C69) A division in the US church, the Interfaith is arising, decisions to make, (S. Dobbs June 2015):

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 "There will soon be a division of ways amongst believers as the interfaith arises. Those believers of good conscience will avoid the interfaith because it is full of contradictions and contradicts My gospel and My name. A door of decision is open a jar but will soon be closing.

 Lies from the pit of hell are also arising; these state that revival is about to come to this land, (the USA ). Many are saying “it is in our natures, it is in our very beings; revival is coming upon us as we are in the likeness of Christ. The stone was rolled away from the tomb and now we are here, we are the ones He will send, we are the ones who respond to God in ministry. We are like Elisha, the miraculous ones; we have abandoned the old protestant focus on works and self righteousness.” 

However, the Promised Land of their imaginations started to fail when they saw that the economy was bankrupt and indebtedness reigned. Then the door started closing on their hopes for the future including their hopes for prosperity. Now a dividing line and a decision time have come. Will they choose to go above this line and face heavenwards or go below it and renew their hopes in the earthly realm? And will unbelief in their first hope cause them to close their ears to this warning?”

S. Dobbs, 8th June, 2015.