exists. Most also state that these four pharmaceutical companies are committing crimes against humanity. These Co.’s will be aware of the previous animal research, and its consequences, undertaken since 2004, using these gene based inoculations. They will know how toxic and dangerous these injections are. Yet they still promote them anyway, by deceiving the public and politicians through their allied health officials, the W.H.O and their media interests. Many politicians jumped at the chance of enacting the vaccination programs that promised to end the pandemic and the economically damaging lockdowns. Many of these Doctors even claim that a depopulation agenda may be present, since that is the effect these gene based "vaccines” are likely to have.

done and checked in B

iv) The mystery of the missing samples of Covid 19 in the West: The Chinese were able to collect samples of Covid 19 from around the world, (NY Times link), including from Italy, and created an ordinary styled vaccine for Covid 19 from these, (CoronoVac by Sinovac), the type vaccine made since the 1950’s. Using this traditional method the Chinese grew these live samples of covid 19 and multiply them in Labs, then de-activated the virus and used this, in injections, as an ordinary styled vaccine. Chinas “traditionally made vaccine” has been passed by the W.H.O and vouched for as the best vaccine by Brazil and some other nations. Strangely, by contrast, the Western pharmaceutical company’s claim they can’t provide samples of the covid 19 virus to western Labs since no samples exist. The idea that they can’t obtain any samples in the middle of an outbreak when so many people have the virus is clearly absurd. These Western Companies originally claimed that they had worked out the virus’s genetic sequence through computer modelling instead, and used that to create gene based vaccines which are very different to the Chinese vaccination. They use gene based technology never used on humans to this day. Someone must be lying, either samples of the covid 19 virus exist or they don’t - and surely they must? The western pharmaceutical companies, (all four of which have received funding from Bill Gates), are clearly trying to hide something by not allowing the virus to be analysed.

iii) Rigging the figs again, 15th Sept, 2021: According to the U.S. Centre’s for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), you’re not counted as fully vaccinated until 14 days after your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen, despite the fact that over 80% of deaths after the vaccines occur in this window. So anyone who dies within the first 14 days post-injection is counted as an unvaccinated death. This exaggerates the unvaccinated death toll and also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks. Even the official figs from the “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System” (VARS), in the USA reveal that there have been 1 million serious side effects and 30. 000 deaths from these “vaccinations” so far, (by mid Sept, 2021), and most researchers believe that the real figures are about 10 to 100 X greater than that. This is probably true since most member of the public do not know about the reporting systems and not all Doctors are even aware of it. Doctors are not obliged to use it and it is complicated and time consuming to use at a time when Doctors have a heavy work load. Many are also likely to be reluctant to report that they may have injured people by “vaccinating. There is also much misinformation circulating as cover stories about new variants which are falsely blamed for all the same effects causing confusion, (link).  

iv) A man made/ enhanced virus and the cover up’s:  A UK Channel 4 program, aired on 23rd Aug, 2021, at 10.15pm, entitled "Did Covid Leak from a Lab?" (link), revealed that the covid 19 virus appeared to have been synthesised, due to its mirror image style repeated sequence typical of synthesised man-made viruses. It also contained aspects found in the H.I.V virus. Most scientists now also believe it was the result of gain of function research in the Wuhan Lab in China. Dr Fauci now admits he had been channelling funds to the Chinese scientists at that Lab, from the US’s National Institutes of Health, (N.I.H), since 2014, (link). Emails exchanges, uncovered by US Senators, between Dr Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg, (founder of Facebook), reveal they conspired to cover up the Wuhan Lab bat coronavirus experiments and push the storey of the virus coming from wild bats sold at a Chinese wet market instead. The wet market idea is now scientifically discredited since the virus could not have mutated by that degree and leaped species in that way. It appears, therefore, that samples of the covid 19 virus have been deliberately withheld to prevent labs finding out the man- made origins of covid 19. It is more dangerous than SARS Cov 1 although still not more dangerous than a very bad flu. It is perhaps, therefore, fortunate that they weren’t able to enhance the covid 19 virus further. This would also explain why they had to also rely on exaggerating the death rates by getting the W.H.O to introduced co morbid figures for the first time. With no samples available Western Labs cannot make ordinary vaccines so we only have the gene based vaccines, from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, J and J and Moderna, available here. Most other nations are using both the western gene based jabs as well as the Chinese vaccine. The Chinese vaccine hasn’t been authorised in most western nations, though. So why aren’t westerners being given the choice, why is it only the dangerous gene based vaccines that are being hoisted upon us? The answer appears to be that the oligarchs behind Big Pharma don’t want the Chinese vaccine to compete with their gene based injections.

v) Collusion and competition between the western oligarchs and the Chinese Communist Government: China is clearly in collusion with the western oligarchs and deep state actors concerning both the creation of covid 19 and also the vaccines. Dr Fauci claims he was funding the Wuhan lab to create vaccines to covid 19 for the U.S’s N.I.H. So even though these genetic vaccines were not used in China they may have been created, at least in part, by the Chinese in league with the western companies. Unlike the western oligarchs the Chinese have no reason to harm their people. This may explain why they have not allowed the use of the wests genetic vaccinations in China.  This, I believe, is why China made an ordinary styled vaccine which should pose less of a threat to the short and long term health of those vaccinated. China has benefitted from the exaggerated “pandemic,” though, and brought in all the same authoritarian controls as seen in the west, plus new, advanced face recognition technology and the beginnings of a cashless payment system. China is implementing these new authoritarian measures on the back of the covid 19 “pandemic” much fast than in the west since it already has a high degree of authoritarian control over the Chinese people. The oligarchs and actors within the deep state in the west have the same control agenda but will take them longer to gain the Chinese level of control over the western population, so they benefit from an extension to the health crisis. The dangerous and harmful gene based vaccines provide the way in which they can do this. I think this explains the diabolically harmful nature of the wests genetic vaccines and why China isn’t using them. Other nations will have been taken in by the propaganda and lies about how good these genetic jabs are but China, having been involved in their development, will know this is not the case. We know these genetic jabs produce billions/ trillions of dangerous spike proteins, (which the Chinese vaccines do not do), which will find their way into the blood stream, from where they can damage almost every system in the body, with the effects increasing with each new top up jab. There is also the danger of cytokine storms if people contract a corona virus within 2 or 3 months of receiving one of the Wests gene based jabs. This could lead to mass fatalities this winter if there is a widespread take up of the booster jab. This could extend the health crisis, perhaps by a few years, long enough for the globalists in the West to gain as much influence and control here as China’s dictator already has over his nation’s people, or at least something approaching that level of control. Gene based vaccines, therefore, appear central to the western oligarchs control agenda, to buy them the extra time necessary to fully implement their control agenda. The definition of “vaccine” even had to be changed in order to get these gene based jabs authorised and fast tracked, without testing, under emergency rules designed for times of bio logical warfare. There is also the issue of an apparent depopulation agenda amongst the western oligarchs too, they also contain substances that will reduced fertility.  Gene based vaccines are also highly useful to these oligarchs in promoting the future of bio computing which multi billionaires like Bill Gates, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the owners of Google are also heavily invested in. I think this all explains the mystery of the missing samples of covid 19 which have still not been made available in the West – this is to give people no option but to accept the genetic based injections.

The present complicity between this western elite and the Chinese Government appears similar, to me, to the temporary alliance that existed between the Soviet Union and Germany at the start of WW2, when they divided Poland between them. Both the Chinese Communist Government and the Western oligarchs and their allies, (particularly the Rockefellers and Bill Gates), fund and have huge control over the World Health Organisation, (W.H.O), which has been used to promote and steer the “pandemic” on behalf of both of these powers. This explains why Trump cut all funding to the W.H.O. Biden’s Administration is aligned with the oligarchs and is now the main funder of the W.H.O with Gates now the second largest contributor. Most other nations have been beguiled by the false reputation of the W.H.O as a force for good in the world and its apparent neutrality, views of which have been falsely hyped up by the oligarch controlled media. The W.H.O is being used to control other nation’s actions by this alliance of western oligarchs and their allies and the Chinese Government, so it is presently serving both of their control agendas.  Once the western oligarchs and their allies have secured power and united the western nations under a single unified Government, (I believe the G8 will form the foundational structure for this, with Russia readmitted), then the inevitable clash with China will take place - for control of the entire world. The gene based vaccines are, therefore, also central in enabling the western oligarchs larger global control agenda to come to pass.

vi) Doctors group together to take legal action against the vaccine producers:

Sept 17th, 2021:  The Indian Bar Association lawyers are all, together, taking legal action against the World Health Organisation, (W.H.O), for it’s campaign against alternative medications for covid 19, including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine when combined with zinc, which have been found to work extremely well, (link). The Bill Gates funded mRNA and DNA “vaccines” could not have been passed without safety trials under Emergency Use Authorisation, (E.U.A), rules if governments had known that other medications, such as these, were known to have been available.

The Dr Ardis show reports on the most recent legal action and other news, first 5 mins of vid (link).

Former Vice President of Pfizer, Virologist Dr Yeadon, and German lung specialists and parliamentarian Dr Wolfgang Wodarg have, together, filed an urgent application with the European Medicine Agency calling out the genetic based vaccines, particularly Biotech/Pfizer vaccine. They claim these companies testing regimes and figures relating to side effects have been fraudulent, (link). 

Dr Yeadon, and German lung specialists and parliamentarian Dr Wolfgang Wodarg have, together, filed an urgent application with the European Medicine Agency calling out the genetic based vaccines, particularly Biotech/Pfizer vaccine. They claim these companies testing regimes and figures relating to side effects have been fraudulent, (link).

vii) Doctors are reluctant to get vaccinated due to the lack of safety trails: So great was the concern about the mRNA vaccines among experts in November 2020, that “The Washington Post” reported vaccine hesitancy amongst healthcare professionals in the United States, citing surveys that "some did not want to be in the first round, so they could wait and see if there are potential side effects". 

In May 2021 “Doctors for COVID-19 Ethics”- a group of over 160 independent medical experts worldwide - issued a stern warning to public health agencies about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, slamming the jabs as “unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe” and likely to lead to “foreseeable mass deaths,” (link). 

 An increasing number of other Doctors are voicing similar warnings, independently, based on their patient’s reports after vaccination.  There is clearly a far greater number of side effects than officially reported. Please view this article

**viii) Underreporting of Vaccine side effects, between 5 - 100 times: Later on in the same video it emerges that most Doctors and patients fail to report vaccine side effects as they did not know the VAERS Reporting Database reporting system even existed. Underreporting is estimated between 5 -100 fold of the vaccines side effects and deaths, (link).

ix) The influence of the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation: The record of the Gates Foundation on vaccinations over the last two decades is appalling, worse than that it’s horrific, (see link to Senator Kennedys ten years of warnings, (link). No mention is ever made in the main media about Bill Gate’s vested interests, his funding of the W.H.O and funding of all four gene based “vaccines.” It was the W.HO, (which is also influenced by the $400 billion Rockefeller family and the Chinese Government), which advised the world on the pandemic, encouraged co – morbid data collection which boosted death rates for covid 19 by 8X or more, pressed for the lockdowns, and recommended the gene based “vaccines,” which have recently been found to not even work. Many believe that Bill Gates is a sociopath, (going by testimony’s by his employees and co – workers), the same accusation has been levelled against his fellow $100 billionaire, Warren Buffet, who was part of the Gates Foundation until Gates wife filed for divorce soon after Bill’s connection’s with child trafficking, and accused paedophile ring operator Jeffrey Epstein emerged in the main media.


partially edited to here

C) A MEDICALLY BASED CONTROL AGENDA: C21st science, mRNA and DNA technology, gene editing, injectable nano particles, magnetised graphene particles, bio-computer’s, Wi- Fi linked brain-computer interfaces, Elon Musk plans prototypes for 2022, the blood stream is the gateway, the World Economic Forum,  Charles Schwab claims a Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived, (link), parallels with Aldous Huxley’s "A Brave New World," plans to genetically modify the population, Bill Gates, Facebook and Google all invest in A.I technology, digital voxxine possport tattoos, I.D chips, technocrats with a medically based control agenda  utilise the global “voxxine” program:

Modern science is moving in the direction of bio-computers which operate through biological processes rather than mechanical ones. This allows them to be shrunken down to the miniscule nano level without the need for ordinary hard machinery. Science has reached the stage now when people will be able to access the internet directly with their brains without the need for computers. Charles Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, (W.E.F), which promoted the idea of the great reset, this year, in 2021, states that this new technology will flood upon us soon and even change our identity and what we consider ourselves to be, link. The W.E.F is promoting the idea of cyborg technology, the mixing of both man and machine. The tech companies Microsoft, Google and Facebook are all centrally involved in this research. One of the main ways this new technology will be delivered to people’s bodies is by the injection of nano particles into the blood stream. Maybe this is why these companies were so defensive of the covid 19 “vaccination” program and censored anyone who criticised any aspect of it? These vaccinations also operate as gateways to the blood stream and the new frontier of science. Expensive medical procedures such as inserting computer chips into the brain via operations can now be replaced by the inexpensive injection of nano particles into the blood steam which can then be utilised and manipulated by magnetic fields. Horse power was replaced by machines which are now being replaced by natural biological mechanisms which operate via the same processes as we see in the human body naturally. And the blood stream is the delivery method, and the pathway by which these nano particles can be manoeuvred into place within the body.

The blood stream can now also be sued to deliver DNA and RNA messages to our cells, to get them to start producing the required proteins or nano particles for use with these technologies. Genetic modification of the human being is called for by the W.E.F, a move from human 1.0 to human 2.0. Although the limits and definitions haven’t yet been set any change to the gene sequence of a human being could arguably be turning them into a cyborg. Some may think this is decades away but it is already happening, and can even happen by accident when using existing DNA and mRNA technology such as that in the present covid 19 vaccinations.

The double stranded DNA inside AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnsons jabs enter the human body protected inside deactivated vertro vecta monkey viruses. Pfizer and Moderna’s ?? jab’s  protect the single stranded mRNA within a shell of nano particles. Both protect the injected DNA and mRNA from being destroyed by the body’s own immune system before it can enter some of the human cells in the injection site. So Pfizer and Moderna’s ?? jab’s  are definitely injecting nano particles into people, however,  AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson’s jabs may also contain nano particles too?? We are already having nano particles injected into us in a way that could be damaging to our health, without being properly warned about this. Is this ethical or does it reflect a dangerous cavalier attitude amongst these technological and vaccine developers? Consent is surely important in a democracy and for that people need to know what these injections contain.

The solids in Pfizers jab consist of up to 99% graphene particles, which are highly toxic. Graphene, (which makes up the core and tips of pencils), is the strongest material known to man. Elon Musk plans to use a one cell thick layer of graphene to cover the entire brain, for use by next year, 2022, as a brain- computer interface. He will use it to connect the brain to a computer. It could then feedback info about the brain which modern A.I systems could use to rapidly advance our technological understanding of how the brain and thoughts work to utilise these to link to the internet later.  He also wants to insert chips into the brain. Both of which can link up to the internet through Wi- Fi signals. Musk claims that expensive medical procedures are not necessary as the blood stream can be used to deliver these into the body, i.e. via injections. Bill Gates has also stated publically that he would like everyone to have chips in their brains which could be linked up to the internet. As Artificial intelligence, (A.I), exponentially so such scientific progress will too. Musk warns that A.I systems are the biggest danger to mankind, since they could take over and even annihilate mankind. HE therefore want to develop cyborg technology that would enable a billion humans to be linked to the internet with A.I like capabilities built into their own brains so they can compete with non-human A.I systems. Yu can find videos online easily enough in which he discusses these things. They are no longer science fiction but a reality science will be moving into in the next few years. And key to delivering such technology are injections.  

Even without much medical knowledge it is still quite for the common man to gain an understanding of what’s going on in modern science. I doubt whether the founders of the technology companies know much about the scientific details themselves but employ experts to take care of that. Microsoft, Google and Facebook are all engaged in this type of research as is Elon Musk and his company Neuralink, (Musk appears to me to be more humanitarian than the others despite having Asperger’s Syndrome). When we hear that the software engineer and co – founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has got involved in global vaccination programs perhaps this is not for philanthropic purposes at all but because he knows that injections are the key to gaining access to the human body for the next great leap forwards in the scientific field of computing as Schwab has stated? Gates and Schwab worked together in setting up EVENT 201, war games for a corona virus pandemic, in Oct 2019, just a month before the outbreak. If money is the motive then computer companies need to be on the forefront of this cutting edge science or be left behind. Control could be an even greater motive as any elite that could influence the insides of people, via their biological mechanisms, would be able to control the population far better than if they had to just rely on I.D cards and the police. When the oligarch controlled media mocked the idea that internet chips could be injected into people’s body’s perhaps they were displaying that they themselves have something to hide. They were also relying on the public’s ignorance. It’s true that a full sized chip probably couldn’t fit inside a needle or be injected into someone’s body. Magnetised nano particles that can cluster together in the brain and form such chips could be though. For those who think this is all decades away in the future, it isn’t, it has already happened. Most of the present western covid jabs contain nano particles.

Nano particles are just very small particles, when joined to magnetic metals of similar size they become magnetised nano particles, which can be manoeuvred into place by magnets or magnetic fields to, for e.g. to deliver drugs to specific areas of the body. Nano strands are a sequence of joined nano particles, these can have specific functions such a movement or perhaps the end particles having a grasping effect, as spike proteins do, enabling the strand to latch onto things. These are often described as nano robots as they can have a basic, specific function that can be utilised. Some nano strands can have a similar structure to viruses and can enter the human cells as viruses do. Once there they can utilise the cells reproductive mechanisms, as viruses do and replicate themselves. This then can create nano flesh inside the persons own body, as groups of nano particles created within the human cell join together. Some call this cyborg flesh. Clusters of magnetised nano particles or cyborg flesh can join together to form nano chips. When made of the right materials these can be used as mini receivers and transmitters to receive and send radio signals and be wirelessly linked to the internet via blue tooth. All these particles can be injected into the body and flow around in a person’s blood stream. Various nano particles and metals could be injected into the person’s blood stream over time without them necessarily knowing about it. There they would remain a resource which could be utilised later which is sometimes called a nano platform. Researchers were recently shocked to find that many of the jabs we have been given for years, for e.g. the flu jabs, contain a very high volume of unnecessary metals the existence of which in “vaccinations” they couldn’t explain. In theory magnetised nano particles could be drawn or delivered to the brain by magnets or magnetic fields, perhaps utilising people’s mobile phones. 

Simple chemicals can now be used to remove part of a person’s gene sequence, and other methods can be sued to insert new DNA material. Whilst this science is also in its infancy it is likely to accelerate forwards at a pace we have never seen before due to the rapid development of A.I technology which will analyse the data and work out new methods and advances in science.

We are truly on the cusp of “A Brave New World” that already exceeds anything Aldous Huxley perceived. New medical procedures could be used, which utilise nano particles or nano robots to deliver cancer or other medications precisely to the part of the body that needs them instead of the harmful use of radio therapy which bombards and damages other parts of the body as well as the cancer cells. However, of this technology falls into the wrong hands, of those who have little empathy with the majority and wish to control or perhaps even cull the human race then a medical tyranny could appear. When we look at the way the present genetic mRNA and DNA “vaccine” programs have been run out, without hardly any safety testing, promoted in a deceptive and dishonest way, with the media used as a propaganda tool to manipulate the public and put dissenting politicians and governments under pressure to conform then it’s quite clear that the present elite are not those we can trust. Not only are the existing “vaccination” programs being used to introduce the external control of Vaccine Passports but they are also ushering in these new internal forms of control, for .e.g. Bill Gates vaccine tattoos, and chip in the hand vaccine passports which could track and trace peoples movements 24/7 for the rest of their lives. And this is being undertaken by people like Warren Buffet, a close ally of, and partnered with, Bill Gates and the Rockefellers who has claimed “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning,” (link). I can’t personally see the scientific controls getting much further than the chip in the hand to buy and sell, though, as the Book of Revelations predicts the Return of Christ soon after that. Maybe the cyborg subjection of the human race is why God ends this age at that point, and doesn't predict these other things too. 

Gene patents:  I first heard Dr Carrie Majed warn about these in mid 2020, link, but the info didn’t sink in, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe her but that it seemed so extreme that it just didn’t register with me.  She heard lecturers on the subject where the Doctors lecturing joked about how people themselves could be owned by having their genome patented. Legally this actually appears to be possible. Any company that changes a plant or animals, (apparently including humans), DNA can then patent and own that new gene sequence. This is how Bill gates and Monsanto were able to patent certain seeds and crops. Although Pfizer and other companies claim that their “vaccines” can’t change or effect people’s gene sequence this appears to be untrue. mRNA is now thought to be able to have feedback which can change or add to a person’s DNA and genome, so the DNA “vaccines must surely have the same potential effect too. Even if the present “vaccines” prove not to have this effect it would probably appear very tempting for someone like Bill gates to include this in future jabs. People could be effectively turned into cyborgs whose genome was owned by a pharmaceutical company through these or future “vaccine” programs. These companies could then, theoretically demand to update their patented genomes by insisting people get a new jab to do this. Mandatory vaccinations could have the same effect anyway I suppose.  With civil liberties disappearing and a potential new medical elite, which is now immune from prosecution, now asserting increasing control, the law at presently stands doesn’t seem set to sway in the favour of the individual unless people start standing up against this.

Conclusion: There is far more to these mRNA and DNA “vaccines” than meets the eye. They and subsequent “vaccines” in the future are Gateways to the body, to controlling and changing people’s bodies, and from that to controlling their souls.  If there was a civil uprising against a new elite with this technology, in a few years’ time, they could simple send certain radio frequencies out over Wi Fi which would trigger nano switches in people’s neuron pathways, to induce a sedating influence. If a passive dumbed down work force were need to operate factories they could be genetically modified by an elite to fit those requirements. All of which can now be facilitated through the use of injecting certain nano particles into our blood streams, to produce nano platforms that could be utilised for control later on.  In the meantime the mRNA and DNA vaccines appear to be being used to create a health crisis which is already being used to bring in levels of authoritarianism unheard of in the Western democracies even during the two World Wars. We cannot afford to just trust what the Big News Corporation put on our T.V screens as we head into the end times. Surely we need to remember that our bodies belong to God and decline any interference to them from any more vaccinations that appear to be driven by those with a political agenda of control, without our best interest at heart – because our bodies are vessels of the Holy Spirit.

Overall Conclusion on the Gene based Vaccines: The spike proteins that these genetic based “vaccines” cause peoples own bodies to produce are clearly far more dangerous, with far higher levels of fatalities and injury, than we are being led to believe. Long covid could be spike protein damage to the brain, which after the lungs is the second most vulnerable organ in the body. The greatest danger, though, is the likely hood of cytokine storms and/or Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E), in recently “vaccinated” people who then contract a corona virus within the next two months or so.  It’s hard to find detailed information on time scales, but in one animal study the animals were exposed to a coronavirus 56 days after being given a genetic based vaccination, (and I doubt whether it was much longer than 56 days in the other animal trials). This led to cytokine storms and very high fatalities from multiple organ failure amongst those animals. These “vaccinations” cause the body to produce billions/trillions of spike proteins from weeks up to, probably, 3 months after injection, no one is yet sure for how long though, it could vary greatly between people. The body will also be producing the new specialist’s antibodies during that two months or so period. From the animal studies it was originally thought that these new specialist antibodies attacked these animals own bodies in cytokine storms when they were infected with a corona virus. However it now appears more likely that the new antibodies protect and assist the corona virus in attacking the subject’s bodies, through Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E). I’m not medically trained but my guess is that the newly created specialist antibodies are attracted to the newly created spike proteins, (as we would expect), but recognise that the spike proteins have also been made by the same body so don’t view them as a toxin. [This would explain why as many vaccinated people appear to be getting ill from the virus as unvaccinated people, i.e. why the “vaccines” do not protect against covid 19 or any other corona virus]. If then infected by covid 19 the same new specialised antibodies then mistakenly think the virus has been created by the person’s body too, since it is covered in the same spike proteins. So the new antibodies will head to and consume or connect to the virus but instead of killing it this will protect the virus. Maybe because other immune system T cells or antibodies then leave that particular virus alone thinking it has already been dealt with by an antibody? I will have to seek out a virologist to check this but in some way or another the new specialist’s antibodies are protecting and assisting corona viruses instead of killing them. The term Paradoxical Immune Enhancement, (P.I.E), is another term for A.D.E, that is perhaps more apt. It is paradoxical that the very “vaccines” that were designed to cause new antibodies that would assist in killing the virus actually assist the virus in killing the “vaccinated” person instead. The effects of these intended “vaccines” has been known about by scientists since 2005. If booster jabs are used I agree with the whistle blower doctors that it must now, therefore, be a deliberate policy to use these injections to cause high casualties this winter. No trials have been done on humans yet, though, but since animals tend to have stronger immune systems than humans, I think the P.I.E or A.D.E effects will be even worse in recently vaccinated humans.

The good news; is that I’s aware of four double vaccinated people who contracted covid 19 and didn’t experience A.D.E or any worse than usual effects. However, they were all vaccinated many months before they contracted covid 19 whereas the animals that died of A.D.E and multiple organ failure were vaccinated soon after “vaccination,” whilst their bodies may still have been producing the spike proteins and new specialised antibodies that appear to be causing all the fatalities.  In one animal study the animals were exposed to a corona virus 56 days after “vaccination” and I doubt whether the others would have been much longer than that. No one is yet sure but these “vaccines” are thought to cause one’s body to produce spike proteins and the new covid specialists antibodies for between weeks up to three months. That appears to me to be the window within which A.D.E can occur.  So, if correct anyone whose had a covid “vaccination” longer than three months ago probably isn’t at risk of A.D.E should they go on to be infected with a corona virus after that time.

The bad news; is they are now pushing booster jabs in the lead up to the next corona virus season this winter. The logic holds that if someone receives a genetic booster jab then catches a corona virus, any corona virus, within the next two months or so they could be in danger of developing A.D.E and dying of multiple organ failure. This could be the nefarious agenda that Dr Yeadon said appeared to be connected with the promotion of unnecessary booster jabs.  

The last vaccinations were given towards to the of the corona virus season. The PCR tests exaggerated what remained of the virus by tenfold. Few vaccinated people would have been catching covid 19 by then, therefore few would have died of A.D.E. The booster jabs will be given as we head into the next corona virus season. Any booster “vaccinated” person is then in danger of A.D.E and death from multiple organ failure should they catch a corona virus. The nearer to winter a person gets the booster jab the longer that dangerous window of opportunity will be. And I expect they will be giving the booster jabs throughout the winter in stages as supplies become available. I also expect those behind this will also be ready to spread covid 19 around our cities, (which can be done using an ordinary spray apparatus), in those nations where they have the ability. There could be huge deaths this winter for corona viruses causing multiple organ failure,  in order to deliberately increase the health crisis.

Deliberate fatalities: If covid 19 is being used by a wealthy sociopathic, oligarch elite to gain control in the western world this is clearly going to take several years. The initial covid “pandemic” would then have to be extended by them by further pandemics. Since most scientists now believe that covid 19 came from gain of function research done in the Wuhan lab, funded by the US’s N.I.H and Dr Fauci, it is probably the worst form of corona virus developed there. People have grown used to it, full lockdowns can’t be maintained for economic reasons and many truths about what is going on are starting to gradually emerge and reach the general public, (still not so much in the Eurozone though). A greater pandemic with worse effects and higher casualties is, therefore, necessary to keep the state of crisis going.  What better way than to tempt governments,), to push the “vaccines” as a way out of lockdown. The very same “vaccines” that scientists know failed in the animal trials and made them more vulnerable to corona viruses and the effects of A.D.E? No wonder they want to vaccinate everyone. If only half the population were vaccinated and only they started dying of corona virus induced multiple organ failure it would be obvious this was being caused by the “vaccines” not new variants.  If over 90% of the population are “vaccinated” then this effect would be easy to hide and lie about, as I believe is already happening. A new variant could then be said to be so bad that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people were dying of it. The booster jabs are key, they need to get everyone to accept these, so everyone will be recently vaccinated by these nefarious injections as we head into this winters corona virus season.

A plannedemic: The figures will probably be distorted and made up again, so that it appears that un- vaccinated people are also affected. The unvaccinated will probably also be blamed for mysteriously causing the virus to spread to the “vaccinated.” We can see this agenda already being developed. The “vaccines” are said not to stop infection but to reduce the symptoms and reduce the chances of someone spreading the disease. So the spread of the virus could be blamed on the unvaccinated and the deaths of vaccinated people blamed on the dangerous new variant that’s being spread. It’s all too convenient for the oligarch elite. Their News media is already saying everything that they need people to believe in the future. The pandemic probably hasn’t even started yet, the exaggerated covid 19 outbreak was just the start. Next the booster jabs could make recently vaccinated people vulnerable to dying from ordinary corona viruses. So the real health crisis could come this winter, in 2021.  Could this link to the Oct 2019’s “Event 201” organised by the World Economic Forum and paid for by Bill Gates, which ran corona virus war games before the outbreak, and the U.N’s Agenda 21, i.e. in 2021, and its global sustainable development plan for the human race, i.e. population control and reduction to sustainable levels? We know that much of this is funded by the Rockefellers, who used to fund the eugenics movement and its population reduction agenda up until the end of the 2nd WW and the defeat of Hitler. Eugenics became a dirty word then, unpopular with most people, and so this Rockefeller led movement started masquerading as sustainable population control within the Green Movement. Money sets the agendas within the Green movement as anywhere else and the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers are very often the ones calling the shots.  The rich elites have enough money, there is only so much one needs, surely what they are seeking now is even more power and control, which combined with modern science could become - ultimate power and control. They need an ongoing crisis to achieve this, and a health crisis is ideal. If they also have a longer term eugenics plan to reduce the global population anyway then using viruses to cull the population kills two birds with one stone, with both agendas being met at the same time in an ongoing crisis. I daresay some of these narcissistic or sociopathic individuals justify this to themselves by claiming they are “reducing global population to help save the planet from the effects of pollution etc., which is for the good of mankind in the long run, everyone has to die sometime and after all mother nature is doing the killing through viruses, all they are doing is assisting this through a nefarious vaccination program.” These genetic based injections are, potentially, so devastating, that most of the Doctors and leading virologists who are speaking out as whistle blowers are now claiming that a depopulation agenda must surely be present. If they had a gain if function virus that was virulent and deadly enough I expect they would sue that. Instead they are using genetic vaccines in combination with a virus as the injections will weaken recently vaccinated people to the virus and assist the virus to maximise its impact via A.D.E and mass casualties. If most recently vaccinated people die they don’t need a really virulent or deadly virus, what they have already could cause enough deaths to cause a big enough crisis and start the more gradual process of depopulation at the same time. And if the truth about the exaggeration of covid 19 and the use of co-morbid figures reaches enough of the public, it will then be too late anyway, since a real threat to mankind, a real pandemic and mass fatalities from corona viruses will already be upon us distracting everyone’s attention away from the evidence concerning any earlier fake pandemic. Vaccines also provide the ideal route into the blood stream with which modern science can be sued to bring about the ultimate form of control of each individual. These nefarious genetic “vaccines” which are not “vaccines” are central to an oligarch elite’s future external and internal control of the populace they appear to be so scared of.

Along with many others the perhaps UK’s most prominent whistle blower, lets remind ourselves what Dr Yeadon, said again; “I cannot say strongly enough: The stories around variants and need for top up vaccines are FALSE. I am concerned there is a very malign reason behind all this… I no longer believe the regulators are capable of protecting us. Approval’ is therefore meaningless… PLEASE warn every person not to go near top up vaccines. There is absolutely no need to them,” (link), see his final video, which is only 3 min’s long, (link).

Although my views have intensified further since, please click here, (link) for full notes on the likely presence of a Depopulation Agenda. And please avoid future vaccinations like the plague, because that is what the next ones appear be designed to cause. In such a time of crisis the general population will then be ready to accept a new, technocratic, scientific, authoritarian system and leadership.

Conclusion:This video interview with virology expert Prof Dolores Cahill sums up the basic issues, she appears to have most of the scientific community outside of those in the pay of big Pharma in agreement with her, (link).

Still to be edited: There is no doubt the Wests gene based injections are highly dangerous on a whole number of levels and it is a breach of the Nuremberg Code to offer these to the public without telling them what’s in them. The initial side effects are bad enough as the gene based technology causes one’s body to form trillions of mini spike proteins that are now known to enter the blood stream and cause multiple hard to observe mini blood clots. Research has only just proven this happens as the vaccine companies had falsely claimed it didn’t. In addition to this the Wests gene based injections also contain all sorts of other toxic nano particles, such as graphene, and chemicals such as ??? that serve no apparent purpose other than to help advance the fields of modern brain based bi-computing as well as possibly the sterilisation of many in the population. The greatest danger though is that these gene based injections are known, from past animal trial, to have produced antibodies that assist corona viruses infecting their bodies, (through Antibody Dependant Enhancement, A.D.E), resulting in cytokine storms in which the virus is assisted in attacking every organ in their bodies, instead of attacking the virus. It is impossible for Bill gates and Big Pharma not to have known about these dangers. Gates, the Rockefellers and the other multi billionaire oligarchs behind these companies have used their network of connections, foundations and money to get these supposed gene based “vaccines” passed, untested on humans, (even untested on animals for obvious reasons), through Emergency Use Authorisation, (E.U.A), rules designed for times of biological warfare attack.

How could this happen? Well if the oligarchs control Big Pharma, the W.H.O who recommend and promote which experts those governments should choose as health advisers, have many political insiders, beaurarcts and other Health advisers in their pay as well, along with influence or control over most of the main media, they are able to pull this off. This all appears to have been in the planning for a long time, held up by four years by Trumps Presidency. It has even emerged recently that oligarch money had influenced Trump too, with Pfizer donating $2million to his campaign. He was booed recently by his otherwise ardent supporters as he recommended they all get the vaccine.  Money buys influence and this has always been the way. I don’t not know if Boris Johnson is influenced by any oligarchs, in his eagerness to “vaccinate” everyone and pressurised and threatened students and others into accepting this via access to “vaccine passports or remaining socially isolated. However, his father, ??? Johnson wrote a book in 1982, entitled ?? see watts ap,  which was all about a man made viral outbreak with the hero seeking a vaccine that would provide the cure. Maybe that is just “yet another coincidence” to add to the other hundreds of “coincidences” that we now have, which would not be considered “coincidences” by the police but as evidence of a conspiracy in a court of law? I was shocked yet again last month, and yet not shocked at the same time,  when it emerged that Bill Gates donates £2mill p.a. to a subsidiary of the BBC. That explains why it hasn’t revealed his conflict of interests and allowed him to remain in the background despite him being the main oligarch activists behind the “vaccination” campaigns.

We now know that these oligarchs used their money and planned for a corona virus pandemic 6 – 8 weeks before it started, at Bill Gates’ and the World Economic Forum’s, (W.E.F), “Event 201,” in Oct 2019, in line with the Rockefellers “Operation Lockstep,” of 2021 which even stated that a viral pandemic should be used to get the public to comply with new authorization rules of control. We also know that almost every serious scientists now believes that the covid 19 virus was man made, at the Wuhan lab which Dr Fauci has now admitted channelling US National Institutes of health finds too since 2014.  So the oligarch’s money have enabled these things. This has culminated in the W.H.O calling for lockdowns, the solution to which gene based vaccines were offered, with no choice in the Weston World but them. “Vaccine passports” can be presented in the name of public safety, I.D cards and smartphone track and trace systems that would never normally be accepted by the general public. Bill Gates already has a digital “vaccine tattoo” lined up to replace those once the public have got used to the idea. These will be able store all of a person’s personal health, vaccination status, and other data on it in the same way as a chip in the hand could do. Maybe Bill gates digital tattoo will become the mark of the beast used to buy and sell later on as the mark of the beast, predicted in Revelations Ch 13? . Either way, a digital tattoo or a chip in the hand, both operate in the same way and serve the same agenda. Neither would not be possible if they weren’t manifesting as “vaccine passports,” and they are dependent on “vaccines.”  

Why are they doing this? It’s all about power and control. An ambitious and possibly sociopathic  oligarch elite afraid that one day the masses will rise up and take their money and privilege from them, and so planned long ago to take offensive action to gain power for themselves and their allies first. As Warren Buffets quote reveals.. ????? They don’t own armies with which to take power but they have used their money over the centuries to control powerful industries, infiltrate politics, and influence many Health professionals who they have on Big Pharma’s pay roll. They can’t get the majority of the public to submit to the oil industry or the big banks they control. However they realised if they could instil enough fear through a health crisis they could get people to, unwittingly, give up their liberties in order to avoid dying of a plague. So the Rockefeller, Rothschild’s and Gates influenced Pharmaceutical Industry is an even greater weapon of control to them that the banking industry and what is more they can get people to willingly submit to the new health mandates of control.  We even have their plan, the Rockefellers Foundations Report, “Operation Lockstep,” of 2010, designed as a way of using a pandemic to control the public during times of civil unrest. Is it a coincidence this followed the anti-1% protests that gained so much general support after the banking crash of 2008 which many blamed on this very same oligarch banking elite, who make up the richest 0.00001%? They are doing this because they are driven go getters who have to forever be advancing in power, wealth and control as that is what they narcissistically live for. And because if they didn’t gain full control they would inevitably loose what they already have to the masses rising up against them. They already live behind walls and barbed wire fences to protect them from the masses and no doubt fear their economic and in some cases moral crimes being exposed if their influence was to wane. Bill Gates for example is now closely linked to the deceased Geoffrey Epstein despite his previous denials. Even if no narcissism or sociopathic tendencies were involved how much empathy would a paranoid, grandiose, power hungry elite have for the masses they fear deep down in their subconscious minds? They have already lied about their philanthropy and used their charitable foundations to avoid taxes, gain more influence over the general public by gaining their trust and made even more money as a result. Over ten years ago both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, (who were worth about $40billion then), promised to give away 95% of their wealth. They gave this to their privately owned Foundations which they controlled, following the same pattern as the Rockefellers before them. They have since more than doubled their private wealth with Bill gates now being worth $120billion and Warren Buffest about $100 billion. So much for giving their wealth away as philanthropists. The top company, (which will probably be Bill Gates’ Pfizer), is now set to make $100 billion from the present global “vaccination” program. That would make Bill gates the richest man in the world again, and he has mentioned in interviewed how competitive and driven by competition he has always been. His former employees say how controlling he is and how he bullies his staff. These are all narcissistic tendencies. Such people have very little real empathy, for others, especially those they see as a potential threat. Combined that with a desire to reduce the global population, which they may perceive to be overcrowding and ruining “their” planet, and we have a recipe for disaster. It’s all about power and control and the global gene based “vaccination” campaigns are central to this.

Once they can get inside people bodies, through mass “vaccination” programs, particularly if these become mandatory, or are pressured upon people through the use of vaccine passports, these sociopathic oligarch’s can then do whatever they want to the masses they subconsciously fear. This is a well thought out multi - layered strategy. Control through the fear and death that these vaccines will inevitably increase, both by weakening vaccinated peoples bodies as well as enhancing the dangers posed by ordinary and man-made corona viruses in the future through the cytokine storms recently vaccinated people will be in danger of. Control through the injection of various nano particles necessary for the enhancement and advance of brain computer interfaces. This may not have been on the BBC evening News but Elon Musk claims he will have prototype by next year, (2022), and he is one of the more empathic and humanistic oligarchs, who is probably not part of this control agenda. Also control of the global population through vaccines that could be used to spread pandemics by weakening immune systems. This can then be blamed on deadly new variants which they will then encourage, or force, the masses to take more dangerous, gene based vaccines for.

So the elite appear to have caused a health crisis, which they can use to lead to an economic crisis, and be combined with a distorted environmental crisis, all utilised to control the general public, who these oligarchs see as their rivals for power.  

China already has a pseudo communist dictatorship in power over its people China has created a traditional covid 19 vaccine, (a real vaccine), one that is based on the same technology as used in previous flu jabs. This is being made available as an option by most governments around most of the world. In the West, though, it is not allowed, here we only have the option of Bill Gates gene based injections, a medical technology that has not even been tested through stage three trials on human beings which has proved fatal in most animal studies since 2004. Bill Gates has a major shareholding in Pfizer and has invested in all three of the Wests other gene based jabs; i.e. AstraZeneca’s, Johnson and Johnsons and Moderna’s jabs.  The population in the West are being pressurised by their Governments into taking these, which are being influenced by the Bill Gates funded World Health Organisation, (W.H.O), Rockefeller and Rothschild’s influenced Big Pharma and many of the Doctors in their pay,  and the oligarch influenced main media and Social media Companies.  These western governments to take these gene based injection’s and discouraged from taking tried and tested

These gene based injections are so dangerous that most Virologists, and other Doctors who have since researched this and are now operating as whistle blowers with them, claim there must be a deliberately nefarious agenda. Most are now claiming these “vaccinations” are being used as bio weapons against the general public. Even now, after 18 months, I’m still not fully emotionally adjusted to fully accepting this despite all the evidence being there, rationally and intellectually. The covid 19 virus is itself is as good as proven to have been the result of bio weapons research in the Wuhan Lab, and this is now proven to have been funded by the US deep state, the N.I.H, By Dr Fauci, (who is closely linked to Bill gates),  private pharmaceutical interests and even Google.  Censorship was attempted to cover this up. Emails have been discovered by U.S Senators which prove that Dr Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg discussed how to do this. The gene based vaccines were probably originally intended as the antidotes to the other sides, (China or the US’s) biological warfare programs. However it has been known since 2004, from animal studies that they cause A.D.E instead and enhance and assist the virus in killing those vaccinated. Despite the horrendous, underreported side effects and fatalities from these injections and their likely long term damage to health and fertility it sit h A.D.E and cytokine storms which are the greatest danger. We will find out in the next major corona virus season this winter if people recently “vaccinated” with gene based booster jabs will become susceptible to multiple organ failure when they get infected with even ordinary corona viruses. Or will we find out? The main media, influenced by the oligarch’s money are already laying the ground storey which is to blame this on new variants. There are many fake whistle-blowers, including notable virologists, agreeing and promoting this media storey. However, I believe we can trust Dr Yeadon, who, along with other virologists, are being vilified for speaking out. They claim that corona viruses do not mutate very much, (unlike influenza viruses which do), and so there cannot be dangerous new variants appearing like this. This is a well thought out Plan. The fake whistle blowers, (who are in the minority), who I believe to still be in the pay or compromised/influenced somehow by the oligarchs and Big Pharma, are subtly promoting the gene based vaccines, or new gene based vaccines to deal with new more dangerous variants. The virologists who I believe to be genuine, (the majority of whistle-blowers), are warning against the present and future gene based injections. As the common people we cannot really work out which is the genuine or false science. Even most ordinary Doctors cannot tell unless they do further research into virology. Democratic Governments are at best rash, focused on remaining popular in order to stay in power. At best our leaders are too busy to looking into this and rely on those they have been advised to accept as experts, buffeted along the way by an oligarch influenced main media. We cannot, therefore, rely on politicians. This is a terrible predicament as its each man for himself, each person has to work out which virologists appear to be the most trustworthy and are speaking the truth. There is no room for opinions about these vaccines, the virological facts are obvious to those who know and understand the science. I trust the majority group of whistle-blowers and the Doctors who have since researched this and agree with them. In light of that let’s end with a quote from Dr Yeadon about these gene based “vaccines,” who in his own words is not normally given to being so alarmist or to issuing public statements like this;

Mike Yeadon quote on vaccines

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