C88) TO THE MAORI PEOPLE; (Lila Diprose, 20/6/2005):

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The Maori people, My people of the land of New Zealand, will take up My banner in the days to come.

My Maori people will have an authority to destroy the works of the enemy, says the Lord. I will give them a great measure of my power to pull down strongholds in this Nation.

My Maori people have a special part to play. They will be forerunners, running ahead to destroy the devil's works so that when the Elijah army comes there will be a path already made to prepare the way.

My Maori people will see into the spiritual realm in a mighty way. I will give them special eyes to see into the heavens, they will be my spiritual warriors. Warriors, whom I will give weapons of warfare like never before.

They have an insight into this land that even the white people do not know because of their roots.

My Maori people have had much persecution through the church, but I am watching over them and I love them, says the Lord. I will avenge those that have ravaged and rejected them, says the Lord.

They will walk a path when my Spirit comes, that the soles of their feet will burn a fire where they tread.

My Maori people, do not be discouraged for your loved ones, because I am going to bring a mighty move of salvation on their lives. I will take care of them. All you need to do is keep your eyes on me, keep your hearts close to me. Do not stray away from me, and I will do the rest, says the Lord.

I am a Strong and Powerful Almighty God and I will release my power to whom I choose and my Maori people are the ones that will have the spiritual ability and insight to carry it, says the Lord.