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A85L) The WESTS VOX," (Renewed 22nd May 2022): 

A85L) THE WESTS GENNE BASED VOXXINES," (Renewed notes, Aug 16th 2022): Ongoing article - Im still compiling and editing this section as new and complex info is discovered by independent scientists. 

A) Introduction. Are the vaxxines safe? An Overview: According to the Office of National statistics the death rate has gone up 15% in the UK since the voxxine rollouts, the highest since WW2. The same increase exists across the EU and is even higher in the USA and Australia, all highly voxxinated nations. Here’s a short 60? Second link to the well-known YouTube analyst of official government data Dr Campbell on this, link. It is now acknowledged, even by Biill Gattes that these jaabs are only effective for about ten weeks, do not stop transmission as we were told  and are not even very good at blocking infection either,  (20 sec’s vid). All the evidence suggests that the voxxines definitely arnt safe. It’s not in the interests of the Pharmaceutical Co’s, (who are making $100’s billions in profits from their sale), or the governments who promoted their use to admit or reveal the voxxine harms via the mass media. The UK’s Oxford jab, AstraZeneca, was banned for causing blood clots and deaths in the USA before Boris Johnson went on TV to guarantee its safety. The E.U then also banned AstraZeneca for blood clots a few months later. Most countries have since followed suit with the UK quietly discontinuing its use and getting rid of its reserve supplies that had been intended for use as the second jaab. The UK then switched to using Pffizerrs jaab instead, which has turned out to be even more dangerous. This has not come fully to light yet since bill Gaates is its main shareholder and he has great influence and powerful contacts, particularly a history with the Rockefeellars. The USA Governments Food and Drugs Administration, (the FDA, which is now influenced by Big Pharma), allowed Ppfizzer to keep its safty trials data a secret for 75 years. However, the US States have a high degree of autonomy and a Freedom of Information Request was successful in Texas which forced Pffizer to release 10,000’s of pages of its safety data.  This has since been analysed by a group of over 100 independent doctors and scientists who made the following short film, entitled;  “More Harm than Good” link, about this. Whist this is still being kept off the mass media it is now quite clear that Pffizer has rigged its safty data. Even according to their own trials more lives will be lost through voxxine side effects than would be saved. Heres a list of Ppfizers own 1294 potential side effects with its own jab, link, you will see this cover’s damage to just about every system and organ in the human body. This has already been reported by various groups of doctors around the world based on empirical evidence of side effects and deaths. The doctors film above also explains how even Pffizer’s own data reveals that its supposed 94% efficacy rate is really only 0.84%, so there is almost no benefit from the voxxine even according to its creators. The Johnsson and Johnsun’s voxxine was withdrawn in the USA for a period for also causing life threatening blood clots. The fourth of the wests four cavid voxxines, Modernaa’s, has been found to have similarly high levels of side effects and deaths as Pffizers. Money is power, though, and these four voxxine Co.’s are all owned and influenced by powerful oligarchs such as Bull Gaates and the big banking dynasties, in particular the Rockefeelars and Rotheschillds. They are using their influence within the mass media to restrict this information reaching the public. Western politician and governments have been tricked into guaranteeing their safty and are, therefore, now complicit in this cover up. However, the first three Co.’s are nonetheless finally all facing $10’s billions fines in the USA for lying about their synthetic opioid drugs over the past twenty years. These three could all be accurately said to be criminal Co.’s due to this and other cover ups they have been involved with in the past. The fourth Co. Moderna is the only exception and this is because it has never brought a drug to market before. All four appear to be operating in league with one another as if they were one entity engaged in experimenting on the public with their new geane based voxxination’s.  There is a reason behind this that goes far beyond profiteering, as you will see if you read on. A strange link appears between Dr Fauci head of the USA’s FDA which has now admitted funding some of the Chinese scientists at the Wuhan Institute of virology, which all agree has been doing research into using coronaviruses as bioweapons. Fauci claims his funding didn’t go into that but into voxxines but admitted this can’t be proved. The genetic sequence of these voxxines proves they have been man made and can’t have jumped species from bats as we were originally told via the mass media. The sequence was released by the Chinese online and no one appears to have any samples of the actual virus for some reason. Dr Peter Danzig, who led to initial report for the WHO, (whose main funder during the pandemic was Bull Gaates), that stated the man-made claim was a ridiculous conspiracy theory and instead promoted the now abandoned bat origin theory, has since been discredited and sacked after being found in the pay of the Chinese government. Dr Fauci has also since resigned after being put under huge pressure by Senator investigation’s into his role in these voxxine programs and development.  Far from their being no conspiracies the depth and complexity of these conspiracies is so great we will probably never fully get to the bottom of it all. Despite being blocked from most of the main media across the EU it is starting to reach the public via Fox News in the USA and GB News in the UK, and sky in Australia, though, along with the many smaller news outlets and websites independent of Big Pharma that are giving air time to the otherwise censored scientists and doctors who are acting as whistleblowers about the voxxine’s. Governments, desperate to get out of the lockdoowns which were decimating their economies, guaranteed and even underwrote the safety of these voxxines despite trials that are not even now complete. They coerced the public into taking these genetic inoculations without even telling people what was in the jaabs or the risks involved. This was all a breach of the Nuremberg Code.  Perhaps that’s why the UKs MP’s are avoiding taking responsibility for the highests ever level of vaxxine deaths and side effects that the official reporting systems around the world are now recording. See he recent Parliament debate on voxxine adverse effects, December 13th link (1 min video). Since, three years on, most of the public still don’t know what these voxxine’s consist of perhaps that’s what we should look at next before examining the main dangers they pose. Heres a 60 second clip that sums up much of this, link I would like to finish this overview with a short video from Dr Yeadon, (a voxxine creator and former Chief Scientist and Vice President of Pfizer), link. From early on, in 2020, he has been warning that these voxxines are highly dangerous.

B) How the voxxines are supposed to work: The four western inoculation are not actually even voxxines but geanetic interventions. The term voxxine had to be changed to include these jaabs. Normal voxxines inject small quantities of deactivated/dead viras, (or sometimes live viras), which primes the immune system to fight against a future infection. These geane based drugs inject synthetic dDNA or mRNAa into the arm which takes over some the cells in the arm causing them to move from producing building blocks for the human body to re-producing tens of billions of the tiny spike proteens that also exist on the outside of the cavid1/9 viras instead. So the most dangerous part of the cavid virus is then produced by the persons own cells. The idea is that this preps the immune system to launch a quicker and better adapted antibody response should that person ever encounter the viras in the future. That’s the theory, however, in practice infection rates of cavid1/9 are now higher amongst the voxxinated than the unvoxxinated. Those who did some research rather than trusting what the Pharmaceutical Co.’s claimed will not be surprised by this. This is not a new technology but has been around for about twenty years now. In animal trials since 2004, (using in different studies, ferrets, cats, mice and rats), the genetically injected animals were infected with a coronavoras within two months of being innoculated. The new antibodies stimulated by the dDNA or mmRNAa injections assisted the viras in infecting those animlas instead of attacking the viras. This is the worst case scenario in the development of any “voxxine,” called AAIM?? The results were cytokine storms and the death of most of those animals due to multiple organ failure. This is why these inoculations were never taken forward to human trials. The question is why then was this the technology used for cavid1/9 across the western world when a perfectly normal traditional style voxxine for cavid1/9 was available from China. Why was this banned in the west when it was available in Brazil, Turkey and most other nations and even authorised by the WHO? Why sdis we only have the geane based innculatiosn available in the west when it was already known that these did not work and could even be catastrophic. Here’s Bull Gaates admitting that these inoculations did not work, 1 min video clip, link.  [I will continue to refer to them as “voxxines” throughout even though the original term would not include them as such].  

C) The main dangers associated with these geantic voxxinations: By way of introduction - part of a recent article by Dr Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, 12th March 2023: "Approximately 92% of Americans who took a COVVID-19 voxxine have mmRNAa injected into their bodies with absolutely no idea* on where it would go, how long would it last, and what price would be paid for having foreign geanetic code loaded on lipid nanoparticles in human circulation. It’s now known that mmRNAa is circulatory for at least 28 days and can be found stuck in lymph nodes for at least two months. Both of these may be short estimates." Some scientists now also believe the mmRNAa can remain in the body for up to a year, travel through the blood stream to infect just about any part of the body, and start reproducing the toxic spiike proteens from there. Evidence suggests it can also shed via the breath or sweat and infect the unvoxxinated. Pffizzers documents state they have this technology. Doctors are now finding many of their unvoxxinated patients with cavid voxxine spiike proteens and spiike proteens damage in their systems despite their best efforts to stay free of this. [* It was against the Nuremberg Code to give any medical intervention or injection without the patent knowing what it consisted of and the risks involved. Court actions are presently being pursued against both Government officials and these Pharmaceutical Co.'s around the world]. I’ve listed a few of the main dangers here: 

i) The new voxxine stimulated antibodies probably don’t even work and could endanger the patients life: In  animal trails, undertaken since 2004, the new mmRNAa voxxine stimulated antibodies assist the corona  viras rather than attacking and destroying it, leading to Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (ADE) and organ damage from cytokine storms when those voxxinated animals were then introduced/infected by the virus within 2 months of voxxination. Had it not been for the viras mutating into the milder ommmincron variant deaths from cavid in recently voxxinated patients could have escalated far higher, (deaths already exist at a higher percentage than amongst the unvoxxinated group). ii) The spiike proteens, they are designed to produce, escape into the blood stream; from where they can travel and cause blood clots and damage to any organ or system in the body that they come into contact with. They have been found to locate in the highest densities in the testicles and ovaries so also pose a fertility risk to both sexes. Link to more detailed info. iii) The injected mmRNA or dDNA has also been found to pass into the blood stream and travel from the injection site to seed itself in other parts of the body. This is particularly dangerous if it locates in the heart or brain and starts flooding those organs with the production of billons of the toxic and dangerous spike proteens. Although as yet uncertain it appears that the mmRNA and possibly the dDNA could shed via the breath or sweat to infect others, including the unvaxxinated. Evidence from doctors suggests at least some part of these inoculations is doing this and causing the same side effects in unvoxxinated people that have been exposed to this shedding. Pffizers documents claim they have the technology to voxxinate just 5% of the population and have this shed to voxxinate 100% of the population. vi) The fibrous white clots that are being found by embalmers in 80% of the embalmed bodies of voxxinated people. These are not blood clots as such but much stronger and more deadly, some up to four foot long, which would mean certain death to the patient. The mass media only refer to blood clots but whilst these can be fatal they are not nearly as dangerous. Some independent scientists believe these are linked t the graphene nano particles contained in many of these Magnetised graphene and heavy metal nano particles have been found in most of the vials although these are not listed in the ingredients, (governments have agreed and allowed these drug Co.’s to keep 50% of their ingredients a secret). The graphene nano particles will, in particular, cut into parts of the body causing blood clots and damage similar to that done by the spike proteens. The graphene is also known to be able to self-replicate if certain proteens are available in the blood stream. So the relatively small doses in many of the voxines could grow once injected. It can also shed via the breath or sweat and transmit to other people. These graphene and heavy metal nano particles appears to link to what Klaus Schwab, (Chairman and Founder of the powerful World Economic Forum, the mouth piece of the oligarch elite, known as the friend of the Rocckefellars), calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and the “Internet of Bodies.” He claims this is already flooding upon us, as mankind is presently being moved forwards from, quote, "Human 1.0 to Human 2.0.” This will all be discussed later on.  vii) The last danger is related but not directly caused by these “voxxines.” The erosion of civil liberties and 24/7 tracking and monitoring of the population: The voxxines lead to voxxine pussports, which Bull Gaates already wants replaced with his digital graphene voxxine I.D tattoo designed for the hand. With the WEF and then G& nations all announcing they will be introducing Central Bank Digital Currencies within a cashless society this I.D chip will be very concerning for Christians in particular. If it were used to buy and sell as well it could fulfil the predictions in Revelation Chapter 13 of a 666 mark in the hand to buy and sell. Details will follow next on some of the main dangers of the “voxxine” listed above. The most frequent cause of voxxine death affect’s the heart, most often myocarditis in young fit men, who are suddenly falling dead whilst engaging in strenuous exercise. The official term “Sudden Death Syndrome” has been invented to cover this which has now become the main cause of death in the western voxxinated nations. Details of some of these main dangers follow next.

Next details of each danger, spike proteens etc

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In this 20 sec vid clip Biill Gattes admitted, in  May 2022, that - quote “todays voxxines do not have long duration and are not good at infection blocking” so theres no point in voxx mandates. So why have the whistleblower scientists been censroed from the beginning for saying this and accused of being whacko conspiracy theorists? 

60 sec video clip;

One of the more reliable prophets recently predicted that we are now entering a "Brave New World," which is clearly a reference to Aldous Huxley’s futuristic, 1932, novel, concerning an authoritarian society, led by a secretive, technocratic elite, that used chemicals, drugs and geanetic medications and engineering to manipulate and control its population.

Some words were changed to avoid censorship, for e.g. "vox," "voxxines," jabbs, "cavid" used instead. 

I am using the term "voxxine" here but the definition had to be changed just prior to the pundemic in order for the present genetic inoculations to be covered by this.

Introduction: I will refer to these as “voxxines” although they don’t fall under the historical description of a “voxxine.” There are many potential dangers with these voxxines, the main three are; i) the spike proteens that the mmRNA or dDNAa contained in these voxxines is designed to create. These prtoteens can, potentially, damage every organ and system in the human body. The voxxines are, therefore, based on faulty science which the voxxine Co.’s, (but not most governments) must be aware of. The aim is surely to create a short and longer term health crisis with perhaps a depopulation agenda in the background as well. ii) The graphene and heavy metal nano particles that have been included in most of the batches of voxxine but are not listed on the ingredients so governments are not aware of these. These can, potentially, also add to a health crisis, (and any depopulation agenda should that exist), because they do similar damage the spike proteens. The main aim appears to be enable the rollout of what Kalus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, (WEF), states in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” link, though, the surveillance, digitalisation and integration of the human race into the “Internet of Things.” This involves the billionaire oligarch’s implementation of the Technocratic Movements dream of having everyone controlled and linked up to the internet, via the brain computer interfaces, (which scientists have recently started to develop),  combined with cyborg technology and the genetic manipulation of mankind from what the WEF describe as the evolution from “Human 1.0  to Human 2.0.” This is so hard to accept that I have relied mainly on video evidence and claims made by the WEF and the scientists themselves.  iii) The third main danger are the new fibrous white clots being found by embalmers in the majority of the bodies of deceased people who have been voxxinated with these new, untested, mmRNA and ddDNAa voxxines. It is still unclear what the cause of these are but many scinetists believe it is the graphene and heavy metal nano structures that are appearing in voxxinated people’s blood streams. I will then look at some of the most serious side effects and causes of death and the sudden increase in the death rate by at least 15% since the rollouts along with the criminal and malignant history of the drug Co.’s that make these voxxines. I will also look briefly at where these innoculations appear to have been designed, in places like the Wuhan Institute of Virology, (which designs bio - wepons), and its links with and funding by Dr Fauci and the USA’s FDA and even Google. It appears that these western, oligarch controlled Co.’s and deep state Institutes are in a temporary alliance with Chi Ping?? and the Chinese Government who are already putting in place the same technocratic, control agenda over its population as the western oligarchs appear to be pursuing in the west. The WEF have called this the Great Reset. In 2010 the Rockeefeller Foundations, “Operaation Locksttep,” mades clear that a health crisis was desired in order to get the public to accept these new changes. Biill Gattes has recently made clear that they were not expecting the cavid1/9 viras to mutate into the milder omicron variant. This has recently led to herd immunity and a loss of political momentum towards the implementation of mandated voxxinations, the rollout of  voxxine pupports I.D cards and then bile gates’ digital, microdot, voxxine tattoo mark in the right hand which in the cashless society, (already declared to be coming by the G7 nations), could also act as the bibles 666 Mark of the Beast needed to buy and sell.  

THE VOXXINES, Overview and Introduction: (Yet to re-read and edit). These genetic injections contain synthetic dDNAa (AstraZenneca and Johnnsons and Johnsonss jaabs),  or mRNAa (Pffizzer and Modernnas), designed to cause cells in our own bodies to produce billions of the same toxic spiike proteens that also exist on the outside of cavid/1/9 viras.  The stated idea is that these will produce an immune response. However Japanese official research has now proven these enter the blood streams of everyone voxxed, causing blood clots, first in the blood vessels, then in any organs they reach potentially damaging every system in the human body, (this explains why Ppfizzers doc reveal 1290 potential side effects for their jab). These harmful spike proteens appear to be the first main danger. Second appear to be the toxic, graphene nanoparticles that have also been found by scientists to exist in most batches of these voxxines. These can self-replicate as well as shed through sweat or the breath to infect others. Evidence suggests the voxxines may also be designed to spread to the unvaxxed. Ppfizer already admits to having this technology and capability. Other contaminants not listed in the voxx ingredients include heavy metals as well as hydrogel which can blend with our own tissues. Parasites have even been found in some of the vials. Apart from the latter most of this is needed in modern bio - computing, to move the population towards integration into the WEFs stated “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and the “Internet of Things.” In theory this would ultimately enable a technocratic medical elite to control every aspect of our existence to a degree that even surpasses that described in Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World.” The more I learn about this the higher priority I believe the elite are giving to this, (the banking and internet oligarchs, not the politicians who appear unaware of this agenda and more interested in using voxxines to implement voxxine pussports to control the masses in the future as the world and society become ever more fragmented and unpredictable). Elon Musk is open about the fact that, in 2022, he is injecting magnetised graphene and heavy metal nano particles into volunteer’s blood streams in order to create a one cell thick layer around the brain. His team intend to use this as a  brain computer interface that will connect to the internet via WiFi, enabling those volunteers to control their computers with thoughts/brain patterns. Musk is attempting to buy up 2 other Co’s that have already achieved  this. Because of the high death rates and side effects, (the official death rate has soared by over 15% since the voxxine rollouts), many doctors and scientists are referring to these voxxines as “bio weapons” designed to cull the population. I think the main agenda is probably the implementation of Klaus Schwabs 4th and these oligarchs 4th Industrial Revolution with the side effects being acceptable to them because they ultimately also want to reduce the population as well anyway. I doubt whether sociopaths are running these agendas, although many scientists of that nature no doubt join the cause for personal gain. Whilst the Rockefeeller and Rothsschilds family banking dynasties keep very much in the background these days, so we can’t analyse their natures, the billionaire activists associated and controlled by them, (overtly seen as the richest men on the planet), e.g. Bill Gattes, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Warren Buffet and Klaus Schwab of the WEF all either have or display clear sings of having Asperger’s Syndrome, high lebels of which are often found within techno geek cultures. Whilst not typically malevolent or sadistic, (Bill Gattes probably being the exception on that point), this personality type lacks empathy, is very naive and would be the easiest for a devil or satanic spirit, (if such exists), to deceive and use to harm mankind. They would also be the perfect activists for a malevolent and paranoid elite, fearful of uprisings to take away their wealth to use.  They would be the easiest for the oligarch dynasties to convince that wide spread death and illness were necessary and tolerable if this was for the greater good of evolving mankind from “human 1.0 to Human 2.0” as Klaus Schwab claims is about to take place. For these reasons science, therefore, forms the vanguard of the oligarchs control agenda, with public health being the excuse and way in which they intend to deceive and gain the masses consent, i.e. through stimulating a pandemic that requires voxxinations. With 90% of the population happy to follow the advice of politicians and the mass media the early work has already taken place as the oligarchs have infiltrated and gained enough influence within those areas in previous decades to pull this off. Being exposed in the media as the richest men on earth many of the activists suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome who promote this agenda would take the brunt of any retribution from the masses if their plan failed, with the real power behind the throne remaining largely hidden. I think that that is a realistic assessment. Is it really a coincidence that back in 2010, (after the anti-1%er protests began to gain popularity after the banking crisis if 2008),  the Rockefelller Foundation called for a virul pandemic to be declared in order to convince the masses to submit to new authoritarian rules to quell dissent, which included quanrentines/lockdowns, which they entitled “Operation Lockstep?” They of course deny this and claim it is a fake but I saw a copy that predated the pandemic. The implementation of this plan in 2020 appears to have been stage 1 with stage 2 taking place a year later, in 2021, with the voxxine rollouts designed to worsen the health crisis. Stage 3, mandated voxxines, track and trace  and voxxine I.D cards, followed by  Bill Gattes voxxine digital, bio metric graphene nano dot voxx hand tattoo appears to be floundering due to cavid mutating into the milder Omicronn  strain which most people now have natural immunity. Despite  the political wheels now falling off that agenda the elite are still trying to push genetic voxxine rollouts  without the western nations having the option of the ordinary coronavirus voxxines that are available in China, India, Africa and Brazil. In line with Naomi Klein’s concept of “Shock Doctrine,” new economic, environmental and internet sabotage crises appear to be on the cards to keep the masses bombarded, threatened, and, therefore, likely to submit to more authoritarian systems in the western world and beyond. We can’t rule out new man made viral agents also being released in the future. Most governments and politicains are now so compromised by their complicity in the previous agendas of 2020 - 2022 that they are nit in a position to oppose those of the oligarchs in the future.  The voxxines remain the greatest threat to hman life date though. Death rates are 15% above the norm since the rollouts and the short term side effects of these genetic injections are likely to be eclipsed by the longer term effects of mini blood clots within the next five years. Both the cavid genetically induced spike proteens and the graphene nano particles in the present jaabs cuase not only blood clots but a new form of white fibrous clot that is even more dangerous, (see below). As Dr Mike Yeadon has warned, (a voxx creator and former Chief Scientist of Pffizer), he would find it easy to create any number of harmful inoculations whose codes could be designed on computor to target various parts of the human body and simply printed off and produced in the lab to cause mass death amongst a voxxinated population. Here’s a video on Technocracy's Coup D'Etat; containing info on the elites technocracy movement that are implementing these voxxines today. We appear to have entered a season of unprecedented and historic level danger to humanity which many Christians believe relates to the end times and the Book of Revelations, the early sign of which many believe predicts widespread death by pestilence. What is less expected is that this could be caused by man - made pestilence arising from malevolence or the misuse of modern technology. 

New info about these voxxines appears each month as independent scientists, (not those employed by Big Pharma), discover new dangers involved with them. The only way to get decent info on this from the UKs main media is on GB News, particularly the Mark Styne show at 8pm, Mon to Thurs or to a degree Fox News in the USA. See my list of other informative podcasts and websites; I use or for videos as both the Google search engine and YouTube are now highly censored as they are run by these oligarchs. Research papers and video links from doctors, scientists and other experts along with official figures and more details follow below:


A) Quick Link Info: Some recent official facts and figures by way of introduction:

B) Summary: A quick overview of these notes.

C)* The blood clots and white fibrous clots: Ordinary blood clots led to suspension of AstraZeneca’s jabb, and suspicion about Johnson and Johnson’s, however Pffizzers jab appears even more dangerous. Now huge white fibrous clots found found by embalmers, often filling entire veins and archeries of 85% of the deceased. The Spiike proteens these injections are designed to produce have now been proven to cause clotting. Graphene has also been found large quantities in some batches, which is a toxin with no medical use, is also known to cause blood clotting and is now considered by some scientists to be as dangerous or more so than the billions of spike proteens these gean based injections produce. Voxxinated persons blood starts clotting after 3 mins

D) The toxic history of these geane based voxxines when tested on animal since 2004. Multiple organ failures: Most animals developed voxxine antibodies that, when infected in the next 10 weeks, assisted the viras in attacking and destroying their organs in cytokine storms.

E)** The official Japanese “Bio- distribution Study." The hundreds of billions of Spiike Proteen that the DNAa or mNRAa in these voxxine’s cause our own bodies to start producing, can damage every organ and system in the human body. The Pharma Co.’s claimed that these spike proteens remained in the injection site but have now been proven to flood every voxxinated person’s blood stream.

F) The Salk Institute; in the same month, Feb 2021, the world renowned Salk Institute found the spiike proteens to be highly toxic: The Pharma Co.’s claims that these spike proteens were not harmful except when part of the viras has now been to be false. Instead the voxxine produced spiike proteens are just as damaging and toxic as those found on the surface of the viras.

G) 100% Of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Were Caused By Just 5% Of The Batches:  Some scientists believe this suggest we are being experimented on, like lab mice, by Bill Gates and Big Pharma.

Edited to here in main arti below except C) white clot info

H)** Toxic Graphene nanoparticles found in the voxxines, the effect on the blood and health, blood clotting: The graphene scientists have been finding in many of these jaabs can also cause blood clots, and  similar damage to the spike proteen’s which are replicated within the injectee’s own cells - a lethal cocktail of toxic agents.

I) 75% of the voxxines dDNA and mmRNA itself dosnt stay in the injection site as claimed but have now been found by scientists to spread around the body; causing mini bblood clots, Dr. Charles Hoffe. The majority of voxxinatated people now have blood clots that are accumulative. 

J) Magnetised voxxines; magnetised graphene and other heavy metal nano particles in the voxxines appear to be causing humans to become magnetised. 

K) Modern nano science and a Trans-human agenda: According Elon Musk access to the blood stream, via injjections, is key to pursuing the gene editing, bio-computing, transhumanist agenda advocated by Klaus Schwab, (founder of the World Economic Forum, Chairman of Vanguard Banking. Certain magnetised nano metals and graphene can be supplied by the blood stream for this. Bill Gates has stated he wants to see everyone’s brains directly connected up to the internet. Voxxinated peoples bodies have now been found to be giving off Mac Code signals,  online singnal normally used to iddentfy idividual computor and other devices also known as tags. 

L) Geane Editing: Science has reached the stage where we can now edit peoples geanes. By law any Co. that edits even a small section of someone’s DNAa sequence/genome, then owns that entire sequence. That persons geanetic code would then be owned by Bill Gate’s or whoever holds majority shareholding in that Co. in the same way B. Gates’ Monsanto owns the gene sequence for the seeds they have likewise altered. The masses could thereby become the geanetic slaves of the elite, who could privately own their geane codes and insist they accept any future updates via injection.

M) Shedding: Pffizer recently claimed to have the technology to inject 5% of a population with a voxxine that shed, i.e. spread, via the sweat or the breath, to the remaining 95%. The graphene nano particles found in batches of the present voxxines are also known to be able to shed and effect others in this way. Unvoxxinated people have developed voxxine side effects after close contact.  

N) Man-made, bio weaponsied caronavirases: 

O) Snnake vennomm spike proteens found in the gene sequenceof the viras and voxxines: 

P) Ommincron throws a spanner in the voxxine rollout plans:

Q) Beware of fake whistleblowers in the pay of the elite:

U) Details on the other main side effects and other caused by the voxxines: i) Effect on the lungs ii) Cancer rates soar iii) Strokes iv) Sudden Death Syndrone v) Heart issues and myocarditis rates soar vi) Paralysis, nervous system and Immune system disorders vii) Brain damage, brain fog viii) Effects on fertility and reproductive organs.

V) The oligarchs wanted to genetically voxxinate everyone including babies: 

 W) Appendix: List of leading whistle-blowers, world leading voxxine creators, virologist and doctors.


MAIN ARTICLE: Damage from the spiike proteens,,the graphene nano particles, Pffizers list of side 1290 effects, snake spiike proteens, the fibrous white blood clots, 

A) QUICK LINK INFO: New info is coming in all the time as the independent, non Drug Co. aligned scientists investigate these geane based voxxines. The new info emerging is extremely shocking. Link to good sources of info; (apart from a couple of Channel 4 investigations the European main media isn't revealing any of this info to the public, censorship and suppression persists, except on GB News, especially The Mark Styne Show, 8pm mon to thurs in the UK, who have successfully campaigned for the voxxine dead and injured to be acknowledged and receive compensation. Sky Australia is also revealing the truth along with, to a lesser degree, Fox News in the USA).  YouTube is heavily censored, so try or to do your own for video search for info from the experts, (se also the Appendix below). i) 2 min video by Dr Mike Yeadon; (former Pffizer V.P and Chief Scientist):

i) 2 min video by Dr Mike Yeadon; (former Pffizer V.P and Chief Scientist):

ii) Geane based voxxine safety trails info: US Courts force Pfizer to release 10’000’s of pages of its hidden documents, including a list of over 1290 potential side effects associated with its voxxine. See Pffizers own list of side effects here, (almost every organ and system in the human body can be damaged); copy this address into your search bar, (as it won’t work by clicking here), for the originalPffizer document, file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience%20(3).pdf  then scroll down to pages 30 – 38 for the list of 1290 side effects. 

iii) The Canadian Coviid Care Alliance's Investigation; a group of over 500 Drs, analysed Pfizer’s data rigging and voxxine fraud, short film,

iv) 2 min vid looking at the official data of adverse effects in the US, A 10 min video which looks at the same official figs from around the world, proving these voxxines are anything but safe;

vi) Underreporting of side effects: The VAERS Reporting System for deaths and side effects was not advertised so very few people, even doctors, knew about it.  According to doctors it is also quite hard to use, takes up to twenty minutes to fill in the forms. It has been estimated by analysts that only about 1 – 5% of the side effects and deaths from these voxxines have been reported as a result.

B) VOXXINE SUMMARY: [This paragraph is a duplicate from the notes in the Main Plan check thats still the case]. As in the past the Pharmaceutical Co.’s are lying again. Only the independent scientists, virologists, doctors and whistleblower’s can be trusted for info on the voxxines, not those in the pay of Bill Gates or the main media Co.’s they influence. According to doctors and scientific experts several dangers have now been discovered with these insufficiently tested geane based voxxines. In normal voxxines a deactivated viras is injected to prepare the body for future infections. In these geane based voxxines synthetic DNAa or mRNAa is injected instead. This is designed to take over some of the cells in the injection site and cause those cells to start producing the spiike proteens that also exists on the outside of the cavid1/9 viras and which cause most of the harm. The Pharmaceutical Co.’s claimed that these spike proteens would not enter the blood stream except in one in a million cases. This has now been proven to be untrue. In 2021, Japanese scientists, discovered that the spike proteens escape into the blood streams of every person injected. Hundreds of billions of spike flood into the blood vessels and, from there, can reach the organs, causing mini blood clots that often build up into larger clots over time. This poses a threat to every organ and system in the human body. Toxic, self replicating, graphese nano particles have also been found in these jabbs. Cancer rates and heart issues have risen dramatically since the voxxine rollouts, (see below for evidence). AstraZeneca has been banned in most countries and is rarely used in the UK now due to the blood clotting risk. There have been similar concerns over Johnson and Johnson’s jabb which also injects synthetic dDNA into the arm. Moderna and Pfizers mmRNA jaab maybe even worse but this has received even less publicity. These voxxines have never gone through the normal, full five to ten year trail process on humans. Death rates are now soaring to unprecedented levels; the highest since WW2, a 1:150 year calamity. Virologist, former Chief Scientists and Vice President of Pfizer, Dr Yeadon, has stated; "PLEASE warn every person not to go near top up vaccines… they’re being made in pharma, and regulators have stood aside (no safety testing), I can only deduce they will be used for nefarious purposes,” (link), if that link isn’t working try my copy Link, voxxine manufacturer Dr Yeadon states how easy he would find it to spread illness through geane based voxxines,

A) History of these geane based voxxines in Animal Trials since 2004: This geane based voxxine technology has been tested on animals, since 2004, and is known to be harmful. When voxxinated animals were introduced to a caronaviras within two months of voxxination the new antibodies created, (which only last about that long), assisted the viras in travelling around the body undetected, leading to cytokine storms, multiple organ failure and often death in those animals. This is the reason why these geane based voxxines had never been used on humans before. Rushing out an international voxxine program without going through the full five to ten year testing process that is normally engaged in appears reckless in the extreme.

B) Underreporting of side effects: The VAERS Reporting System for deaths and side effects was not advertised so very few people, even doctors, knew about it.  According to doctors it is also quite hard to use, takes up to twenty minutes to fill in the forms. It has been estimated by analysts that only about 1 – 5% of the side effects and deaths from these voxxines have been reported as a result.

C)**The blood clots and white fibrous clots: Voxxinated person’s blood starts clotting after 3 min’s Ordinary blood clots led to AstraZeneca, (developed in Oxford University England), being banned by most nations within months of its release. Even the UK has stopped using it in most cases for the same reason, and replaced it with Pffizers jab which, unfortunately, has an even worse record. What governments and the main media are not reporting is that strange fibrous white bloods clots are being found by embalmers in 80% of the bodies of the deceased, during the embalming process. Where records have been accessed this appears to only be in those who were voxxinated. This represents a health emergency of unprecedented proportions.

D) All causes of  deaths have risen dramatically since the rollouuts; across the nations that rolled out these voxxines. The UKs Office of National Statistics has reported that all causes of death, (not including cavid1/9), have increased. In 2022 the official figs are a monthly 10% rise in May, 15% in June and 18% in July. The only common factor are the rollouts. In Australia the figure is a 25% rise in deaths. The main insurance Co.’s in the USA claim this is as high as 40%. To put this into context a10% rise would be a 200 year event, so some nations are suffering a higher rise in deaths than caused by World War 2.

E)** The official "Japanese Bio- distribution Study." The Spiike Proteen in these voxxines can damage every organ in the body: The biggest and main damage from the voxxines comes from the spieke proteens they produce. These are genetically similar/identical to those on the outside of the viras, i.e. the most harmful part of it. The injected DNA or mRNA enters some of a person’s cells in the injection site and takes them over just as a viras would, causing those cells to then start producing 10’s of billions, (some say trillions), of these spieke proteens. The Pharmaceutical Co.’s claimed that these voxxine produced spieke proteens only entered the blood streams of 1:million voxxinated people so the side effects and harm would then be limited. In April 2021, however, the "Japanese Bio- distribution Study" found that these spieke proteens flooded into the bloodstreams of EVERYONE who was voxxinated. The majority, 10’s of billions of these spike proteens, would then flow through the blood stream and damage any part of the body they reached.  [It has since been discovered that 75% of the mRNA itself also escapes in to the blood stream, (that’s 30 Trillion units), and will seed themselves around the body by entering cells in any other organ or tissue they reach, from where they will also start replicating the spike protein from those parts of the body as well. An e.g, if the mmRNA enters cells into the brain, lungs or heart, then billions of spieke proeteins will be created there, much of which will start flooding into the surrounding brain, lungs or heart tissue whilst other spike proteens enter the blood stream and move on to poison other parts of the body]. Originally whistle-blowers doctors claimed the spieke could stay in the body for up to 60 days but it is now often being found up to a year or more after voxxination.  After peer reviewing that study, (with other international scientists), Dr Bridle, (one of Canada’s leading immunologists), claimed publically that, quote; "We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now… It’s very disconcerting. The spieke protein gets into the blood, circulates through the blood in individuals over several days post vaccination… spieke protein travels to the brain, heart, lungs and causes damage and bleeding… [to] ovaries, harming maternal-fetal… we are inadvertently inoculating people with a toxin that can cause cardi-vascular damage, infertility… We didn’t realise it was so dangerous!”  

Here is the full link to that official Japanese Scientific Study: and to Dr Bridles quote’s and explanation of this in lay man’s terms, published on the respected Catholic website “Life Site News,” 

F) The Salk Institute; in the same month, Feb 2021, the world renowned Salk Institute found the spiike proteens to be highly toxic: , discovered that the spieke proteens were as dangerous on their own as when part of the viras. Although they didn’t mention this it would mean that the spieke proteens that flood every voxxinated person’s blood stream can do as much harm, and possibly more harm, than the cavid1/9 viras itself.

G) 100% Of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Were Caused By Just 5% Of The Batches: Different batches of voxxine have been found to contain different toxic agents, most not listed in the ingredients. The side effects and deaths were mostly linked to specific batches, with an apparent rotation of batches between different forms of the voxxine showing complicity between the four voxxine co.’s, all of which have been invested in by Bill Gates, (particularly Pffizer).


H)** Graphene nanoparticles found in the voxxines, the effect on the blood and health: Graphene nanoparticles are known to be highly toxic, and have similar effects to the spike proteens on the cavid1/9 viras itself as well as the spiike proteens created by the voxxines. Since early on in the rollouts it has been found in large quantities in some of the batches of voxxines, despite there being no health reason for including this in these injjections on health grounds. In this video the renowned Dr Philippe uses a microscope to graphene graphene exists in the blood stream of some voxxoated people, This was seen to self-replicate itself by utilising nutrients in the blood, It was also found to attract and link to other graphene nano particles to form groups and chains of graphene which would pose an even greater blood clotting danger. It looks as though it’s forming some sort of wire like network and larger chips within the body. Graphene is known to be needed as the main component needed for bio computing, the linking up of man directly with computers and the internet. Magnetised graphene nano particles can be moved around the body via magnetic fields and made to locate where a scientist may wish to use it. This scientific article reveals how graphene can be combined with a protein to self-replicate and grow structures in the body similar to those of the vascular system; This is beyond my pay grade but isn't it a bit of a coincidence that these dDNA and mRNAa voxxines also cause our own bodies to produce and flood the blood with a proteine, the spiike proteen? Bill Gates has stated publically that he would like to see everyone linked up directly to the internet with chips in their brains. That may sound, however, Elon Musk has stated that he will have volunteers connected directly with the internet, via WiFi by the end of 2022. He said he will do this by injecting graphene nano particles into the blood stream, (i.e. via injection), and use them, (along, I believe, with magnetised heavy metal nano particles), as a resource platform, which can self-assemble and then be re- located in the body, from which to create a one cell layer thick layer of graphene around the entire outside of a person’s brain. This will act as a brain computer interface which can send and receive basic information from online via WiFi. Gates has invested $billions in some of Musk’s projects. Although Musk and Gates engage in a lot of public spats this may just be to thrown the public off the obvious fact they have a mutual shared agenda concerning bio - computing. Other scientists have talked about their plans and desire to have bio- chips inside a person’s body in order to monitor their health. Nano particles, including graphene could also be sued to deliver cancer drugs to specific locations and thereby avoid the damage to surrounding tissue that results from radiation or Chemotherapy. With the ever growing capacity of modern. With the rapid advance of A.I systems, like Googles “Deep Mind,” (which are thought to be doubling in intelligence every 3 months, so are now about 4000 times more powerful than at the start of the “pandemic”), this technology is expected to take off once these nano particle resource platforms have been created within  the blood stream. The question, therefore, arises, are they experimenting with us like lab mice, to see what quantities of graphene and heavy metal nano particles the human body can tolerate without our permission? Is this why they are being included in such high doses within these voxxines? Furthermore if there is a control agenda present, as appears to also be the case, could body tracking be introduced later on, via these self-assembling graphene nanoparticles, once everyone has been injected with them in future booster shots. Recent laws passed by Joe Biden in the USA would also allow this type of technology to now be include in ordinary flu voxxines as well, (with moves for those to also become geane based injections as well). Could this also explain why Graphene is being used in chem trials, sprayed from planes, in a bid, they claim, to form clouds and reduce global temperatures and Climate Change? It is certainly a strange “coincidence.” Heavy metals have also been found to be increasing in our food supply and in other voxxines in recent years for no apparent reason. Are technocrats attempting to gain control as the technocratic movements have always thought necessary,in a bid to move to what Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, (WEF), has declared to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that he says is now already coming upon us like a flood, (see below), without telling the rest of us this is what they plan. This is all so extreme I had to hear about it all three times, over an eighteen month period, before its significance really registered with me. This however is where modern science is at, we are now in era where these things are likely to start taking place. This would also be very useful in any control agenda. Bill Gates peroposed hand chip voxxine passport tattoo would be made out of  Graphene oxide “quantum dots.” peroposed hand chip voxxine passport tattoo would be made out of  Graphene oxide “quantum dots.” Graphene oxide “quantum dots”, also called “evil dust”, jumps over the brain-blood barrier and deposits toxic Graphene Oxide in the mid-brain, causing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s like symptoms – also called human spongiform encephalitis. Graphene Oxide flakes, sheets, webs, and 3D structures build blood clots that create vascular obstructions and heart problems leading to the “vaccine death” now called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. What is also certain is that many batches of these gene based voxxines contain high levels of self-replicating nano particles, particularly the toxic graphene which can shed. It can leave the body of the infected via sweat, other excretions, or via the breath if it has infected a person’s lungs. It can then start replicating inside their bodies as well even if they haven’t been voxxinated. This is all hard to believe but the evidence is there. Could the fact that a lot of the same technocrats adhere to a depopulation agenda explain why they appear to be willing to tolleratea high rate of side effects and deaths as a result of introducing these agents via the voxxines? Maybe in the longer term they only want those people who survive and can tolerate these things, operating systems, inside their bodies to survive anyway as they arrogantly guide mankind in what Schwab has described as the evolution of mankind from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0? The advance of science and modern computing from pc and laptop to portable smartphone devices to existing inside the body would be a rational progression. No approval was sought via the democratic process for the previous scientific advances, the big Corporations just thrust it upon us, so why should we expect anything different now. Since the side effects are the same could it even be the case that the viras and the spiike proteens from the voxxines are even being used as a cover for the side effects of the advances in bio – computing that are coming and could be here already? See the Trans-human agenda below. Maybe the graphene is an even bigger threat to lives and health than the dDNA mRNAa geane based technology and spike producing side to the voxxines? Graphene structures found that could link to WiFi

I) The voxxines themselves spread and shed: 

J) Magnetsed vox vids

giving off Mac Code signals, online blue tooth signal normally used to identify individual computers and other devices, also known as tags

K) Nano science, and a trans-human agenda: cyborgs, Dr Madej overview

smart dust, trackable, wifi linkable, where mod sceince is at, 

Voxxinated peoples bodies have now been found to be giving off Mac Code signals, online blue tooth signal normally used to identify individual computers and other devices, also known as tags 

Lipid nano particles distribute everywhere,

L) gene eduting Klaus Schwabs geantic  editing Dr Madej The link between World Economic Forum's Trans humanist agenda and the geane based voxxines becomes ever more obvious. Huxleys prediction of a “Brave New World” has arrived.  See Dr. Mercola's Censored Library: September 12, 2022: "Moderna began its Phase 3 mRNA flu jab trial in early June 2022. Ultimately, Moderna wants to create an annual mRNA shot that covers all of the top 10 viruses that result in hospitalizations each year"... “no testing required' formula would spread beyond COVID shots,” (i.e. such agents are likely to be in other voxxines too now). President Biden signed the “Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Bio-manufacturing Innovation…” Specified in that order is the development of genetic engineering technologies and techniques “to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers,” as well as genetic technologies to “unlock the power of biological data” using “computing tools and artificial intelligence”

Graphene structures found that could link to WiFi 

M) Shedding: The voxxine may itself be shedding. This technology already exists and Pffizer have recently, (2022), announced it can vox 5% of the population and have this shed to and voxx the entire popn.... graphene nan particles shed anyway, the vax found to also shedCases of virinal bleeding in unvaxxed women who have been around newly vaccinated people, vid 4 drs below, (wonder if shedding is that sterilising vax, rats) uncertain so far, either vax sheds or something in the vox to sterilise women?  Dr Ruby shedding defo


Pfizers own docs on shedding

solution pine needle tea and fennel seeds, use coffee grinder machine, shikimic acid (used to make antiviral drug tamiflu, GET THAT FROM INDIA????  ivermectin nicotine,  can chew fennels seeds as in d mediteranean, 

Spreading of viras cud also be via adnoviras in J n Js??? (Dr Taxpenny its not a "voxxine"), ivernectin 1 tab a week if dealing with public, alter weeks with hydroxychloraquine, use coital silver but not every day

N) Bio weaponsied caronavirases? 

O) Fibrous white blood clots:  The strange, huge, white fibrous blood clots: AstraZenecar was taken off the market in most countries and was even restricted in the UK where it was made and vouched for by the PM, due to problems with blood clots. Johnsona and Johnsonas jib was also restricted is some countries due to blood clots and some research is reporting that fPizer and Modernaas voxxinations are far worse in this respect. Originally it was thought that the spieke proteens alone were causing these clots as they dug into/attached themselves to the outside of blood vessels and organs. Whilst ordinary blood clots are likely causing problems researchers have now discovered something far more terrifying is also taking place, clots within voxxinated people are more often than not new long, rubbery, stringy, thick, white clots that can completely fill a blood vessel or archery.  No one is yet quite sure how these form, (except perhaps the Pharmaceutical Co.’s).  Embalmers are finding these new unknown type of clot within the bodies of so many of the voxxinated deceased that these are now starting to be considered the norm. Although parts of these clots are made up of congealed blood, similar to ordinary clots, the main and most dangerous parts form long fibrous white strands that are strong and can’t easily be pulled apart. Some of these have been found to reach up to four feet long and can entirely fill a person’s archeries in the legs, reaching from hip to foot. These look a bit like long, thick, rubber bands, white worms or snakes, which have to be seen to be believed. These are not living, through, but are not made up of the same composition as the person’s blood either, (see video footage), (skip through to 4.5 min’s to see the pictures), these are truly horrendous and have been corroborated by others. See also pathologist Dr Bhakdi gave a possible explanation of how these may be forming but no one is yet sure, Some think this may explain the sudden death syndrome that is now being reported amongst the voxxinated. These have the capacity to completely block a person’s archeries or veins making survival impossible. The Pharmaceutical Co.’s are keeping silent about these although they must be aware of them. It is the stuff of nightmares. When long or wide enough these fibrous white stringy clots mean certain death. 2nd embalmer, UKs John O'Looney reports of white blood clots now commonplace, Video on the biostructures found in these clots,

Dr Philippe believes these clots may be the result of the self-replicating graphene nano particles, found in many of the batches of voxxines, effecting the blood. White clots low in Iron mag potassium zink, three components in graphene, is the self-replication process that takes place when graphene combines with a protein taking these minerals out of the blood with the remainder forming the white blood clots as a toxic by product? As the graphene nano particles combine with a proteine, (perhaps the spiike proteen?) could it be that they absorb nutrients from the blood and the white clots are the toxic buy product? So could the voxxines be used to provide the blood with the necessary added  graphene and proteens in order needed for modern bio- computing and nano scinece. If these oligarchs and their scientists also adhered to a depopulation agenda this may be the reason they are willing to accept such high deaths and side effects from this process, i.e they may see this as necessary in order to move from what Klaus Schwab of the WEF calls Human 1.0 to Human 2.0, an evolution that involves natural selection of the fittest, in this case those whose bodies can tollerate these new nan elements within them?? 

The embalmer below states that the reported rates at which these clotting strands are occurring has risen from about 60% of the voxxinated deceased soon after the voxxine rollouts started, to between 75 - 80% of such corpses now, (June 2022). So these clots are now being found in 4/5ths of all the bodies of voxxinated people who have died. This is astonishing. As the rate of such clotting is rising but the number of voxxinations is now falling this surely suggests that these white clots are continuing to form and kill people long after they have been jiabbed? Whether this will continue or subside or what the long term effects of this will be we don’t yet know but it could become catastrophic. In fact it is catastrophic already and very hard to take in. It is hard to believe that any Co. or group would release such a dangerous medication into the population and then fail to withdraw it once these effects became known, unless a long term depopulation agenda was also present. There is still a lot os speculation and research that is still to be done on this but these are definitely not blood clots but some new form of far more dangerous clot caused by the voxxines. The (possibly self-assembling), nano hair like formations and toxic metallic nano particles also found in some of these clots will be looked at further down in the section on the "Fourth Industrial Revolution.” 

P) Snnake vennomm included in the voxxines? 

Snnake venomm spieke proteens found in the voxxine:  Early on in the pundemic French scientists discovered the gene sequence for snake venom from the King Cobraa and Chinese Kraitt snnakes had been genetically engineered into the voxxine, (I believe this was in fPfizers vox), which are amongst the most deadly natural toxins in the world. This shouldn’t really surprise us since scientists had already discovered that the Wuhan Lab had been engaging in gain of function research to make the ordinary cavid spieke proteens as dangerous as they could be to humans for use as a possible virral bioweapon. It would have, therefore, made sense for them to genetically engineer the more deadly snnake venomm spieke into the cavid spieke in this way. Snnake venomm research has also been attracting huge amount of investment within Big Pharma within the last decade and is already in many medications we used today, (although different scientific names are used). Whilst snnake venomm has always been used in medicines historically this was in a diluted form. When used as part of a gene based voxxine in this way the dDNAa or mmNRAa which is designed to replicate the caronaviras spieke will also then replicate billions of snnake venomm spieke proteins as well. As we have seen above, (in A), the Japanese bio-Distribution Study and the Salk Institutes Study found that the spieke proteens from the voxxine do travel from the injection site into the blood vessels and from there can injure any part of a person’s body that they come into contact with. And Snnake spieke is likely to be even more harmful than coroanviras spieke. Some people could, therefore, have billions of these snake spieke proteens flooding their systems and the harm they could do is immeasurable. I copied this from an online search into the effects of snake venomm on the blood; it stated that this; can destroy the outer membrane of capillary vessels, causing internal bleeding. In some cases they can also activate the blood clotting system, causing clots around the circulatory system. These have the ability to block blood vessels and induce a stroke or heart attack.” Could this be linked to the new white blood clotting strands now being discovered by embalmers in 80% of the dead bodies of those voxxinated? Both Ivermectin and Nicotine have been found to block the receptors for both caronaviras spieke and snnake venomm spieke proteens which would explain why it works so well against the viras as well as the voxxines.

The following 40 second video reveals how ordinary snnake venomm quickly causes blood to congeal, forming, in effect, one large blood clot, Other videos have shown how the venomm quickly absorbs elements of the blood into it, leaving behind a white substance. I have lost that microscope footage this is the closest I can now find, Is it not likely that the snnake venomm spieke now found to have been genetically engineered into these voxxines has something to do with the formation of these new white, clotting strands, which haven’t been seen before? For comparison this 20 second video shows the effects of the voxxines on the human blood; it causes a voxxinated person’s blood to clot quickly in much the same way as snnake venomm did. Heres a 2 min video comparing voxxinated verses unvoxxinated person’s blood, This effect on the blood has to be deliberate as it is now known about but these drugs left on the market by the Pharmaceutical Co.’s. Here are three videos of the white clot strands again from another site; I have also just found this video, “What Cavid and Snnake Venomm Have in Common,” involving webs of sticky material called “NETS,” which are caused when white blood cells explode to capture invading organisms. This process can backfire however. Netosis can occur which is linked to Autoimmune and inflammatory conditions as the white blood cell explode and rile up the immune system and can also damage nearby healthy cells. However, we still have to wait for the experts to conclude what these white strand clots are caused by, the work is being undertaken by them as I write, (July 28th 2022). However, to recap it would appear that at least some of the vials of voxxine contain snnake spieke proteens that have been genetically engineered into the coronavirus spike we already knew about. The Japanese bio –distribution Study, (A above) and Salk Institutes study together proved that when the voxxines mRNAa or DNAa has replicated these spieke proteens many do escape from the injection site into the blood stream, and, from there can do much harm,  on their own, (particularly the snnake spiekes), to any part of the body they reach. It may well be, therefore, that one of the most dangerous aspects of these voxxines, the fibrous white clotting strands, could be directly related to the action of the snnake venomm spieke proteen, (perhaps with other nano particles interacting with this too),  which would flood a person’s system in the billions, (possibly whilst attached to the caronaviras spieke proteens). It would appear that the oligarchs are particularly keen to cover up any info about the snnake venomm spieke leaking out into the public arena even if that means murdering potential whistle blowers, (see below).

Q) Bio-weapons? It is not surprising that leading virologists Dr Mike Yeadon and most/all of the other Doctors, mentioned in (i) above, have concluded that there must be a depopulation agenda behind these voxxination programs. These voxxines are so dangerous to so many systems in the human body they have concluded that they must have have been designed to harm people, as no scientists could be this incompetant. Almost all scientists now aknowledege that the viras was genetically modified, pribably in the Wuhan Lab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is known to have been experimenting with influenza and carona virases for use as bio-weapons for decades now. The USA banned this research on its shores back in 2004 but voxxine research to counter bio weapons was allowed to continue. Why then did Dr Fauci, head of the USA's "National Institutes of Health", (NIH), and the "National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases," (NIAID), admit, under cross examination by Senators that the NIH had paid out $millions to the Chinese scientists in the Wuhan Lab to develope voxxines for them? link vid It is all very suspicious to say the least. We have what is now generally considered to be a man made viras, whose toxic spiike proteens are replicated by untested geen based voxxines, being pushed upon the public with what appears tp be no concern for the conseqiencies. The figs for viras deaths were exaggerated and foccused on continually by the W.H.O (which Bill Gates donates $1/2 billion to a year), the main media and aligned or deceived govts whist voxine injured people or the relatives of those who have died are being ignored are finding it impossible get a penny in compensation when the same spiike pretens injected int them through voccination are to blame. The leading doctors and scientists speaking out have been correct so far, are not normally involved in stating conspiracies are afoot but are now leading what others are calling a conspiracy movement. Its the doctors including leading virologists who are leading the charge that these vocxxnes are bio-weapons developed in uhan, designed to kill and injure in order to create a crisis under which the eleites can bring in authoritarian controls in the name of public health. 

The snake venom issue: Scientists have also discovered parts of the snake venom spike proteen genetically engineered into the carona virus spiike that the voxxines replicate in the billions, from the venomous giant cobra and Chinese Kait snakes?  This may sound farfetched but many of our medicines already contain snake venom as in small quantities it can be used to immunise against many toxins. A huge amount of research money has also gone into research into snake venom in the last decade. The trouble is being incorporated into the spike proteins will result in the snake venom spike also being replicated in their billions by the voxxines and operate as a poison. This may explain some of the side effect listed in Pfizers newly released documents. Snake venom paralyses and attacks the immune system. We cannot assume that the snake venom is deliberately being added to the vozxxines though, the science is beyond my scope but apparently the snake venom spike could be being created as a side effect by advancing other aspects of the voxxine. Within Christian circles this can lead to what may be an overreaction, with the snake symbolising the serpent Satan. It also looks as though there is no foundation to the idea that snake venom is being added to the water supply, on its own or as part of the voxxine, it would become too diluted to be effective. Unless snake venom nano strands have been developed that could replicate themselves as viruses do within water? It would nonetheless be wise to get one of the few nano level water filters in case other things are added to the water in the future. We can say with confidence, though, that the Pfizer jib has been genetically engineered by man on many levels, and voxinated people have had parts of these snake venom spike proteens injected into them, and their own bodies will replicate these as part of the carona viras spiiike, which will be highly toxic.


i) Potential damage to the lungs: The blood cell lining is thinner in the lungs than most other organs to enable oxygen in the lungs to pass into the blood vessels and reach other parts of the body via the blood stream. As a result the lungs are often the first and hardest hit by these spieke proteens. As mentioned above, in B, the world renowned Salk Institute found, in April 2021, that this was why cavid1/9 had become known as a respiratory disease. However, they concluded this wasn’t the case. It was the toxic spike proteens that did the harm whether they were part of the viras or resulted from some other cause, (for e.g. from the voxxines). These spieke proteens could, therefore, be as damaging to any other organ or system in the human body as they were to the lungs. Because lung damage effected the breathing this was often more obvious and easiest to observe. The parts of the body these spieke proteens effected the most was largely random, though, and would differ from person to person depending on a variety of factors.

 ii) Cancer rates increased 300%, (3X), in the USA, amongst the voxxinated since the rollouts: You have probably even heard reported on the BBC recently that there is a steep rise in cancer cases, with an unprecedented 2.7% of the English population, that’s 5%, now being sent for cancer tests. 1000's of doctors around the world are reporting the same thing and are attributing it to the voxxine. Also Dr. John Campbell; who explains how Myocarditis heart issues were 84 - 130 X higher amongst young vaccinated men (jump forward to 26 min’s into vid).

 iii) Strokes and thrombosis; have both also increased significantly amongst the voxxinated. These were some of the first known side effects and the reason why the AstraZenecar was removed or restricted by most nations early on, (within months of the rollouuts starting and our governments guaranteeing there safety) , and then later Johnsona and Johnsonas jibs often being restricted too by most nations. The public have not been told that no normal blood clots are behind this. Could the following section explain why this is happening?

iv) Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, (SADS) and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, (SIDS), has greatly increased since the voxxine rollouts: SADS and SIDS are new terms coined to explain why since the rollouts many adults and Infants have suddenly and unexpectedly died for no apparent reason. Here are three short videos explaining this, 40 sec video; mins vid; and 6 min vid; Official figs from the UK Governments Office of National Statistics reveal that, since the voxxine rollouts, deaths across the board are up between 12 -15% in the UK, in Australia this is 25%, and the fig is a staggering 40% according to the leading insurance Co.’s across the USA. A 10% increase is considered a 1 in 200 year even and yet this is being supressed by the main media which is influenced and controlled by the oligarch bankers and elite. GBNews, particularly the Mark Stein show, on at 8pm most nights in the UK, is openly campaigning to reveal this and other vax injury info now though. It appears to be those who push themselves hardest, sportsmen who are dying in the highest %s despite being the healthiest in our societies. Here’s another vid listing just 400 of the 800 or so deaths of such sportsmen on the pitch since the voxxine rollouts, to underline this issue; More info on SIDS (infant deaths),

 iv) Heart issues and myocarditis are up 8000%, (80X), amongst young voxxinated men and children: Heart attacks were not common among this group before the rollouts because most of the young are very resistant to coronaviruses due to the efficiency of their immune systems. Perhaps one of the most noticeable side effects of these voxxines is the sudden rise in myocarditis amongst young men post voxxination. Even handed Dr. John Campbell explains how Myocarditis heart issues were a staggering 84 - 130 X higher amongst young vaccinated men, (you could jump forward to 26 min’s into video if short of time), Definitive pictures of myocarditis injury from the voxxines, Many believe the strange new, long white rubbery strand clots that could be causing this, see below. Heart problems tend to arise most often when a persons is physically exerting themselves. This may explains the sudden massive rise in sportsmen dying on the field, (football players etc), as has been recorded by various national football associations. There have now been over 700 such deaths, (figs are from the beginning of 2022), with no sign of this abating yet.

Paralysis, nervous system and Immune system disorders: These side have also increased amongst post voxxination. Until recently the internet was awash with videos of people left shaking uncontrollably, sometimes permanently, some even had to be strapped in to chairs to stop them injuring themselves. As with many other types of side effect videos most have now been removed from the internet and I couldn’t even find the original ones that had been medically verified by Doctors. . These were the best videos i could find at short notice without a longer search; also paralysis

Brain damage: The above, D, explains why brain damage is one of the side effects listed by fPfizer. Brain damage can also take place if spieke proteens travel into the blood stream from the injection site and from there travel to the brain. There may possibly sometimes be a link here with long cavid and brain fog?

Fertility and reproductive organs: Cases of infertility in both men and women are being reported. I know of two men who became sterile within days of voxxination, although one of them claimed to have recovered a year later. Virginal bleeding and changes to the menstrual cycle are reported, even in young voxxinated women are being reported in large numbers. Dr Bridle reported that the Japanese Bio - distribution Study found particularly high levels of spiike proteen in the ovaries, where women’s eggs are created and stored. This would lead to permanent infertility since women only have a set number of eggs which cannot be re-created or replaced. Dr Yeadon, (former Chief Scientists for Pfizer), states that the gene based voxxines are designed to causes one’s own antibodies to attack the S1 protein that is found in the placenta, and this could be the reason why so many miscarriages have been reported during pregnancy after the voxxine has been administered. The release of Pfizers documents proves that pregnant women were not even included in Pfizers safety trials, which is why Dr Yeadon and others claim these medications should never be given to them. Pregnant women; Other evidence Another recent report has been released concerning increased infertility amongst the vaccinated by a rate of at least 60-70%; So this raises the question as to whether or not there may be a depopulation agenda present as most of the doctors brave enough to warn the public appear to be concluding. 

The voxxine itself has been found to escape into the blood stream: Dr Hoffe found that 75% of the actual voxxine itself gets into the blood stream and can spread to the rest of your body where it will enter other cells and start producing billions of spike proteens from them; The voxxines themselves  seed themselves into the blood stream in the same way as the spike proteens they produce do. As I understand it at least 30% of the mmRNA often gets into the blood stream so these Pharmaceutical Co.’s, were covering up and lying to us again when they falsely claimed that both the spiek proteens and voxxine itself remained in the injection site. They have already designed and used voxxination that deliberately seed themselves like this. One example has been proven in rats. They were injected with a medication that would sterilise them, this left the injection site and travelled around their bodies to such a degree that they would excrete it in their sweat or saliva. On contact other rats were then absorbing the medication and would get sterilised too without having to be injected. This was so effective that only 10% of the rats had to be injected in order to sterilise the entire population in the trail. An e.g. of how this could affect side effects; if some of the mRNAm or dDNA from a voxxine was to get into the blood stream and pass into that persons brain, then it would start creating and releasing billions of toxic spiike proteens from there. The surrounding brain tissue would then be impacted far more than perhaps the lungs or other organs of that particular person.???? WHERE

V) The oligarchs wanted to also genetically voxxinate everyone including the young: The big family banking dynasties and their cohorts, (known as the 1% er’s, although far fewer in No than that), suggested using a viral pandemic as a way to introduce new authoritarian measures to control the masses in the name of helping save lives, (see in the Roockerfeller Foundations “Opperatioon Louckstep,” link, These are the same oligarchs the masses protested against on the streets after the 2008 banking crisis. They control Big Pharma, most of the main media, and 40% of the entire stock market through their Great Finance Houses Vanguard and Blackrock. They want to voxxinate everyone in line with the Rockefellers Plan. However the young are automatically resistant to all coronaviruses since their immune systems are more efficient and are rarely harmed seriously by cavid1/9. So these billionaire oligarchs, and the main media they control, told a lie. They claimed, quite falsely that the young could be carriers of the disease without them having any symptoms themselves and that they should, therefore, also be voxxinated in order to stop them passing the (symptomless version of) disease on to their grandparents who were vulnerable. According to Dr Yeadon and other scientists this is a nonsense. If you don’t have enough of the disease to even fill your own lungs with viras, (enough to even cause any symptoms), then only in extremely rare cases could you be a danger to others by sneezing or breathing the disease onto others. It’s the same with the common cold, we don’t lockdown healthy symptomless people for months or give them jaab’s or other medications in case they pass a cold on even though there are no signs they are even ill. This was all a lie to help promote the voxxines to every citizen on earth for other agendas, (that I will mention later, in particular to bring in voxxine pussports and then Bill Gates Voxxine pussport microdot chip in the hand which can be track and traced 24/7). They also wanted all healthy children and young adult’s voxxinated as well,in order to  monitored and control them via the proposed digital pussport I.D system in the future too. In the USA Biden is even voxxinating children 6 month and older with these new gennetic voxxines despite their own genome being even more vulnerable to being permanently influenced by these. Fortunately the American public are becoming aware of the dangers and there has been a very low uptake of these vxxines being given to the under 12’s. Babies are extremely unlikely to be harmed by coronaviruses but are particularly suspecptable to long term damage, (including mutations to their own dDNAA), by being injected by these dDNAA or mmRNAA medications. Early on in 2020 Dr Yeadon described the targeting of children with these toxic voxxine’s as the most evil act.

W) APPENDIX: List of leading whistle-blowers, world leading voxxine creators, virologist and doctors: 


The UK’s official Cavid-19 Voxxine Surveillance Report, published 24th Feb 2022; found that 9 out of 10 deaths from Cavid 19 are now amongst voxxinated people, with the vast majority recorded among the triple voxxinated. The full 58 page report; COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report - week 8 (



M.P speaks out in Parliament but only a handful of M.P’s turn up to listen, whilst concerned he wasn’t aware of the following:

Dr Bridle, (one of Canada’s leading immunologists), was the first to bring this to Dr Malone’s attention. He had peer reviewed that Japanese Study along with other international scientists. Dr Bridle was so shocked by the findings that despite previously trusting the voxxine Co.’s he changed position and publically declared that, quote; “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now… It’s very disconcerting. The spiike proteen gets into the blood, circulates through the blood in individuals over several days post vaccination… spiike proteen travels to the brain, heart, lungs and causes damage and bleeding… [to] ovaries, harming maternal-fetal… we are inadvertently inoculating people with a toxin that can cause cardi-vascular damage, infertility… We didn’t realise it was so dangerous!” See 4 min vid by Fox News, Also (you could skip the first 6 to 10 min’s).

Dr Luc Montagnier, (winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the H.I.V virus), described today’s gene based voxxines as; “the biggest risk… in the history of humanity.” He, and now many other scientists, have discovered that part of the H.I.V spiike proteen has been genetically engineered into the cavid spiike proteen, (cavid 19 had already been scientifically proven to be a man-made/man-modified virus as the genetic sequence couldn’t have arisen from nature).  The H.I.V part of the spiike can lead to an even greater medium and long term break down of a person’s immune system, resulting cavid induced AIDS, (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The voxxines will cause part of the H.I.V spiike proteens to also be replicated, in the tens of billions, by voxxinated peoples own cells which will also travel into the blood stream. Review; This is thought to explain the rapid rise in cancer cases being recorded since the voxxine rollouts.

Dr Zelenko explains vaccine induced AIDS risk,

Dr Ruby recently interviewed a funeral director who works as an embalmer.  He shared videos of the same huge, rarely seen before, white, string like blood clotting material, found by himself and other embalmers, in the dead bodies of many voxxinated people who had died of heart attacks and strokes. Some were up to four feet long, running the entire length of the leg. He said these would inevitably lead to death, (please scroll down link page to see those videos),

Dr McCullough, (the most cited Doctor in covid 19 protocol and treatment), both projected live video messages to that same truckers rally against compulsory voxxination. It is surely time our politicians started paying attention to these scientific whistle-blowers, rather than accepting Big Pharma’s slanderous depiction of them as the tin foil hat brigade and their censorship of them.

Dr Bhakdi, who, (along with Dr Montagnier), was one of the first whistle blowers to warn that these vaccines could cause Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E). In this video he  warns about the dangers of amateurs taking over the medical profession with their wealth, (the Bill Gates Foundation, the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s dynasties have very close links with, and fund the W.H.O, they also control Big Pharma and invest in virus and vaccine research and development).

Even Dr. Paul Offit, whose faith in voxxines is legendary, expressed surprise and dismay at the FDA’s decision to move forward with vaccinations without holding an open meeting to allow experts to comment on the data. He told CNBC: (CNBC Mat 29th 2022), “It’s just sort of fait accompli. So, is this the way it works? We talk endlessly about how we follow the science — it doesn’t seem to work out that way.”

Dr Zelinko; who successfully treated Donald Trump, talks about censorship; also the voxxine risks to children, (1.43 min vid),

Dr Kory and Dr Marik founders of “Front Line CAVID-19 Critical Care Alliance,” both of whom advocated and successfully used Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to treat cavid.

Dr Ben Marvel of “My Free Doctor,” which has successfully treated Over 150,000 COVID-19 Patients with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, with a 99.99% Survival rate.

Dr Gold; Founder of “Americas Frontline Doctors,” has also used Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin treatments successfully and stood against vaccine mandates and misinformation.

Dr Tenpenny is another American anti gene based vaccination Doctor who warns about the voxxines and advocates Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, who, over the years has spent over far more than 40,000 hours researching voxxines,

*Dr Yeadon, (one of the UK’s leading virologists and a former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer), has several warning videos which can be found on and elsewhere. Try this 3 min video; He has also stated that the “SAGE” health advisers to the UK’s Government don’t have a single virologists amongst them, and warns that Pfizer have rigged their safety data.

*The Canadian Cavid Care Alliance; (which consists of 500 Doctors), undertook an in depth Scientific Study in Feb 2022, now a video documentary entitled; More Harm Than Good,” they also found that Pfizer had rigged their safety data, thereby backing up Dr Yeadon’s claims;

Dr Campbell; (a conventional Dr who has no knowledge of conspiracies), explains how Myocarditis heart issues were 84 - 130 X higher amongst young vaccinated men, with a huge increase in sportsmen suddenly dying of heart attack on the field since the vaccination rollout began; (jump forward to 26 min’s into his vid). He also stated how hard he found filling in the “Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System,” (VAERS), despite being a doctor. The worlds No 1 tennis player, Nadal, may be the most recent potential victim of voxxine induced heart issues from the spike proteins; many other sportsmen have been dropping dead in the field during strenuous exercise:

Dr Merritt; underlines the deliberate nature of these voxxine dangers, vid;

Doctors discuss long term effects and a Swedish paper which reveals that voxxines mRNA injections can permanently change our own DNA, posing the question does this lead to mutant cyborg humans?

Dr Hui Jiang and Dr Ya-Fang Mei: Stunning new research published on virases, the research paper is entitled, SARRS–CoVV–2 Spiike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro” undertaken at the Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner–Gren Institute, Stockholm University, Sweden, and the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Virology, Umeå University, Sweden. Where these gene based voxxines were found to drastically reduce life expectancy to as little as five more years post voxxination, 

Professor Yuval Noah Harari speaking at the World Economic Forum about genetically hacking and changing human beings into different species;

Dr Mikovits; a viras expert whose been working in this specific field and creating cell lines since 1983, claims there is no natural cavid 19 viras but that it is man-made, and that the genetically engineered spiike proteens are the main toxin in both the “viras” (really a man-made genetic sequence), as well as in the voxxines that recreate billions of those same spike proteens,

Dr Madej had been warning about a planned Trans-human agenda based on gene based voxxines for many years before the pundemic. She had attended lectures in which the lecturers and audience of scientists had laughed at the serious prospect of genetically engineering the masses into become servile slaves, cyborgs whose own genetic codes belonged to the elite. 

Dr Madej’s warnings now appear to be vindicated by recent statements from Charles Schwab, (Founder of The World Economic Forum, Chairman of the oligarchs great Finance House “Vanguard,” close friend of the Rockefellers and who partnered Bill Gates in running the “Event 201” war games which they stated themselves were in preparation for a corona virus pandemic, held, suspiciously, only 6 weeks before the actual outbreak started, (3 min vid); Schwab states that cyborg technology and genetic engineering are going to sweep upon the public as part of a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” that will change the very nature of our identity and who we think we are.  Could this agenda explain why only gene based injections were offered to people in the western world, not the ordinary Chinese voxxine, (which was authorised by the W.H.O and used by Brazil, Turkey and many other nations). Is this why other existing cavid medications were supressed in order to bring in the gene voxxine technology through Emergency Use Authorisation that buy passed safty trials?

The IPC, (Israeli health professionals), claimed that there were, quote; catastrophic side effects of the Pfizer voxxine to every system in the human body.” Here’s their article, and site

Dr Yeadon discuses vaccines with another 8 Doctors and the deliberate nature of toxicity, They all believe, as most doctors acting as whistle blowers now do, that both the viras and voxxines are being used to promote new authoritarian rules and controls,(e.g. voxxine passports, lockdowns and the laws now passed restricting street protests), that the majority would not normally accept.

Other Doctors and Scientists speak out about the existence of a synthetic A.I.D’s protein found to have been genetically inserted in the covid 19 viruses spike protein and replicated by these gene based voxxines, resulting in the long term depletion of the immune system and cancer formation,   Search results for: HIV cancer in vaccines (

Senator Robert Kennedy warns about the Gates’ Foundations appalling record concerning their vaccines over the past 15 years, as well as the dangers of todays, Bill Gates funded, gene based vaccines. This is not the clearest website but contains a lot of Senator Kennedys info, who despite his position and family background has been experiencing intense censorship for a decade now,

There are so many other highly qualified whistle blowers but let’s end with Dr Mike Yeadon’s warning, (a former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer), originally given in an interview with Americans Frontline Doctors, (AFLDS), site; (a large group of  US doctors who are warning about these gean based voxxines and providing alternative medications that have proven to be extremely effective);

Other Info: US Senators have also exposed emails between Dr Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, forcing them to admit they conspired to supress evidence that the cavid 19 voxxine was man made, adapted for them in the Wuhan lab. Evidence was produced that proved they conspired together to deceive the public and promote the false bats from the Wuhan Wet Market theory instead;

Even the 95% efficacy figure paraded by these Co.’s through the main media concerning the stated effectiveness of their voxxines was not what it appeared. The public understandably assumed that it meant that 95 out of 100 voxxinated people would not get ill from the virus when it means nothing of the sort. Here is a link to recent research undertaken by the “Canadian Covid Alliance” again, which goes into detail about the other safety info tricks and rigging of data these, previously criminalised,  Co.’s have engage in concerning the cavid  voxxines;





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