A84) The end times are here, a spiritual experience/warning, (S. Dobbs, 5th Dec, 2020):

[I’ve just realised that I’ve already typed up another version of this as B19 back in March… but,  since I’ve now finished this version, may as well keep this online as well, (I’ve never known a time when the devils power’s to distract and waste our time are so strong and effective)].

I’ve had this type of spiritual experience twice in 2020, once around about Feb, the second two months or so later. I will refer to the first one as this was the clearest and most vivid. It was near the start of 2020, during the temporary food shortages, which I think were when the lockdown, or when the Coronavirus restrictions, were first announced. I went to my local Tesco’s Express store as usual. I was surprised to see the changes they had introduced for the first time. There was tape on the ground outside to help with social distancing, cues to get inside the store, semi barricades inside to channel shoppers into a one way system and a table with hand cleanser and paper towels on it for those who wanted to disinfect themselves. As I walked down the first isle I saw that some of the shelves were empty as they had run out of certain products that people had decided to stock pile. This was all new and slightly alarming but what everyone would have experienced. However, as I was about half way down the first isle I felt an anointing from God come upon me. This is hard to describe; it was not the type of anointing I would experience at a meeting or sometimes in prayer but an anointing that I instantly recognised as something I had experienced years before in about 2003/4. This had been as I left one particularly anointed meeting at a small African church planting I had been involved with. I had popped out at the end to go to a nearby cash point machine, as I had no money on me, because I was inspired by that meeting to make a slightly larger than normal offering. As I left and walked down the street, (in 2003/4), the Holy Spirit stayed upon me and around me, as it were, which I hadn’t expected, in a way that was unusual. I was wondering to the bank in a normal earthly worldly way and yet the Holy Spirit remained upon me. Gods Spirit wasn’t revealing the presence of Jesus or the Father to me but was giving me a predictive feeling about how it would feel in the future, in the anointing, during the end times. I was being shown that there would be more anointing available then but also the beginnings of the start of a persecution of Christians. As if the sentiment for a persecution will have started to spread amongst unbelievers and across society by then. It would be great to be more anointed like that, to feel so much more spiritually aware and awake than I normally am, but I was also aware that this would come at that cost. I was aware that Christians would appear anointed to others, to unbelievers, that this couldn’t be hidden, and whilst they would, therefore, seem far more loving, fruitful and godly than normal unbelievers would not like this. Under normal circumstances you would expect that to be a very attractive quality to unbelievers, however, in the very end times, (say approx. during the last 7 years or so would be my guess), many unbelievers would recognise this as a “Christian” vibe and have animosity towards those Christians. Basically the world would not like the anointing of Gods Holy Spirit. I sensed that to remain anointed one would have to be willing the pay that price, (I guess the alternative would be to withdrew from God and suffer whatever consequences that entailed concerning ones faith?). I sensed this would not be easy. Well that same anointing came upon me as I walked down the aisle in Tesco’s in 2020. It didn’t last as long but was a real surprise to me, and really caught my attention. I felt that God was communicating with me a bit more personally on this occasion too, as if He was overshadowing me, just outside of my ability to perceive Him, (maybe because I was halfway through shopping and God wasn’t trying to distract me from that). At first I wondered if this was just my shocked reaction to the empty shelves etc. because they gave a cinematic like quality to my shopping trip, a bit like being in one of those end of the world type films. However, it was far more than just the natural, though, there was that same anointing upon me that I had experienced years before. I hadn’t thought about it for over fifteen years but it was very pronounced. So I was experiencing the shock from the unexpected changes to Tesco’s and the empty shelves at the same time as the anointing I had experienced years before. This made a deep impression upon me. It gave me a taster of what is about to start, it was showing me that we had now entered that very end times season. It also revealed that food shortages and authoritarian measures were here to stay, and no doubt will get worse as time goes on. Things are not going to return to normal. The evident end times are here. I don’t have dates but my guess would be that we are now within the last ten years or so of Christ’s return.

The shocking thing is that deep though that experience had been by the time I got home its impression on me had started to lessen. I didn’t manage to respond as I had intended with more prayer and a refocus on serving Gods greater purposes as my main priority in life either. Within just two weeks or so I had more or less forgotten that experience and lost that perspective. I started to view life again as if nothing concerning end times was happening. This felt quite good and reflects juts how easily Satan can blind us and lead us into a false sense of security. It took a repeat of that experience about two months later and then a prophecy concerning the end times and coronavirus, A75, for me to respond appropriately to God. I was extremely fortunate to get three warnings like that, most people won’t get any. God showed me later that I almost became like one of the five foolish virgins. As I have a small prophetic ministry I don’t believe that experience was just for my benefit, though, but for others too, so I am sharing it here. We are surely part of the last generation and I believe the last seven years could start sooner than people expect. As it was in the days or Noah etc. Now is the time of opportunity to respond appropriately to God, to follow Jesus as earnestly as the N/T Christians did. Many are falling into a spiritual slumber. I had started to myself despite having many prophecies since the late 1990’s relating to the coming end times. I never thought I would forget that the end times were coming but I almost did. This reveals just how much influence the enemy has in this season to distract and spiritually blind us. Keep watch, just as Jesus said to, in the gospels. Respond to God fully now before it’s too late. Soon many will start to fall quickly away from the faith before the really obvious end times signs become apparent, and for them it will then be too late.

Link to notes on the meaning of the Jewish idiom, “no one knows the day or hour.”

S. Dobbs, 5th Dec, 2020.