C89) PROPHETIC WORD FOR NEW ZEALAND; (From the Inuit of the Arctic Circle, Aug 2004):

This links to word No C88, C90

Out of the ground of New Zealand I am releasing favour and wisdom to bring restoration to the land. This is a new hour for New Zealand. Arise you peoples of New Zealand.

To the Maori people – Your time of waiting and depending on others to do it for you must end. For your Lord is upon you. You must arise for what the Lord has imparted in your hearts – the Lord has entrusted you to move like no other.

As you begin your warfare I will release heaven to begin a new flow in the Spirit all over the world. The only voice that can release this new flow is the Maori peoples.

You are in a critical hour Maori people. There is a great authority within you that no one else has in this world. An authority that will release heaven and cast down the enemy. As you declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ heaven will release a measure that this world cannot contain.

I am raising up new leaders that will conquer this land. You are in an hour of opportunity. Do not think that this window will stay open. I have given you fathers that will raise you up. If you have spiritual ears - you must hear.