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[In an attempt to avoid censorship by bots the words "voxxine," "jib" and "cavid" etc are used as replacements throughout this site]. 

Please take copies and get informed before online censorship deletes all of this info. Here are some links to other sites and sources of information, for your ongoing study and watchful/wakefulness, and a link to this sites ongoing voxxine article; 


56) 21st May, 2022, GB News reports on the gov't not compensating any voxxine injured people despite claims supported by Doctors, Please contact your M.P about this, their ems can be found here,

55) 11th May 2022; Dr Pierre, of Americas Frontline Doctors, proof that over 700 athletes have mysteriously collapsed of heart issues since the voxxine rollouts,

54) 11th May 2022; Dr Malone and Dr Cole review recent leaks that show the CDC committed medical fraud by supressing public health data in order to avoid voxxine hesitancy, for illegal, political not mdical purposes;

53) Mark Steyn, on GB News April 24th, 2022, observed that even the official UK stats prove that the triple jabbed are more likley to be ill with covid, to be hospitalised with covid and to die of covid than all the other groups put together, 7.45 mins in later programs were also very informative, daily, on terrestrial TV, at 8pm on GB News. 

52) Dr Mike Yeadon's warnings, (a former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer);  Heres the transcript of his original warning given in an interview with Americas Frontline Doctors, (AFLDS),  Here Dr Yeadon appears on mainstream News Channel, G.B News He recently concluded, with a panel of other experts,  that the harm from voxxines is deliberate;

51) Doctors discuss long term effects and a Swedish paper which reveals that vaccines mRNA injections can change our own DNA, posing the question does this lead to cyborg humans? as warned about by Dr Madej since before the pundemic? 

50) Dr Cole; on vaccine induced cancers increasing;

49) Other Doctors and Scientists; speak out about the existence of a synthetic A.I.D’s protein found to have been genetically inserted in the covid 19 viruses spike protein and which is then replicated by these gene based vaccines. Resulting in the long term depletion of the immune system and cancers forming,   Search results for: HIV cancer in vaccines (

48) Dr Malone; briefly explains vaccine induced AIDS risk:

47) Dr Luc Montagnier, (winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the H.I.V virus),described today’s gene based vaccines as;“the biggest risk… in the history of humanity.” He, and now many other scientists claim they’ve discovered that the H.I.V spike protein has been gene edited into the cavid ninetean virus, (which almost all scientists now accept was man-made in the Wuhan Lab, not from bats sold in a Wuhan wet market),  and will also be replicated by the vaccines. Review;

46) April 9th 2022, Dr Bhakdi, (one of the first whistle blowers, who along with Dr Montagnier, warned that these vaccines could cause Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E), highly qualified in immunology, including in protein research, since the 1970’s, Chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz from 1990 to 2012, has published over 300 articles in these fields, for which he has received numerous awards, but is now slated by many online fact checkers sites, run by un- qualified, non-scientific journalist's in league with Big Pharma and their globalists ologarch owners, who also own controlling shaes in most fo the main media, the banks and big Finace Housse Blackrock and vanguard), warns about the W.H.O and the danger of amateurs taking over medicine, (my e.g. oligarch's Bill Gates, Rockefllers, Rothschilds), short 2 min vid. 

44) April 2022; This blood taken from a "voxxinated" patient. It started clotting after three minutes! It usually takes 30 minutes for blood to clot in an SST tube, not 3 minutes;

45) April, I min 40 sec vid; Paediatrician talks to Dr Robert Malone about vaccinating children. He also says 50% of jabbed pro athletes may be walking around with undiagnosed myocarditis;

43)**8th April:  Dr Luc Montagnier, (winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the H.I.V viras), described today’s gean based voxxines as; “the biggest risk… in the history of humanity.” He, and now many other scientists claim they’ve discovered that the H.I.V spiike protein has been gene edited into the cavid nineteen viras, (which almost all scientists now accept was man-made in the  Lab, not from bats sold in a Wuhan wet market),  and will also be replicated by the voxxines. Review; Many other Doctors can be found analysing this here

42)* Dr. Ryan Cole, (Pathologist), and Steve Kirsch, (Executive Director of the Voxxine Safty Research Foundation): Embalmers are finding many strange long blood clots in the Voxxinated: Spike proteins created by the voxxine found up to 60 days post injection are producing these abnormal rubbery clots.

41)* A study of Bertrand Russell’s “The Scientific Outlook” which, in 1931, advocates a One World Government, and the genetic manipulation and depopulation of mankind through the use of gene based voxxines,  as did many others in his day. I personally think Alex Jones is a fake but Jay Dyer, who presents this on his show, appears legit to me and is highly qualified in this field, to Master’s degree, peer reviewed level. Here is his own site for studies of other historical books of a similar nature,  

40)* April,  short 2 min vid, Joe Rogan on the censorship issue,

38)* April 3rd,  1.43min vid, Dr Zelenko underlies voxxine dangers to children, 99.998% of whom would recover from cavid ninetean without treatment anyway,

37) 27th March, 2022,  Bill Gates states he is sad natural immunity is increasing, is that because we dont now need his genetic injections? 1st 3 mins of vid, Dr Campbell isnt aware of many of the underhand agendas at play, 

36)* 27th March, 2022Dr Ruby: Strange new worm like blood clots found in bodies of deceased vaccinated: Dr Ruby, (who holds two doctoral degrees, two Masters Degrees in Nursing and is highly published in global health), recently interviewed a funeral director who is also an experienced embalmer. He shared disturbing videos of huge, never seen before, white string, worm like blood clotting material found by that he and other embalmers in the dead bodies of many vaccinated people who had died of heart attacks and strokes. He said no one can live with this in them. Some were found to be up to four feet long, in the actuaries and blood vessels right down the leg. All were much harder to break apart than normal blood clotting material and so obtrusive to the blood vessels they would inevitably lead to death, (scroll down link page, below, to see those videos); Another whistle blower shows how these could be forming with these growing from tiny nano strands included, (deliberately or otherwise), in the vaccines which feed off the nutrients in that person’s bloodstream. This is now the sci-fi like level of science that is presently already being experimented with by Big Pharma;

35)** Dr Zelenko, who successfully treated Donald Trump for cavid, reveals cost of speaking out as a whistle blower, and sums up the overal issue concerning the voxxines in a few minutes; The first 4 mins is A MUST WATCH!Is this the caue of the gene based voxxines bloodclots?

34) Dr. Carrie Madej, dangerous voxxine experiment, gene altering, (Bill Gates is the major shareholder in Monanto which also makes enetically modified, (GMO) seeds, 

33)** Dr Mike Yeadon, leading UK virologist and former chief scientist and Vice President of Pfizer, warns about a nefarious voxxine agenda; 

32) March 25th, 2022, by comparison Doctor Campbell finally realises that covid 19 deaths  were surprising much lower, (about 8X lower), during the pandemic than the media implied, by using UK governemnts own stats, 

31) March 25th, 2022,  as if it couldn’t get any worse, Dr Luc Montagnier, (winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the H.I.V virus), has found H.I.V inside the Pfizer spike proteins. He described these gean based voxxines as; “the biggest risk… in the history of humanity.” Video review:

30) March 25th, 2022, Athletes are continuing to die in unprecedented numbers from heart issues post voxxination, 

29)** March 24th, 2022: Death rates have increased by 40% amongst the working the 18 – 65 year olds since the vaccine rollout,

28)** March 12th, 2022: The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publish a weekly Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report, the most recent of which was published Thursday 24th Feb 22. This found that 9 out of 10 deaths from Covid 19 were amongst vaoxxinated people, the vast majority were recorded among the triple voxxinated population. And these are the official figs, using official methodology for data collection, which is usually twisted in favour of the pharmaceutical Co.’s. and Government’s pro – voxxine agenda. Article The full 58 page report it can be viewed here COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report - week 8 (

27)***March 11th, 2022: Over eight months ago the G7 nations, (incl the UK Government), followed the World Economic Forums desire recorded as part of their Great Reset, (link), and announced their intension to move across to a digital currency, cashless society, and a replication of the credit system used  in China,

26) March 10th,  2022; Conventional Doctor using official VAERs figures, (which are underrecording by at least ten fold becuse most people arew not aware that this side effects reporting system even exists), evaluates the  Pfizer vaccine data, (the first 40 secs will do), (link),

25) March 10th 2022: M.P brings attention to the most dangerous voxxines ever, even when figures are taken from the VAERS system which underreports by at least ten times, (link),

24) *March 1st, 2022: A Must Watch: Experts analyse Pfizer side effects data, 

23) Feb 2022, Feb 2022: Trans humanism, a short 19 sec video clip by way of introduction, (link) 

22) 11th Feb, Ontario police use Facebook to spy on and visit members of the public found to be supporting the truckers protests, scroll down for 1.4 min vid, (link), Since then anyone donating to the truckers protest has had their bank accounts frozen by the Canadian govt, (i didnt even know they could do that). Boris Johnson has since claimed he is seeking similar powers for the UK govt. 

21) 11th Feb 2022, Most cavid deaths are amongst voxxinated people, (link),

20) 11th Feb 2022, shy immunologist, turned whistleblower, Dr Bridle, speaks at Canadian trucker’s protest, in Jan 2022, claiming more voxxinated people catch and die from cacid than the unvoxxinated do, (even according to official govt figs), to save time start vid 6 or 10 mins in, (link)  

19) *Feb 2022, Joe Rogan’s controversial interview with Dr Malone on Spotify, Dr Malone is the creator and patent holder of the mRNA/DNA technology that the voxxes are based on, so is probably the world leading scientific expert on this subject, who is now being derided by the BBC and main media as a fringe anti voxxer despite being voxxed himself before turning whistle blower just 8 months ago. Efforts are being made to remove Rogan’s show from Spotify in order to censor this info, (link), 

18) **Feb 2022: Vid “More Harm Than Good,” Canadian doctors reveal how the Pfizer jib is backed by misleading and fraudulent information. For e.g its 95% effectiveness claim is based on misleading terminology which, even according to Pfizers own twisted data, only really gives an additional 1% protection from cavid 19 than if someone is unvoxxed. Heres these Doctors direct link to this video, (link)  taken from the Canadian Covid Care site, (link), if you want to find out more about them. 

17) Feb 2022; Dr Yeadon underlines how all western govts have been beguiled into following this plan, (link),

16) Feb 2022; Dr Malone, creator of the mRNA technology, on how crisis is being used to create mass psychosis, (link),

15) ***Feb 2022; Paul Schreyer: Pandemic simulation games – Preparation for a new era, reveals how he G8 and E.U nations have been preparing for the present punndemic scenario for decades, and how some advisers see it as an opportunity to birth a One World Government, (link),

14) 27th Jan, 2022, Death rate increased by 40% post voxxine rollout, (link).

13) 15th Jan, Dr Mercoloa, from official figs, "the average number of adverse event reports following voxxination for the past 10 years has been about 39,000 annually for all voxxines combined, with an average of 155 deaths. The CAVID jibs alone now account for 701,126 adverse events in U.S. territories as of December 17, 2021, including 9,476 deaths." 

12) 15th Jan,, 2022, Article, (link)"the authors of the present research stated that levels of N-antibody were found to be lower following vaccination..." The Study - (link).

11) 15th Jan, 2022: Gene based vaccines found not to reduce immunity to carona virases. From UK Govt’s own Voxxine-surveillance report, week-42, p23, quote, "(iii) recent observations from UK Health Security Agency, (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of voxxination."

10) 13th Jan 2022; Hysteria over Omican, (link).

9) **10th Jan 2022, first time on terrestrial main TV media in UK, (on GB news on 10th Jan 10. 20 pm), warnings given about voxxines. Dr Malone, creator of amRNA voxxines. His focus is the mass panic/psychosis created through the media, (link), Earlier that week Dr Malone did a longer 3hr interview on Joe Rogand’s podcast, from where the interest came, (link),  Try 1hr 20mins in for censorship egs. 

8) 9th Jan 2022, expert Doctor warns about cavid hysteria, (link), 

7) **31st Dec, 2021, New Varients, from top virologist and a former V.P of Pfizer, Dr Yeadon, (link).

6) 31st Dec, 2021, Voxxines are killing more than they save, is Bill Gates a psychopath?  (link),  

4) 10th Dec, 2021: The Wall Street Journal, Internment Camps for the unvoxxinated in Australia, (link).

3) 10th Dec, 2021: Dr Mike Yeadon's "Time Table to Tyranny." Note this was replicated on a far right US website which he is not actually associated with so ignore the reference to guns placed above this,  (link),  (ignore guns intro from the site, that has nothing to do with Dr Yeadon). 

2) Dec 2021, Dr Yeadon intro (link),  gives you an idea of his expertise.He concludes that the end game behind the viras and voxxines is to get everyone linked to digital I.D passes, (link),

1) Dec 2021, Dr Urso, first few minutes of video, reveals the censorship pressure Doctors are now under and info on existing remedies for cavid 19 that are being supressed by Big Pharma and its oligarch owners, (link), 

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