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A86) An authoritarian system is creeping in quickly and surreptitiously, like

A86) An authoritarian system is creeping in quickly and surreptitiously, like the tide of a shallow but fast advancing sea. God will be at work too though like an end times sunset, (S. Dobbs, 29th, April, 2021):

This word links to No A89, A45, A27

As I was talking with a friend I believe God started to minister to us. I then started getting images of a beach appearing in my mind’s eye which I believe were from the Holy Spirit. It was a scene I know well from somewhere I have visited. I saw there were mud flats beyond the sand on this beach, where the sea would go out a very long way, at times almost as far out as the horizon. The sea is shallow for a long way out and the waves small, a foot at most and sometimes only a few inches high. When the tide turns the sea moves in surprisingly fast because it had to cover a long distance to reach the shoreline. As its waves are usually small and its depth shallow it creeps in quietly and surreptitiously, though, almost like a great moving lake. It comes in fast to cover the vast mud flats beyond the sandy beach. Many of those who walk way out onto the mud flats get caught by surprise, as the sea comes back in quickly to ensnares them, and  then the mud turns into quicksand under their feet, making it difficult and sometimes impossible to then get back to the shore. I believe that the globalist’s plans and agendas that we saw released in 2020 will, therefore, emerge on a larger scale surprisingly quickly and catch many people off guard.

[Many people have to be rescued by helicopters and some even die on such coastlands, caught between the fast moving tide and the quicksand like mud that appears as the sea draws nearer to them. The mud makes it hard for them to walk back to shore and the shallow sea makes it hard to swim. As the sea gets deeper there are also strong currents flowing beneath which can drag even the strongest swimmers out into the deep. Some inexperienced Chinese, immigrant labourers were working as cockle pickers on such a beach a few years ago. They were caught by the returning tide that they thought would take longer to reach them than it did, and quicksand that suddenly started to develop under their feet as the shallow sea approached. Sadly all of them were drowned].

What I believe God showed me was that this represented the spirit of the coming season, an advance of the kingdom of darkness around us now. This related to the emergence of global governance in the world around us. It didn’t seem that threatening to us yet but was already disorientating to one’s spirit and mind and hard to spot and predict. What was now advancing was subtle and hard to discern, like the sea in the picture above, still small scale and almost insignificant but powerful and dangerous for those who are unawares by what is coming.

I was also shown a picture of an influence appearing in the distance in sky, a light shimmering amidst thin cloud, that then suddenly flashed blindingly bright, a full flash of intense light that eclipse the scene. This was a coming wave of deception that was going to target both Christians and unbelievers, soon. It was from the enemy, in the heavenlies. It wouldn’t seem attractive at first. It would be linked to something new, to "the promise of a new creation" with the potential for hope, even in the season of coming troubles. The promise was deceptive and from man, though, not God.

My friend had the word “New World Order” come into his minds eye which he believed was from God.

I saw that where we were at right now was equivalent to the tiny little gullies and tributaries that appear on that beach before the main body of water arrives. They are tiny, just inches wide that appear in the mud flats ahead of the approaching sea. I understood that this was the stage we were witnessing right now in the world around us. These small gullies in the mud are about to start filling up with water, as the first signs of the approaching sea, and a new thing from the enemy approaches. This represented changes at a lower political and organisational level that were about to occur, (perhaps policies implemented at, for e.g. local council level, or maybe in shops, in advance of the main larger scale changes to come). New creation related policies, relating to the coming globalism and higher level intergovernmental government policies that will arrive later. These tiny mud gullies were mostly empty at present but were soon about to start filling up with less than an inch or so of water that would flow into them in advance of the fast approaching sea.

The pictures changed again as if I were looking outward to the large body of sea, whose tide had now come in nearer towards us. On the horizon I saw islands and at the edges of this scene the headlands circling in from either side from this vantage point. These were made of solid masses of rock. I knew that this represented the Global Government that would arrive in the world later, which appeared to arise out of the sea in this picture. I understood this picture to be related to the beast empire of Rev Ch 13, a beast empire that appears out of the sea. At present we were at the point in time when we only seeing the first little trickles of water reach us in advance of the main body of water, though, tiny indications of the darker, heavy, oppressive, dark rock like globalist polices to come.  

I then saw wonderful reflections of blue, red, purple, orange, yellow and golden colours in the water within the little gullies, pools and streams of water in the mud.  The colour was being reflected by the water from an amazing sunset in the sky above, the colour wasn’t from the water itself. I think the water represented the people, with many being manoeuvred by the enemy across the earth, channelled by the gullies in the mud, whilst many will also reflect Gods glory or become aware of Gods glory, majesty and works in the end times, (I think there’s probably more to it than that).

The sunset was similar to a similar picture I believe God had given me many years before. I understood that both represented a great move of Gods Spirit in the end time’s, which will bring in the great harvest. A global move of God within the darkening atmosphere in the world overall, as the sky grows darker as we head towards the end of this age.

I think the mud and tributaries represented the globalists polices that will channel society and people down certain lines. I think the main body of the sea coming in later on represented the strong direction the people of the world would be moved in by the globalist currents of the enemy, once these had more momentum and force, (although this wasn’t the focus of this word). In the bible Jesus said that eventually his followers will be hated by all nations for His names sake, (Matt 24; 9).  The emphasis in this word was that we are now just entering the early stages of this.

First the globalists polices will come to pass at the smaller level, like the tiny tributaries and streams that form in the mud, (perhaps, (?), for e.g. at local council, organisation, and maybe shop level?*). I think these enemy moves will start just before a global move of Gods Spirit arrives, since I saw the reflections of the sunset in the pools of water after the water had started to be channelled by the mud in that way. So the influence of the globalists on people in smaller ways came first. As I consider this, though, the fact that I saw the sunset reflected in the water in the small gullies, in advance of the main body of the sea that would arrive later, suggests to me that a move of Gods Spirit will arrive quite soon before the dangers of the globalists polcies become obvious and apparent to everyone, and before the real dangers become obvious.

 S. Dobbs, 29th April – May 8th, 2021.

 [I think we really need to be praying for discernment now, perhaps more than ever, as the main thrust of my prophecies on this site are warnings about a deceptive counterfeit move, a fake move of God, accompanied by counterfeit, occult, spiritual manifestations, which will precede the genuine revival that is symbolised as a great sunset in the above word. This causes me to think that the great wave of deception from the enemy must be really close at hand now, maybe this year, although I have never been given any dates. We need to remain as watchful and prayerful, and submit ourselves to God as much as we can, more than ever if possible, during 2021].

“For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away,”  (Matt 24; 37, 38, R.A.V).


* Many shops are already planning towards using card only payment systems in small subtle ways, like the shallow inch wide tributaries filling with tiny trickles of water in the picture above. My local Tesco’s for example has replaced all its self-service checkouts with card payment only machines, which won’t accept cash. Macdonald’s have also installed card machines with most service tills now dedicated to them with only one left for cash payments which are being discouraged from use as they claim cash can pass the virus onto people. These changes appear to be designed (by the powers above), to prepare people to move across to a cashless society later on, with only credit cards then being used and no cash at all, followed by moves towards credit card chips being placed actually in the hand amongst anyone who volunteers to have that, so their cards cannot be lost, and don’t have to be swiped, this being encouraged at first but ultimately enforced, 666.

Another example, maybe people not being allowed into certain, public places, pubs, clubs, cinemas or major sporting events unless they have been vaccinated for Coronavirus and carry Identity Passports to prove this, which could be replaced with chip in the hand bio passports later on, for those who choose to use these as they are more “convenient,” which can be scanned tracked and traced wherever a person’s goes. This then prepares people to receive a credit card chip in the hand too, later on, perhaps as part of that same vax passport chip, (?) so that it is also used to buy and sell, as well as “prove” someone is free from the virus, in the final Beast Empire, Rev 13; 17?

All such, potential, examples could be introduced very subtly, gradually, gently, in a way that does not seem at all threatening, based at first on a voluntary system, then with increasing media coercion, with coercion from neighbours, family and friends following that. I’ve already had someone tell me they won’t visit me because I’ve not had the Vaccine, even though their AstraZeneca jab made them ill wit severe muscle pain fro about 24 hours and only yesterday they are now not mandatory for people over 40 years of age, due to the danger of strokes, when this was announced as safe just last month for anyone over 30. I heard someone else I know say, last month, that they were only going to associated “with normal people from now on,” by which she meant those who had been vaccinated. A tiny little bit of pressure to conform to the globalists policies, not intended, but which bugged me. A small tributary filling up early on with water perhaps? We know that the corporate media could easily whip up a hysteria later on, we saw how they had us all banging our saucepan lids in support for the NHS at the start of the lockdowns,  and how some got quite nasty, or where complaining on phone in radio shows about those who didn’t join in. This is already happening across Israel, who were first nation to do a full vax rollout, where people claim there is now a two their system, with those who are not vaxxed under extreme pressure, not yet so much from the state itself but from the rest of the population, influenced by the media into following the globalists agenda. With huge pressure now coming from the rest of the population on any dissenters whose liberty isn’t considered at all, who instead are now being accused by people of being as “disease spreaders.”  Israeli reporters say that at least 50% of the population don’t agree with vax passports but only the staunchest warriors resist and hold out against them with everyone else succumbing to the social pressure. I see that as like sinking into the mud with the water reaching knee height making it hard to extricate one’s self and get back onto the firm grounds of the sandy beach in the distance. Thinking about it we are already banned from shops unless we don’t wear face masks. Maybe council buildings, citizens Advice Centres and job centres soon won’t allow people in without vax passports Identity cards? At what point do we as Christians make a stand? What if your vicar won’t allow you to church without a vax passport, with regular weekly testing to prove its up to date, or if this becomes a national requirement? It’s all going to creep in surreptitiously like the shallow sea in that picture above, so we surely need to beware  and start making our way to the more solid sand towards the land before we are too caught up and compromised, as then it will be that much harder to extricate ourselves later on. Perhaps we should each be seeking God in how to respond instead of following the T.V and mainstream media and the advice of our secular non-Christian Government?

As I write I can now appreciate how this is similar to being caught way out from land on those apparently safe and secure mud flats, where the sea still look so far away, as it is even further out. Even when we know it’s approaching, and even when it’s at our feet, it’s in such small little harmless trickles, in a way that it doesn’t evoke any concern. Because the main body of water is still hundreds of yards away you think you have plenty of time to turn back to the mainland later, or start casually strolling back at a leisurely pace now with no concern, or you can get distracted paddling in the few inches of water that have reached you, looking at the beauty of it all. Once you’re actually standing on the wet mud though it’s not so easy to escape because every step you make is hindered by your feet sinking down deeper as shift your feet to move. The more you hurry the deeper you sink, and the more you are surrounded by the incoming sea which can outflank you in some places. Or the small streams join and run into deeper tributaries which can cut off your route to shore. It’s then impossible to walk at normal pace. It’s as if the sea is out pacing you, and then all around you, moving in surprisingly fast, much faster than seemed possible. The mud then starts to act like quicksand and you can easily sink in deeper with each step, so your progress slows down further, or comes to a complete stop, whilst the incoming tide appears to speed up as the sea gets deeper around you.

Some of those Chinese cockle pickers filmed this happening to them on their mobile phones, some of the film survived and was shown on the evening news. A few were still laughing and finding it almost funny at this point, as the water reached knee height, whilst others started to get really concerned and panicked, especially those who couldn’t swim. Once the sea starts approaching waist height there are strong currents which can even pull a strong swimmer back out to sea, and can then suck then under the water to their deaths. It’s all very deceptive, though, as the water is still calm and non-threatening on the surface. Those Chinese immigrants did not understand the environment they were operating in, and so had not been keeping watch for the sea, they were caught off guard and every one of them perished and drowned before an alarm was raised or emergency services were able to reach them. Sometimes at such places people managed to make it back to more solid mud and then onto the sand and safe ground, though, or are rescued by lifeboat or helicopter.

 It’s important, maybe vital, for us, as Christians, to know what is going on around us in this end times season because the sea is coming in much faster than most of us realised. The pandemic and political events in the USA have taken almost everyone by surprise. It is also hard to remain vigilant because things are happening in small steps, incrementally, in little waves, so each one doesn’t appear that threatening. The lockdowns were introduced in the UK in March 2020 as a temporary 2 -3 week period in order to flatten the curve. They were officially ended in October only to be resumed, just for 3 weeks we were told, in November. Then they were extended to Christmas and beyond. We were told that March 2021 was definitely going to be the end of these authoritarian measures, but when March arrived we were told that they would only be ending gradually, with the main measures not being removed until May 17th. Who of us expected to be under almost continual lockdown, (apart from a few weeks),  for a year and two months? It crept in gradually, incrementally, surreptitiously. When we were told things would be back to normal. Now there are rumours of new pandemics on their way and the need to be prepared for further measures in the future just in case. I don’t believe that the sea is going to start going back out because the lockdowns are ending in 9 days, whether there’s another pandemic, (as both Bill Gates and his new critic the vax expert Dr Bossche both says there will be), or not. The move towards a more authoritarian system and then a One World Government is, I believe, going to happen at an accelerating pace. This may not be at a steady pace, though, it could be like wave after wave coming in with lulls in between, tiny one inch waves followed by a few small one footer waves, but nothing to really concern us unless we are aware of the devils agenda overall. The above word suggests that things will moving at a surprisingly fast pace, with no great waves being made, instead a shallow tide rushing across the mud flats towards us, that appears more like a calm but moving lake than a dangerous tide and sea. Some may think they are going about life as before, like the winkle pickers who were at work. Others may be enjoying life and think they are on holiday at a beach, whist all the time the sea of global authoritarianism is rushing in towards them, and at a frightening pace. The Lord God Almighty will be moving in the world too, though, producing an end times sunset in the darkening sky’s, that will bring in His end times harvest of souls before Christ’s Return as His physical 2nd Coming. [A revival isn’t the return of Christ as some claim, as Jesus came with a body the first time so will return with His body the second time, (Acts 1; 11)].

S. Dobbs, 8th May, 2021.



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