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A89) Avoid Falling into Unbelief by following Jesus’ Teachings Prepare for the

A89)  Avoid Falling into Unbelief by following Jesus’ Teachings.  Prepare for the End Times and Emerging Global Government, (Steve Dobbs, 26th July, 2022):

This word links to prophecies No A86, A78, A9.

Introduction: I wanted to write something about the importance of keeping watch for end times signs, particularly in this season, (which is something Jesus instructed us to do), and was seeking God to see if what I wanted to say was OK and could be posted on this website. The Lord then started giving me the following prophecy instead. The message took on a very different emphasis to what I was intending to write and ended up being quite a challenge to me personally. It is, however, also a corporate word to be posted out to others as well. I don’t yet have clear enough discernment on it but believe it is more than likely of God. I have tried to describe the symbolic pictures I saw, along with the interpretation of them, so the reader can then weigh these up for themselves more easily. Where I have put words in italics, for e.g. “the ignorant,” they were the exact words I saw, often superimposed upon pictures. I have put in brackets [“ ”] those parts that reflect my own interpretation or ideas when these were not given directly to me by the Spirit.  We appear to me to be so close to the last seven years now that interpretation to parts of this end times prophecy are now real life events unfolding around us rather than  future predictions of events as previous prophecies have often depicted them. This prophecy, therefore, runs a little different to my previous ones as the interpretation of prophecy and analysis of world events around us are now becoming blurred into one. This makes it hard to know how much to add as interpretation and what to leave out. This is why I have used [“ “]’s for those sections. You can, therefore, drew your own conclusions from the pictures themselves because everyone should be weighng up and seeking their own discernment and interpretation of prophecies. I must say that I’m extremely confident of the following interpretation, though, and the Red Carpet at the beginning being related to “present” end times events.

The Red Carpet and White Building: I saw a picture of Red Carpet being rolled out towards White Steps that led up to the front of a White Building, which was looming large despite being further away in the background. The White Building had pillars at the front of it and emanated a soft, subtle, off white coloured light that was almost tinged with yellow, (a bit like that from an old fashioned light bulb or gas light), i.e. it wasn’t a blinding white light but in this picture was definitely of God. The White Building and the light that came from it represented Gods Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven.

[Please note that this building definitely did not symbolise the US White House. It was a similar styled building although squarer in its shape and proportions].

The Red Carpet: The Red Carpet reminded me of the type celebrity’s walk on when they attend the Oscars. This Carpet was in the process of being unrolled, with maybe about a quarter of it rolled out so far, i.e. the part that was closest to us in the foreground. The remained was about to be gradually unrolled from there, right up to the steps at the front of the White Building. I understood that this Red Carpet represented the biblically predicted events which will unfold in the real world as we head into the end times. Where the Red Carpet had already been rolled out and was laid on the ground, symbolised the end times events that had either already happened or were about to happen as we, the saints, walked on that Red Carpet. Those events that had not yet happened were part of the Red Carpet that was still rolled up. Someone, (an unusually large figure, possibly an angel), was actually holding the rolled up section of the Carpet a small distance away, above the ground, in their arms.

[This suggests to me that God is telling us that the biblical end time’s events have already started, and are, in fact, well underway, although I don’t personally believe the last 7 year signs have occurred yet. It may be of interest that in the letter to Smyrna 10 days, (10 years), are mentioned, (see Rev 2; 10), not the last 7 years that several other early end times signs relate to, (such as those in the Book of Daniel). As the Book of Revelations starts out addressing the seven churches perhaps ten years is particularly relevant? That would approximately fit with this picture. Link to "no one knows the day or hour." The biblical events that relate to the last seven years should be quite obvious and easy to spot, (when they do occur), for anyone keeping watch. These relate to the end of the Ez Gog of Magog War and the emerging antichrist making a seven year peace treaty. However, I don’t see how we will know when the last 10 years have started?  That makes the three years immediately preceding the last seven years a particularly dangerous period. Satan is bound to focus on snaring Christians during that time, before the seven last year’s start, before Christians see any certain evidence that the end times have definitely started. This will be before many “Christians” are awake or even aware that they need to be vigilant. Furthermore 2 Thess 2; 3 warns about a great apostasy and falling away from the faith. St Paul appears to place the start of this before the appearance of the antichrist, which Daniel appears to link to seven years before the very end, in Dan 9; 27. These scriptures may all be relevant to this prophecy. This word has a focus on those “Christians” who (continue) to significantly deviate from Jesus teachings (in the way they may have always done but...) in this coming season they will find they get trapped in unbelief and are then unable to continue to follow Christ. Maybe this is how God intends to purify His church in the end times?]

The White Building: The symbolic white building related to the return of Christ as He will return to earth in bodily form and then fully and directly rule the world after the end times season has finished, once the carpet has been fully rolled out and reaches all the way to the steps at the bottom of the white building.

[So those who follow Christ are called to walk along the straight red carpet, through the end time’s events as they unfold, deeper into the light of Gods Kingdom along the way, and ultimately into the Kingdom that will be completely ruled by Christ on earth at His Second Coming, at the very end of the end times season].

Gods Kingdom: Whilst the white building relates to Gods Kingdom to come, (once Jesus returns in physical bodily form to rule the earth directly Himself according to the bible), I understood it also exists in the world already today as the light was already emanating from the white building towards the foreground and the present season where I was standing, from our present perspective of these things. The spiritual Kingdom of God in the world today will, as the end times events unfold lead to the concrete complete rule of God on earth in the future at the end of the fully unrolled red carpet, at the end of the end times season.

[Jesus also taught that God’s Kingdom was already in the world within hearts and minds of believers, to the degree that they are submitted to Him].

The Light of Gods Kingdom: Although the light emanating from the building was soft and subtle in hue it contrasted greatly with the darkness below this in the same picture.  The light appeared brighter the nearer the building one looked although this difference was also soft and subtle. Christians could move in both the lighter areas in the top section of the picture as well as below that in the darker areas beneath this.

The Undecided: I then saw a symbolic picture that depicted a Christian and their heart, they were undecided. They were undecided about whether the end times had started or not but more importantly they were undecided about the degree and depth to which they were willing to submit their lives to follow Jesus at that present time [the two things may often be linked].

Unbelief: Next I saw the word “unbelief.” This related to the unbelief that existed in the souls of Christians believers even though they had faith in Christ. In the context of this prophecy I would describe this as representing unbelief in God, the opposite of faith in God, unbelief in God as He really is.

[I would argue that this exists, in varying degrees, within our flesh/sinful/earthbound nature, which  we are supposed to be in the process of mortifying, that no one trusts God in faith, fully, a 100% of the time as Jesus did, and many people doubt Gods character and love at times - but some more than others].

Bad Revolutions: The picture above was then accompanied by one that represented the “revolutionary events” that are taking place on the earth at the moment. I understood there would also soon be revolutions of unbelief taking place in the hearts of many “Christian” believers as well. Both were referring to negative revolutions.

[I would interpret the first to relate to the pundemic and increasing authoritarianism that is emerging in the world, the later a revolution of rebellion against God that is going to emerge within the hearts of some/many “Christians.”]  

This picture could be viewed as if it were one picture divided in two, with the higher top and left-hand half section of the picture filled by the red carpet being rolled out towards the white building above. The lower and right hand section of the picture was in darkness with the words “unbelief” written there.

Gods Call: I understood that some sort of call or declaration then started resounding from the white building, going out to the world where the red carpet was in the process of being rolled out, as the end times events were unfolding in the world around us. This call/declaration was from God and so loud and clear it seemed unlikely that any Christian, or anyone else on earth, could have failed to hear it. However, those “Christians” who had moved into the lower, darker area of the picture, where the unbelief was, would not hear Gods call. The darkness which surrounded them and the unbelief there prevented them recognising or hearing this clear call from God. Those Christians were oblivious to the call.  

Warning signs: I then saw the words “warning” and “warning signs,” along with “the words of Jesus in the bible.”

*The Ignorant: I then saw the words “the ignorant.*” I understood that we should all be following the teachings of Jesus in our daily lives. I was given this as an example; the bible teaches us that we should not take revenge on people. 

[I think "the ignorant" relates to many not realising that salvation is in some way linked to us following Jesus teachings not just knowing them but doing the opposite. Many scholars claim that in Greek the word to "believe" relates to "adhere to" from which we get "adhesive," i.e. glue, so believing in that sense may mean "to adhere and stick to Jesus teachings in our lives."]

Footprints: Another picture followed, as if a close up of the bottom half of the first picture, in a lower darker area of that, below the Red Carpet and White Building. I saw some large footprints made by Jesus followed by smaller ones made by one of His followers. The smaller footprints did not follow in a straight line but went off from Jesus,’ almost at right angles, in a partial circular arc shaped movements in some places before coming back in line with Jesus footprints again. This wasn’t very impressive. This represented how some/many Christians can deviate from Jesus teaching concerning how we behave in our daily lives.

The Fence: In the next picture a Christians footprints deviated from Jesus’ but did not come back in line with His again. Instead they moved in a path downwards towards a fence below which blocked their future progress as a Christian. I then saw the words “stop there” which symbolised how that believer did not move forwards in following Jesus anymore. I was not shown what the fence symbolised but it was a barrier to future progress in following Christ, possibly the end, or the beginning of the end, of someone’s walk and faith in Christ, although I couldn’t be certain about that.

Amazing Things: Next appeared the words “amazing things.” I understood this referred to what would happen in the lives of Christians who continued to follow Jesus teachings in their daily lives, who followed His footsteps. They would move into the direction and the light of the white building of Gods Kingdom that I had originally seen.

[This probably relates to not just moving in the miraculous but also bearing fruit and overcoming the sinful nature as well as problems in life, also, perhaps, miraculous supply?]

The Highest Callings in the Christian life: In the light of the white building were the “highest callings of the Christian life.” However the path that deviated from following Jesus footsteps led down into “earthboundness” and “earthbound ways” instead, and those footsteps “led into darkness.”

The Smoke Cloud: I saw a symbolic picture that depicted the situation on earth today. I was viewing this from the foreground again. The sky was starting to turn grey as if it was the start of dusk. The sky was patchy with dark clouds covering a few places, with only a thin film of cloud in the rest of the sky. In the centre right of the picture one area was covered in a really dense dark cloud that rose up into the sky as if from a chimney, although it started at ground level amidst some buildings that were already partially obscured by it as it partially billowed out at ground level too. Above this it spread out in the way that a cloud from a nuclear explosion would, and was expanding outwards from there. It was very squat and thick both in the column of smoke as well as the thickness of the cloud cover above. It didn’t rise as high as I would have expected so formed quite low lying cloud cover that resembled thick dark toxic smoke.  I understood that it would spread over the entire sky in the future.  There was nothing explosive about this, though but it was gradually spreading out. It hadn’t reached very far into the foreground yet, where I was viewing this scene from.  It didn’t, therefore, induce as much fear as perhaps it should have but something akin to concern mixed with curiosity instead. The main cloud was extremely thick and the smoke looked toxic. Whilst this was spreading out from the one location in the distance there were also other smaller clouds, in other places in the world, that appeared to be made of similar fumes although these looked less dense and were floating in the sky as ordinary clouds would. I didn’t get the sense that these were going to expand or were being added to. They would eventually link up with the main cloud, though, because this was expanding and being added to from ground level. I wasn’t given any interpretation for this but think it is obvious and self-explanatory. The cloud and smoke were spiritual powers of the darkness that were going to increase and cover the entire earth in the end times.  They would be related to the emergence of the global empire called the beast empire - the One World Government that will emerge in the last days, and rule for the last 3.5 years of this age, Rev 13 v 5]

[This appears to relate the first prophecy I received on the end times back in the late 1990’s, which revealed that a new principality had recently been released upon the earth. This related to a fallen angel called Abaddon or Appolyon, (the destroyer), which is mentioned in Rev 9; 11. This would be linked to the emergence of the beast empire in the world, referred to in Rev Ch 13. The spread of that spirits influence would take time to cover and impact the entire world. My guess would be that the central location it was emerging from would be somewhere within the E.U. I personally believe it was previously bound in the abyss, just as the evil spirits it will be king over do, later on, in Rev 9; 11. To get perspective God is sovereign and this all relates to His end times judgements coming upon the earth]

A Modern Looking Scaffolding Advances: A modern, looking scaffolding like structure was emerging out of the base of the column of dark cloud and buildings in the centre of the picture, [the EU?]. The structure was associated with organisations and the linking of things together in the world of men, the expansion of the influence that would eventually become the New World Order, the One World Government of Rev Ch 13, the Beast Empire predicted in the bible to rule the world for the last 3.5 years of this age. [The scaffolding was the Co.s’, organisations, systems, networks, controls that would link the masses into this, perhaps also the politicians, governments, councils and councillors too who would want to advance the globalists agendas]. It was constructed from tubular poles that appeared to be made of metal with some seeming to be covered in a thin layer of plastic like material, mostly dark grey but lighter grey and white coloured in places. The main section was advancing across a long stretch of land from the base of dark cloud towards my direction. [I think this may have meant that it was headed for the UK as its next priority]. It was advancing in a narrow haphazard bridge like formation/construction uneven at its edges and wider in some places than others. This main section of scaffolding appeared to be extending forwards at quite a fast pace, as if it were almost bounding forwards, although restricted by its own constructed nature. This should have been more of a concern but because it was still at least two thirds of the distance away it didn’t appear that threatening yet. This contrasted to the dark cloud above which appeared to be expanding out in the sky above at a slower rate more evenly in all directions. The scaffolding occupied land that was not yet under the main cloud. Whilst it was linked to the cloud it was not dependant on being covered by the cloud above. Some of the scaffoldings joints, at the front part nearest where I was viewing from, looked rounded and chunky and more like those that link thick plastic water pipes together. It was intriguing. This, plus its lighter appearance at the front advancing section gave it a modern less oppressive and less threatening appearance than ordinary scaffolding, or the scaffolding behind it had. I couldn’t see any people anywhere in this picture so it appeared to be being constructed and added to as if on its own. It had its own momentum. It almost had personality and a sense it was deliberately almost bounding in this direction, optimistically, with ambition and with an almost ironic determination. It was definitely something to fear, it was as if it out to trick and dominate with no concern for those it was advancing towards, although not I would call malevolent as such. That was an attitude associated with it. [I think this may have meant that those behind its construction thought they were doing good, or providing something modern and necessary, inevitable maybe, but they had no concern for whether people in a certain area wanted this construction on their lands or not, they were going to impose it on them anyway. It wasn’t humanitarian but running according to other agendas]. It was chunky and sturdy looking and would dominate, influence and link people into the globalist’s agendas and systems in any area that it reached. As it was scaffolding it didn’t totally obscure the view through to the sky above or out to the sides.  I would describe it as more of an intrusive rather than overtly oppressive in the initial stages of its construction.

It looked as though the main bridge like section that was advancing in my direction [the UK?] would arrive before the dark cloud of oppressive spirituality would cover the sky above here. At least that was my perception of what would probably happen from that snap shot of the speed at which the cloud and scaffolding were moving at in that picture. [The danger could be that people here could start willingly accepting and linking in with the systems and organisations that are building towards the globalists New World Order and One World Government before they are aware of how oppressive this will become later on. There is also the danger that willingly accepting or having these systems imposed on an area or nation will advance the dark cloud more quickly in the direction of that territory. I wasn’t shown, (so maybe other factors could play a part and alter this, such as prayer and activists or politicians resisting), but it maybe that the cloud would follow the path of the bridge of scaffolding wherever that was able to gain influence. The dark cloud may not then continue to expand out evenly as I saw in that picture but may soon also branch out and move more quickly in the direction of the territory I was viewing from [the UK]. The cloud was obviously evil but even those who were aware that this scaffolding was linked to it and was a bad thing in itself did not feel as concerned about it as they should have been. Similarly I wasn’t feeling as concerned emotionally as my mind was telling me I should be. Due to the pace the scaffolding was advancing [towards the UK in particular?] there is a danger the darkness could follow far quicker than even the watchmen are expecting. That would be my assessment rather than interpretation of that part of the picture. I WOULD SUGGEST MUCH PRAYER IS NEEDED ABOUT THIS ASP]. 

[The fact that the UK has only just left the EU as a result of Brexit, which represented a move away from a globalist agendas towards a more nationalist orientation instead may explain why the UK may be the next prime target. The UK is an important member of the G7, a nuclear power and member of the UN Security Council. The various authoritarian controls have not been enforced anywhere near as severely in the UK as they were in most of the rest of W. Europe, (particularly voxxine passport I.D cards). The USA on the other hand now already has the pro-globalists President Biden in power and a Congress dominated by the Democrats who are already eagerly pursuing these globalists New World Order agendas. I couldn’t see any nations depicted in the picture so not the USA either but it ids quite clear that there is very little, or at least insufficient opposition to these globalists advances in the US. This may explain why the UK was probably the main target in the picture. One has to wonder if the recent assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister, (Japan is also a member of the G7), has anything to do with this as concerns about the voxxine appeared to be emerging from there. These pictures of the expanding dark cloud and scaffolding related to the end times and events that are already taking place, and the red carpet of end times events was already a quarter rolled out. These pictures therefore inform us that the end times have already started. Obviously this is my opinion but I would take this to relate to the last 10 years, since 10 years are mentioned in Rev Rev 2; 10, in the letter to the Church of Smyrna, near the start of the Book of Revs, and the last 7 years biblical events have clearly not started yet. It is also now approx. 2.5 years since the pandemic started, which was when the oligarchs, their political and other allies made their move and created a health crisis in line with that called for by the Rockefeller “Operation Lockstep,” the aim of which is to have the masses accept new authoritarian controls in the belief these were necessary in order to help save lives during a health emergency. These pictures provide a backdrop to the season we are now in, when it is now going to be harder to get away with diverting as far from following Jesus’ teachings in our daily lives. The rest of the word then returned to that subject at this point].

Christians Who Get Stuck in Unbelief: I then saw the picture that had symbolised a “Christians” deviating path again, the person who had stopped at the fence and had not been able to continue to follow Jesus’ any longer.  This “believer” was now stuck, knee deep in thick mud. The mud had snared him/her. I understood that this was a “trap.” This person appeared to be “stuck” there, in the darkness, in the dark area associated with unbelief.

Dead Man’s Tools: I then saw the same picture of that a person with what appeared to be a few hand tools of some sort around him, which he was holding with others within his reach. However, his hands were now “dead.” I also saw the words “dead man’s tools for the job.”

Clever Thinking: Following this I saw the words “clever thinking” and immediately felt I knew what this referred to. [I think it relates to people like myself who do what Jesus advised by keeping watch for the end times but can then slip into thinking that by this knowledge we can cope with the coming darkness, or at least try to cope with it through our clever planning etc and so start relying on our own ability. We can also end up thinking we are well placed to endure in the faith because we have knowledge about what is going on, roughly what season we are probably in as the end times approach, and some may rely on their knowledge of how to best deal with the invading spiritual darkness by drawing on their past experiences of this. We can end up relying on this knowledge to strategize and develop survival plans]. I understood that although that may all be a wise thing to do it will not enable us to survive the end times if we don’t also follow Jesus’ teachings on how to live our daily lives as well. [It is easy to become so focussed on keeping watch and learning about what is going on that we then forget the importance of implementing the simple teachings of Jesus in our daily lives especially when these appear more dynamic and interesting than the down to earth teachings that we already known about but sometimes are not putting into practice due to our compromised attitudes and the state of our hearts... Preparing in the material realm is not, therefore, enough we need to also be preparing spiritually for the end times season by following Jesus teachings and putting them into practice, and when our hearts are resistant to this we then have to seek God to sanctify and change us in those areas]. 

The prophecy didn’t end here but got interfered with by a deception from another spirit that I couldn’t get passed as I had already been praying this word through for a long time. I initiated seeking God for the end of this word a few days later but received an even higher quality deception that led me astray for days. I don’t like initiating seeking God for major words for that very reason. Since 2012 I have found it increasingly hard to prophesy and its also now harder to discern as clearly as before then. Prior to 2012/13 I never used to have to pray prophecies through either, God would initiate and pace the entire word, as I wrote it down, and would usually start it out of the blue too. And the deceptions are getting far more cunning now, more scriptural looking and harder to spot in the natural. I think this is because of the increasingly deceptive atmosphere we are now operating within across the western world. I would be very wary of prophecies if I were you. I think the devil is attempting to take out the radar stations before launching his main wave of deception. That, in fact, may be the first time we are entering the very end times, the start of 2 Thess 2; 3 again.     

I think most of this word arrived though. The main thrust of this warning prophecy applies to those who keep watch as well as those who don’t. That was not what I was expecting. This warns us about getting distracted and diverted from following Jesus teachings, to a significant enough degree, that this can now, potentially, lead people into snares of unbelief. So it doesn’t matter how clever we have been in preparing for the end times from a material stand point, if we are not spiritually prepared by following Jesus’ teachings on how to live our daily lives we are in danger of falling into unbelief and possibly apostasy too. Despite taking "revenge" being mentioned I can’t quantify what other types of going astray, or to what degree, would also endanger people. I would assume a continual habit of adultery or fornication would be two of the things "Christians" will no longer (appear to) be able to get away with, though, as we head into the very end times. The dangerous deviations I saw seemed quite large but were depicted symbolically so may differ between people, although I wasnt shown that. 

*Note: I think the phrase “the ignorant*” could have been referring to “Christians” who underestimate the importance of putting Jesus teachings into practice in their daily lives, (which could perhaps apply to most of us in the western world today?). Many also think that “believing” in Jesus simply means “knowing” or having a “revelation” that He is God and died on the cross for our sins. Whilst this is the English translation of “believing” many scholars argue that in the Greek, (the original language of the N/T), the same word means to “adhere to” as well. The word “adhere” links to the word “adhesive,” i.e. “glue,” so the phrase “believing in Jesus” could then give the meaning; “sticking to Jesus and His teachings like glue.” That is how I would imagine a true disciple would behave but, in hindsight, how many of us in the UK have been taught to do that or are even zealous about implementing Jesus’ teachings in our daily lives? This has concerned me as Christians may not get away with deviating as far as we have been able to do in the past, or for as long, from the correct paths, in the future. The fence in the picture may even relate to the great apostasy and falling away from the faith. 2 Thess 2; 3 appears to warn this will come at the beginning of the very end times season. If God is going to have a holy church in the end times perhaps this is all part of that process?  The positive is that those who follow Jesus teachings will have “amazing things” happen in their lives during that end times season.

Comment on reading the end times scriptures: The above word would involve knowing the basic teaching of Jesus and that is not to be confused with this comment. However, many pastors, and teachers, also advise us to become familiar with the end times teachings in the bible as well. I tend to narrow that down to a focus on maybe the Book of Revelations, particularly Ch’s 13 and 17, 2 Thess Ch 2, Ez Ch 38 and 39, Zech Ch 12 to 14, (two separate wars, the first Israel wins he second Israel loses), and the Visions in the Book of Daniel many of which are thought to relate to the end times as well as  partially fulfilments that have already been fulfilled already, historically. I haven’t found any Christian books I’ve read on the Book of Revelations much use at all, some even seem confusing or deceptive. By the time you have read a 320 page paperback you could have read the actual Book of Revelations dozens of times and been edified by the actual word of God.  I wouldn’t advise buying any such books or rely on them for your interpretation of the bible. Maybe listen to the interpretations of well-known old school type teachers perhaps but definitely not TV evangelists or superficial teachers, those who don’t appear to be gifted in teaching, or those that twist scripture to back up some modern doctrine that they have created.  Bible commentaries can be useful but I personally think the best thing to do is just keep reading the bible itself, in a decent enough translation,  and let the words simply wash over you, and don’t worry about whether you understand them or not. Each time you do that at some level they should start making more sense. Maybe pray about understanding them as well but don’t strive and struggle too hard to understand them in self-effort, just keep reading the word over and over again. The Book of Revelation even states that those that simply read that Book will receive a blessing, it doesn’t say you have to understand it to get a blessing. The more you understand them though the more you can use those scriptures to test end times prophecies though, or test them according to your own understanding of scripture as views differ across he body still.  As believers we all have different strengths and weakness but that then could become one of your strengths, which could be quite important if we are headed into the end times.

Steve Dobbs, 26th July, 2022.



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