C84) The Future of Revival and African Christianity within the UK: (S. Dobbs and others, 2003 to 2020):

This links to words No’s C7, A17, C5A4, A5, C19, A26. Perhaps an important video link.

Introduction: I don’t wish these prophecies to distract from others on this list that predict a great wave of deception will come first, arriving in the form of a fake “revival,” resulting in a falling away amongst Christians in the western world, with a high percentage of casualties in the UK. This will be followed and overlapped by the failure of Gog of Magog’s war against Israel, the Spirit of God then being poured out on Israel and her immediate neighbours, and a worldwide genuine revival that will prevalent the complete collapse of the UK church. The success of the revival in the UK will be largely dependent on the African and majority black churches across this nation. Feedback from any remaining British Christians to the African churches located in the UK will however also be essential.

An African Tent or an Airship in the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2003/4): I saw a picture of an African Tent being raised up in the UK. It was a large white marquee tent in the process of being assembled here. This represented the African section of the church in the UK. The central main pole was not yet in place, but its sides were starting to be pulled up by guy ropes. At the end of these ropes were small ordinary looking wooden pegs that would attach the tent to the ground. These pegs represented ordinary UK citizen Christians, some of whom were white British Christians who went to African majority black churches, (I believe others will be black British people born, raised and familiar with UK culture). Theses ordinary tent pegs knew and understood the culture and mind set of UK citizens and society better than the African immigrants living and working in the UK. They would understand the best ways for African churches to evangelise and reach British unbelievers with the gospel across this nation. The cultural differences, even the smaller differences, between most African churches and UK society would become a major stumbling block to African churches successful evangelising this nation during a period of global revival without this feedback. The tent pegs would attach the African Tent to the ground so it could cover the ground and reach ordinary UK non-African people in this nation with the gospel. I saw that the involvement and feedback of ordinary black and white British Christians to the leaders of the African churches was, therefore,  very important despite many of these people being fairly ordinary Christian’s. This feedback and understanding of UK society and its people was going to be essential if the African led churches here were going to succeed in birthing a multicultural revival in this land, the UK. Prayer, power and anointing were not going to be enough because the devil could use the social and cultural barriers and differences to stop ordinary UK citizens from connecting and fellowshipping with Christians from the African Churches. The tent pegs could breach the gap however.

I then saw another picture: An airship balloon which was made of the same white marquee tent canvas material. It was to have been the African Tent that attached to the ground in the UK but was instead detached and was floating above the ground like an air ship balloon. It provides support anointing and protection to all those who fellowshipped in this African Church, so was successful in that way, however it had no influence on most British people or society. It was not going to be able to have much impact in revival on the majority of British born and bred people in this land.  I understood that without feedback from the ordinary UK Christians, the ordinary tent pegs in the African churches, these churches were not going to be able to relate across to UK society very well and were not going to be able to birth a widespread revival across this land. The tent would not connect to the ground but would instead float in the air above like a large oval shaped hot air balloon or airship. It would not be able to provide covering or protection for those outside of it as we head into the end times. Feedback from the tent pegs, the ordinary British born Christian linked to African Churches is therefore going to be kingdom of God is going to prevail and expand to any significant degree within this nation. [Note the above situation follows a great falling away of UK Christians just prior to and overlapping this season, see these two words, C54, C6. It will be the anointing oil from African and majority black churches across the UK that could help revive the UK church and lead the way in any potential revival here.]

 UK Black Christians and Gods Lightening War in the U.K. (S. Dobbs, Nov 2002). I would like to briefly refer back to this word here, C19, which sheds more light on this situation. This prophecy predicts that black British and African Christians living in the UK will have a significant impact in the future on reducing the spiritual powers of the kingdom of darkness over the UK. As a result the spiritual atmosphere over the UK should improve for a season, opening the door of opportunity for many people to get saved here. However, the above word warns that prayer and shifting the spiritual atmosphere will not be enough in itself, the African churches in the UK will also need to be able to relate across to the citizens of the land in order to have the impact they want in revival. Feedback from ordinary British Christians who have contact with those African Churches and, therefore, those African leaders will also be necessary for a successful revival to take place in the UK.

The Anointing oil will come to the UK mostly from African churches, (S. Dobbs, 2003/4): I received this picture whilst I was in a new African Church planting that has sadly closed down since. I saw that great symbolic oil pipelines were bringing the anointing oil into the UK from Africa. Smaller pipelines then came off from these and at some time in the future would start supplying oil to UK Christians too. I had no prediction about the scale or future success of this or if the new anointing to come upon African Churches in the UK would result in a nationwide revival that would transform UK society or not, i.e. whether large numbers of British unbelievers would get saved or not. It would at the very least supply oil to all those British Christians who were connected to African and majority black churches here though. There was the potential for a successful revival in the UK stemming from the future anointing coming upon African and majority black churches here though.

A Note: When Europeans sent evangelists out to Africa in centuries past they were not particularly successful in reaching many black African people with the gospel despite the huge efforts, prayers and resources put into this by some. This may have been due, in a large degree, to the cultural barriers that existed which made it difficult for Africans to relate to the gospel being presented to them by westerners. It wasn’t until more black evangelists and majority black churches with African leaders started to emerge across Africa that the African continent started to turn to Christ. The same thing could happen in reverse in the UK during a period of otherwise global revival in the end times. The cultural barrier between the African churches in the UK and the wider British society could prevent the effective large scale spread of the gospel out to unbelievers in this nation. According to the previous word feedback from the ordinary wooden tent pegs, white British, black and mixed race British Christians who know, understand and are familiar with British culture will, therefore, be essential for the successful spread of the gospel and revival across this nation in the future.

Leadings of Gods Spirit given to African and black Christians in the UK will reduce the spiritual power of the Kingdom of Darkness here, (Mark Aldridge, 2003 – 5): I have just remembered this word that the Lord gave to Mark Aldridge, around about the same time. He saw that God was going to be giving leadings of the Spirit to many black African Christians living in this nation that would reduce the spirits of darkness over this nation, (for a season?).  I believe this may link to the following word.

Clifford Hill, founder of the former Prophecy Today Magazine and now website by that name, “A short window of opportunity,” (in the 1980’s or 70’s?): He had the following word, (I don’t have a copy so the words are my own paraphrased version of it): He saw that there was going to be a short window of opportunity in this nation, a short season when we could most successfully reach the people of the UK with the gospel. 

“Barriers between white and African Churches in London,” Mark Aldridge, (in 2003 – 6):  I have just recalled another prophecy received by Mark Aldridge concerning London where over half the Christians are already of black origin, either black and mixed race British or immigrants of African or Caribbean citizenship. He saw that the devil had erected barriers between the majority white churches in London and the majority black churches there so that there was almost no communication or joint action be taken between them. If I remember correctly I believe he saw that this would be much to the detriment of the white churches there in the future.

“Black British, mixed race and Caribbean Christians facilitating role,” (Mark Aldridge, approx. 2004): I’ve just remembered a final prophecy, also from Mark Aldridge, (received by him whilst he was still alive).  Mark saw that black British and mixed race Christians, those brought up in and familiar with UK culture, would play an important role in helping to bridge the cultural divide between African Churches and white British society. He saw that Caribbean churches in the UK would also have a similarly important role in bridging this cultural gap. [People from the Caribbean have their own culture, which is easier for westerners to relate to whilst they are also of the same racial background as Africans]. 

My Conclusion: It appears for these words that British cultured Christians, (black and white), and black Caribbean citizens living in the UK need to develop strong lines of communication with the African Christian and their churches in this nation. This is going to be essential for the successful spread of the gospel across the UK when the short season of opportunity for this arises. I believe this to be during a great global harvest of souls, at an international level, during the first half of the very end times season. It wouldn’t it be wise for British and African Christians to start forming these lines of communication now so no time is wasted? From these prophecies it appears there is going to be enough prayer, and enough anointing and power will come upon the African and majority black churches to succeed if there is enough communication, if the nets of communication suffice about the down to earth practical difficulties that will emerge as ordinary UK Christians and unbelievers considered joining in with African and/or majority black churches in the UK. I will finish with an imaginary example of how relatively small cultural barriers could be used by the devil to stop the revival which is going to come upon African and majority black groups of Christians spreading across to the wider British society:

Before my notes below the Zimbabwean Pastor in this video has different, deeper feedback than mine based on his experience of Nigerian Churches. Since most Churches in the UK are in Nigerian denominations I believe that this carries a lot of weight and could help leadesr reach out to westerners. I do not know anything about the church he is in but his words appear extremely useful.***

My imaginary example: I thought I would flesh this idea out with an imaginary example, it’s just one of many possibilities: An ordinary white British man named Ray gets saved on the streets whilst listening to an anointed African evangelist who was also healing people. Ray was enthusiastic about following Christ and going to the evangelist’s African church. Ray loved the praise and anointed worship there and found the people very friendly and so he decided to get more involved. The African Christians invited him to prayer meetings and also social gatherings both of which he enjoyed. He soon started to feel like the odd one out though, partly because he is the only one of two white man in that church but also because he has not been a Christian long. The devil capitalises on this by ministering lies to him about this church saying it is really only for black people and he should go somewhere else, with people he can relate to easier.  He mentions this to someone there and they reassure him that they are all one, serving God together, and race isn’t an issue. Ray realises the enemy had been trying to separate him from his new brothers in Christ. He then starts coming up against cultural barriers too though, just small things really but they build up and start to make him feel increasing uncomfortable about going to that African church. He notices that all the other men at that particular church always wear black suits to the Sunday meetings. Ray doesn’t particularly like suits and doesn’t even own one, and most of his British friends don’t either. He wears his most expensive pair of designer jeans to the next Sunday meeting. However a well-intentioned elderly African lady that he sat next to comments on how it’s a bad witness wearing trousers with holes in them to those meeting. Ray realises this old lady won’t understand fashion but it still niggles him that she had said this. They were clean, expensive designer jeans that were meant to have holes in them. The devil uses this to distract him during the meeting so he doesn’t get as much out of it as the week before. Over the next few days the devil continues to minister his lies in order to put Ray off continuing to fellowship there. The church is teaching Ray much about the Christian life and he had gladly turned away from some of his old sinful behaviour, however, he doesn’t really feel as though he fits in there for the reasons mentioned. He meets his unsaved mates down the pub on Friday night as usual, makes sure he doesn’t drink as much as he used to and is keen to share the gospel with his old mates. A few appear quite interested until he invites them along to the African Church with him. This puts them off, and they ask him why he’s going to an African Church in his own country. He admits to himself later that he can see their point as it does feel odd being in the racial minority in meetings in one’s own country, he would expect that if he was in Africa but not in the UK and this adds to his other niggles.  Rays starts to think again that maybe he should go to a local white run British church as it would then be easier to get his friends to go there with him and maybe they would then also get saved. He also has a sneaky feeling that the African Church he goes to may not appreciate him going to a pub at all or perhaps think he should give up meeting his existing friends so he keeps this all to himself. He carries on going to the African Church, though, as its more anointed and the praise is better there than the other local churches. The final straw comes when Ray stands a respectable distance from the front door of the church to have a cigarette before the meeting starts. He is only a light smoker and hasn’t considered it a problem. No one has mentioned anything about this to him before but this time a well-intentioned elder, who Ray had started to befriend comes up to him and invites him to dinner after the service, Ray is pleased to accept. As the elder goes to leave though, he adds, as an afterthought “we could have a time of prayer afterwards and deliver you from that spirit of smoking to help you escape its grip.” He wasn’t condemning but was just trying to be helpful and offering to give his time to help a young Christians in his walk with God. Ray thought he was joking at first though, he didn’t believe that demons really existed and he had only ever seen them depicted in horror films. Also, if they did exist, Ray didn’t think they were causing him to smoke as he only had 5 a day and didn’t even feel addicted. Thinking that the elder thought he was possessed by demons made him feel very uncomfortable. Ray made his excuses not to go to dinner at that elders and avoided him at the meetings after that. Ray found out later that smoking was considered a serious sin in that church. He went home and studied the bible about this but couldn’t find anything that was directly relevant to smoking. He didn’t mind giving up smoking and had thought of doing it anyway but he didn’t like the feeling of being forced into it by peer pressure for reasons he didn’t even agree with or it being associated with demons. He thought about how stupid all this would make him look to his mates down the pub. The next Sunday Ray asked someone else he was getting to know if they could prove from the bible that smoking was a sin, they assured him they could but the best they could do was offer the scripture that states that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Ray wasn’t convinced by that and said he thought this was an issue of interpretation and opinion and said that some Christians in others churches still smoked. Another African Christian joined in the discussion and was friendly enough. Then a third, a bullish woman who used to read the notices out before the meetings stared. She was loud and insisted that Ray was committing a serious sin against God when he smoked, she said the pastor always taught that smoking was a sin. When Ray said he couldn’t see that in the bible she lost her patience and said that he clearly had a rebellious attitude and needed to submit this to God... and stop smoking straight away. Although they were more laid back and polite about it Ray noted that the other too agreed with her. This really annoyed Ray and it played on his mind all week. He felt as though he was being manipulated and put under pressure to conform when he didn’t even agree with this idea. Ray felt even more isolated in that church and didn’t feel he belonged. The devil constantly plagued his mind with the idea of leaving.  Ending 1: The next Sunday Ray decided to try going to the local Anglican Church, just down the road near his flat instead. He found it a bit boring, the praise wasn’t as anointed but he found the sermon interesting. The vicar was speaking about how their small church was part of a big movement to help bring about world peace, and next week they would be meeting up with Hindu and Muslim groups to help stop religious hatred and help everyone live as one with one another. Ray didn’t know much about this sort of thing but he thought that preaching about peace must be a good thing, it sounded like the sort of thing Jesus would encourage. No one seemed to mind what he wore to church or that he had a smoke outside after that meeting. He felt as though he could come and go without anyone really noticing or caring about that too. Ray kept going to that Anglican Church, he even managed to get three of his mates to come along at various times with him and one of them joined too. Over time Ray was fed a gospel of lies there, though, and, almost without realising it, he started to believe that Jesus was just one of many ways to God and eventually Ray ended up losing his faith. Ending 2: Alternatively Ray may have gone to another UK church and bought into a counterfeit anointing there each week. This led him into great deception over time, or perhaps he even went so far as to manifest an occult spirit and ran around like a crazed drunken chicken each week in the misguided belief that this was Jesus manifesting His presence through him.  Ending 3: Ray went to a bible based church that lacked anointing which didn’t edify him much. When  great spiritual pressures came upon him in the end times he wasn’t a strong enough Christian to endure, he compromised and over time ended up doubting Gods character then fell away from the faith. Ending 4: Ray just stopped going to church altogether. He had liked the anointed African church but found that too socially awkward and found the other UK churches either too weird and zany or plain boring. He tried living the Christian life on his own but the lack of fellowship led to him gradually slipping back into his old ways and his faith gradually died away. And the African church lost a good young Christian who had once wanted to help them reach out to his friends and wider British society. Ending 5: After several months at an Interfaith Anglican Church Ray notices that this teaching contradicts his bible. He also misses the anointed worship at the African church. He then bumps into the African evangelist again, and starts going back to that church with him.  Ray also gives feedback to the pastor about why he stopped going before, and explains how certain things would put his friends from the pub off from coming along to that church with him. The African pastor listens, he finds solutions and ways forward, (some come from God during prayer, others are just his own or others ideas), he preaches about cultural differences and how to overcome them to his congregation. The small cultural stumbling blocks are then ironed out. A few locals start going to that African church and Ray plays his part in making them feel welcome, some then bring their families and friends with them. That church reaches out successfully to both African people as well as local people with the gospel. It becomes a multicultural church that gains a huge influence within that area of London. It becomes a gateway into heaven for many local people of various races. They all experience revival together at that particular church which becomes an example to others on how an African Church can successfully evangelise within the UK in order to bring revival to the nation. Conclusion in this example: Without realising it Ray’s feedback and the fact that the Pastor listened and acted wisely in response to this made all this possible. Ray had inadvertently become a tent peg as pictured in that prophecy. Had this not happened that African led church would still have been successful, it would still have been anointed, people would still have been healed there, the gospel would still be preached, many people would still have got saved but not nearly as many and most would have been Africans living in the area, with a much smaller number of black British people and hardly any white people joining. That church would have been like an airship depicted in that prophecy, that protected and assisted those Christians but which didn’t connect to UK society or have much influence on the people of the local area more generally. In Ending 5, though, this church became like the African Tent in that picture and connected to and covered the ground in the UK and so had far more impact in terms of revival than the airship version would have done, (good though that was too).    

It’s perhaps important to realise that the secular media is likely to be ruthless and relentless in its attack on African churches when they start moving in revival in the UK. Backslidden or apostate majority white churches may also join in these attacks out of ignorance, jealousy or competition. Some of the media will blatantly lie about the practices in some African churches, or distort the truth about these, even the BBC will probably edit videos to make African pastors sound bad, and exaggerate the cultural differences in order to isolate these churches from wider UK society. The devil will provoke this in order to minimise the impact of the gospel from African churches in the end times. Being isolated from wider society only increases the devils ability to slander such churches as they will then have little support or understanding from the surrounding local community. Becoming multicultural would, therefore, also help defend them against this line of attack from the devil during a period of revival and opportunity. As mentioned and warned about elsewhere on this site I do not believe that many UK churches or those native to other parts of the western world will be in a healthy enough spiritual condition or have enough anointing to birth, maintain or lead a revival by the time a great global move of Gods Spirit starts.  How well the African churches are able to connect to wider UK society will, therefore, be a major determining factor on the scale of revival in the UK as we head into the first half of the very last days. And, without realising it, the insignificant looking wooden tent pegs and their feedback will have a crucial role to play in this, (those white, black or mixed race British citizens who attend African churches who have been born and raised within western culture).

S. Dobbs, June 8th, 2020.